Mortal And Demon – Inuyasha Poem


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So from my first poem post, I got some good feedback and seems people would like to see more of this so looks like this will be a on going segment. Back in my teens writing poetry was really enjoyable and on the occasion I would write some about anime’s I loved. Inuyasha was a big part of my anime beginnings being one of the first five I ever watched, my love for Kagome and Inuyasha was a lot. The following poem at the time writing I wanted to express the difficult bond they shared between a demon and a mortal of being together.

Mortal + Demon

The sacred tree knows
She’s coming
The well covered in groping vines
Connects two worlds that unlikely will come together

In this Fedual era
A half demon shares a precious bond
Travelling together across unknown lands

Brings danger each day
Giving up is no option
Their hearts keep fighting on

Wielding a blade that protects
Thrives on strong will
That gleaming hope is always given
By her single sunshine smile

The mad arguments
That can become uncontrollable between
One another
The demon still desires her beside him

She craves to be his strength
In any time of desperation
Demon and mortal, together
Will break the essence of this boundary bond


Hope you enjoyed this Inuyasha inspired poem and if anyone has any requests for anime poems. I would be more than happy to put my creativity to use !!!

I’ll see you all in the next post !!!


  1. Anime poetry is a wonderful thing! Glad to see others exploring this effortless pairing. Sometimes, a true sense of a series can only really be conveyed through poetry as opposed to prose and you do a wonderful job of just that. Great work!

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