Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #7

litas blogger friday

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Time to get the drinks going as much to celebrate on my end 😀

WAHAHAHA!!  it’s pretty special feature FRIDAY my friends, LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER I MADE IT, A POST EVERY SINGLE DAY !!!

Hey Folks!!! 

It’s post – a -rama!! time again where every second Friday, I share posts I have read for the past two weeks. Hopefully they interest you enough to go have a read and find a new blogger to follow.

 I’ll go into my wrap up plans for this month after you guys have checked out the following posts I’ve read these past two weeks. !!



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I love discovering anime’s I have never heard and Rin from Rinscribble. I know she loves sharing anything she loves and in her short post talks about a short, cute anime she discovered while scrolling through youtube. Ugh it’s looks super cute, I will definitely watch it next month, I looked up the anime and it’s actually 26 episodes long. Only aired last year and finished airing this year so it’s fairly new, none the less something eagerly I want to watch more than anything now. Check out this post for the cuteness !!



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It’s a post about my husbando precious Kenshin. Kat from Grimm Girl for a while now had been watching the first season and I’ve been eagerly awaiting to hear her thoughts on Season one. A really great read for those who have never seen Kenshin, this series is a 90’s classic and a great introduction into the Samurai genre. Kat is so openly honest in every post, holding nothing back which is why I love reading her posts all the time. Check out her Season one post on Kenshin!!!



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If you like yuri anything or to do with it Yuri Nation is for you. The amazing OG-Man who runs Yuri NationYuri Nation, loved their anime review on a finished airing Ange Vierge. I like watching harem, ecchi shows quite a lot and had been wondering my next choice of watch for the genre. I feel bad I have not featured this amazing blogger for so long, their dedication for their love of Yuri and other interests astounds me. OG-Man’s review of calling this anime a give or take series, weighed up all the valid good points and bad points about this series. Check out this review if you have been interested in seeing Ange Vierge !!


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Arria from Fujinsei is always writing some of the most amusing anime content and her latest piece on helicopter blogger was hilarious to read. This post is meant to amuse it’s readers and goes through the stages of yourself or bloggers just plain old obsessed with blogging in general. It becomes your life. Arria’s blog is definitely one to follow within this word press anime community.



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People don’t think I’m into cosplay no more, you kidding me. I need to share a bit more cosplay things in this feature but I came across this adorable tutorial for Little Twins Stars. Kawai Kanae I’ve been following for a while, probably the only cosplay or cutesy related blog I am following. I love reading her cute posts about things to she loves, this tutorial she talks about attending hyper Japan and how she made parts of her cosplay. This was her first personal cosplay she made, so as you know I love reading personal posts. Check out this cute cosplay tutorial for sure !!


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I will be doing a blog wrap up of September, of how it was not easy and my favorite posts I wrote, that won’t come out till Sunday evening or Monday. Over the weekend I am busy so won’t posting anything till then !!

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!



8 thoughts on “Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #7

  1. I remember reading the Helicopter blogger post from Arria. It was pretty funny to read and at that time, I was still in college last year. I do like the Rurouni Kenshin post from Kat’s blog.

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  2. I loved Arria’s Helicopter post as well! It was a really great read and I love her humor. Thanks for the feature on my Kenshin post XD I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it and so I’m really pumped to start up second season! I’m finishing up another anime now but I’ll be starting s2 really soon.

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