Lita’s Anime Collecting Tips

There is no better feeling than when we pick up a pre order, get anime mail, nothing could ever beat that feeling for us anime collectors and fans.

I have seen so many videos and lists giving tips when it comes to collecting anime and manga, but I decided I wanted to create my own. I wanted to thrown in tips and experience from being a collector a long time now, this list is intending for finding an balance for your wallet and happiness.

Have An Idea Of What You Want

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Impulse buying any anime fan is a crime of, there is no harm in doing it every so often, it’s nice to get titles we weren’t going or planning to get. I feel it’s better to have an idea of what you want to get most of the time. Don’t do a boo boo like Lita does and follow a million items on ebay then your left like the image above. How I usually break it down into anime titles I really want are, I write down all the anime that I’ve wanted for a long time. So when I want to buy something I look through the list and decide from that. This may not work for a lot of people, but it’s worked for me for a long time. The need to have all the anime is overwhelming so other people may stumble on this. I can imagine you gawking over what from their list they should get? I feel keeping a list of what anime you want helps in some way instead of having no clue at all, it’s something to fall back on around those end of years sales….. trust me


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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Getting that brand new pay cheque, tempting to blow all your money on anime. Fatally we forget sometimes to be responsible pay those evil things called bills or whatever money has to go to first. When it’s your birthday, I say hell yeah blow all your money on anime if you want to, special occasions your meant to. But don’t feel every time you get your pay cheque or money you feel the need to spent it all in one go, that leaves you a bit of a pickle. That anime you’ve been wanting for ages, won’t grow legs and run off. Playing the waiting game to get things can always suck but if it’s an anime your saving for and you can’t get it right this second. When the time comes to getting it the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction will rush over you, it’s the best feeling. This point I am making, I can speak from personal experience, waiting to get certain series I want, I’ve learnt to do what’s needed first. Then treat myself afterwards or wait till I know I can afford to get anime. I think my patience has become too patient but when you can’t get something you want, a bit of waiting won’t hurt you. You’ll save your wallet from crying, creeping bills, student fees, whatever it is you have to pay.


The Saving Box

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The piggy bank technique will never fail you if your wanting to go on a binge anime buying fest. Knowing there are times you can’t buy anime, not the end of the world. Find a piggy bank (if you have one), random box, envelope, whatever it is and claim it as your anime funds. I’ve always done this for when it comes to my birthday, every time I get paid I put away $20 or whatever I can spare. Set yourself a goal of how much you want to save, this will give you more motivation to do it, so when you have reached your goal. Your going to feel amazing and proud of yourself, I know I have every time. SO SAVE PEOPLE SAVE !!!!


Toxic Word: Sales

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Anime is a pricey hobby so saving every cent counts. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but GO FORTH AND LET THE SALES TAKE YOUR MONEY!! I mean they are our best friends. Just don’t let sales take advantage of you holey and leave a empty wallet, but then again this will happen regardless. Get in on every sale you can especially end of year ones !!!


Get The Best Bargain You Can

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Anime prices where I am from a twelve episode series is approx $53.00 to $56.00…. could you question why I am always looking for a bargain. With such a pricey hobby, anime collecting saving is fundamental, whether you buy online or in store, shop around and compare prices. I’ve surprised myself no end of times on bargains I have come across, a bit of patient and research will go a long way for you.


Online Shopping: Read Reviews

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 If your a regular online shopper on sites like Amazon or Ebay, this one point I think a lot of people don’t even think about a whole lot. They just press the buy it now button and it’s too late. A lot of people I know are personally hesitant to shop at sites like Ebay for example, as you never know if your item your looking at is in good condition, if it’s fake or if you purchase something and comes in the mail not as it appears. It’s is a risk factor slightly, buying from seller but if you play your cards right, do a little looking around, it is worth it. I use Ebay a lot, quite a bit of my anime collection has come from Ebay but before buying anything. I always read seller ratings and reviews, this is so important. For example to get me to buy from a seller on Ebay I like the ratings to be at least more than 90%. Anything below that I am not interested so when shopping on these kind of sites before clicking that buy it now button READ THE REVIEWS AND RATINGS !!!


