Sakura and Syaoran Poem

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Yes more poems to share with all of you, I am sharing an old one which I wrote for a beloved show, I adore so much to this day still. Who can deny Syaoran and Sakura are a pair of cuties…. ugh x.x I love them so much together. I would like to think I’m at least half decent at poetry, I know it’s one of the things, I’ll pour every emotion I am feeling into it.


Impending Two

One girl’s destiny, new bearer of the clow
One boy’s for filling his role for the clow
He can never look her way to see
The smile she shows for him

She can’t see his true feelings
That beckon only for her
Feeling only this growing bond between the pair
The clow cards feel it

They are the main key
To their deep bond
She the most of innocence is as sweet as a cherry blossom
He has the heart of a fearless lion

Together magic happens
Clow cards dance with joy
Realized true feelings will come to pass
For an impending bond



Hope you enjoyed this Cardcaptor Sakura inspired poem and if anyone has any requests for anime poems. I would be more than happy to put my creativity to use !!!

I’ll see you all in the next post !!!




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