I forgot to mention on here….


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So this post will be the only one in my September month as a cheat way.

I was so busy today  just had no time to write, even when I got home from running errands, was off to fitness class, then got home late. I didn’t want to let down all the hard work I had done over this month, so I remembered something I never did a blog post about or announced on my blog. Whoops.

As many are aware I make videos on youtube but a while back in another post I announced I had been working on a special project. Was not ready to announce until everything was all set up and the project was a PODCAST !!

I decided I wanted to run my own podcast channel, but it’s no fun doing that sort of thing alone, I listen to other podcasts time to time and just inspired me. Adding to the list of things I already do, I had to be fairly sure I could squeeze this idea in. I ended up finding a co host for the podcast:



You may recognize Shay from the ani blogging community, I was so happy Shay wanted to be apart of this. Like me she also does youtube, it’s so fun and easy doing these podcasts with her so make sure you go follow her on the sites provided !!

I seriously thought I had announced this in a post already but now I feel bad as already me and Shay have done three podcasts so far. They are up on our youtube channel I’ll leave links down below to it. We do podcast episodes when we can fit it in, at the moment we have planned to do them on a Sunday evenings, Pacific Standard Time. So you may see us not do a podcast for say 2 weeks, that means life is just busy but this is all in the name of fun. When we get a chance to do an episode, it’s always so fun to come back too.

Our podcast is called the SenshiAniGirls, you know female power wohoo !! It fitted so well since we both love sailor moon so much, it’s clung to us now. In our episodes we discuss anime, manga, culture, gaming topics which the topics are endless, that is what so good about having a anime podcast.


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It’s all so exciting.

Like for live streams I will announce on here when our next planned podcast episode is, so people don’t miss out. Currently at the moment I am in the process of seeing if I can upload our episodes from youtube onto sound cloud, see how that goes.

Me and Shay would love to hear from people of what topics, they would like to see discussed. We can add it to our never ending list so comment below !! I hope you guys find this exciting and links to our channel and twitter are down below. Follow us on twitter also to be kept in the loop of things !!

Senshi Ani Girls Youtube

I’ll see you in the next post ! 


7 thoughts on “I forgot to mention on here….

  1. You’re almost done with the month of blogging, you just need a little more push. You can do it Lita! I really enjoying you girls just chat about anime. What’s also fun is that we can goof around and participate in the livestream. Since you Sunday, I think that’s better than Saturday. For me, Saturdays is not my days. XD


  2. I’m looking forward to it! Congrats Lita. For suggestions, there are so many topics — upcoming anime shows, classic anime that people should see, series that need a reboot, and the abundance of fan service in anime (what it adds/takes away from a series).

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