Online Shopping: Shipping

Image result for planet earth drawingReading reviews and checking ratings is important and so is shipping costs, particularly if your buying something internationally. Make sure the item you want ships to your country and check ratings as you know international postage is pricey enough these days. I always search high and low for items I want that come with free shipping, it will save you a buck if you can. Definitely look up free shipping options before doing a regular search, you never know what you might find FREE SHIPPING!! I can’t buy from sites a lot of the time like Amazon as it’s more for UK and America. Hence why I use Ebay a lot and have gotten so luck purchasing items and they come with free shipping.


Online Shopping: Region Codes

Image result for region codes


Haha you don’t want this to happen, so when purchasing anything online check the region code before hitting that buy it now button. Make sure it’s the right region code for wherever you live in the world. But if you have a region free DVD or bluray player. Then you have no worries at all weheeee !!!


Savy Stores

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Ever thought of looking in the most unlikely of places ?? a op shop. A thrift store has been the most unlikely place I ever thought I would find anime. If you have any near you, go for a random wonder, I am a savvy girl and would love to live in these shops. I’ve been lucky on the rare occasion coming across a whole anime collection, even some manga. It can be a whole lot of fun going in stores like this and may end up finding hidden gems.


Disorganization You Don’t Want

Image result for anime messy room

There is no shame having a messy room but your disorganized anime collectibles, DVDs etc will suffer, you don’t want scuffed up discs and tears in your anime box sets do you?. I know this is a common sense point I am making but invest in shelving, having shelving or a book case will keep your collection spick and span. If your a organised individual and like order then put all your anime dvd’s or blurays in a alphabetic order. All of my collection is in alphabetic and seems like a lot trouble to organize in order but makes it so much easier to find series if I wish to watch it. So swap disorganize to organize !!!



Image result for anime thumbs up
Your all set if your a first time collector

I hope you found my list useful, I had read other lists but they feel they never covered the vital topics, of when it comes to collecting anime. Most of the things on this list are common sense but you can see this list as a reminder. I had been wanting to do this post for a long time so glad I got around to doing it, if you want me to do more helpful lists like this let me know !!

Please comment down below your thoughts on my list and what you are some anime tips you have?

Enjoy your anime hobby !!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 😀






  1. Great tips!

    Research really is important when shopping. So many people think that just because it’s a sale or discounted off MSRP, it’s a deal. The keeping a list is also a very good idea. Sometimes we get the urge to buy a series and we need it right now, but it may be on the high side. Just wait and find something else in the meantime.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being patient certainly helps. I am this way with most things, but for anime/manga sometimes time is of the essence. Once a company loses distribution rights, anime can become prohibitively expensive as people will try to cash in on the now scarce items. A series that I love was out of print before I ever watched it (on Netflix) and now I may never have it :*(

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You can get the dvd cheaply enough from Malaysia or such, but I’m wary of authenticity there. What I was after is the blu ray, which is currently about $200 for each volume.


      2. $200 oh jezz, the limited edition here part one is only $90. If it was me I wouldn’t be thinking I’ll never have it. it’s hard to have a motivational outlook on feeling you won’t ever own this anime. If it was me I’d be putting money aside for it till I could afford to get it and research around to see if there is anywhere to get it a tad cheaper. End of year sales are what I am waiting for currently, then in my opinion would be the best time to get it ^^

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for this list Lita! I read it over and then immediately started looking up region free Blu ray players on Amazon and browsing Ebay for anime! Also the thrift store tip, I would have never guessed. Loved reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Research and patience are definite musts for collectors. Know what you want, what you can afford, and where you can get it for the best price. Great post.
    Although, if you have an anime store near you (or one you go to regularly) it doesn’t hurt to be on a mailing list for new releases and sales.

    Liked by 1 person

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