Anime Characters That I Relate Too

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I’ve still not seen K-on.

The thing I love about anime is how most of the variety of shows out there, you’ll find yourself relating to many shows. A big part I feel when it comes to anime finding yourself relating to many characters so many, too many infact. It’s impossible to not get attached to any that end becoming special to you. After the recent podcast episode I did with my co host Shay ,I wanted to write up this post talking about anime characters I’ve felt so related to. All this relation comes from different aspects in my life, from personal experiences and attributes about myself, is why all these characters I’ll be talking about are a little bit extra special.

Sora Nageino
(Kaleido Star)

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Sora is one of the most energetic, happiest characters I know out there. When watching Kaleido star for the first time, by the first few episodes, I was in love with her. Sora is my other half, the other part of myself that is goofy, bit crazy and happy. Naturally I have always been just plain old goofy but at points in my life, was a kind of defense mechanism. For any awkward times for me as I never wanted people to see me depressed or sad, you know just playing along I was okay. Sora did this when things took a bad turn and was funny of how much I kept seeing myself in her. Sora always looked on the positive side of things no matter what and make people smile. Which is nearly close for me but accept I’m not good at looking at the positive side of things well but Sora’s character I was able to see my floors, all laid out. Now I can’t do aerobatics like her but Sora is my goofy side through and through.


Sawako (From Me To You)

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Sawako is the most dear and personal in this list I relate to a lot. Kimi no Todoke is a big favorite for me and Sawako’s character just adored right from the start. Sawako’s progress through experiencing new things in life, making new friends, being more social and feeling first love feelings. It all took me back to my teen years, particularly in high school, the feeling of being misunderstood, if you read my personal reflection post I wrote a while back you’ll understand click here.Β  I wish in many ways of my high school life turning out just like how it did for Sawako, I envy her a little but the one thing I relate to her so well on is being misunderstood by others. It’s the worst feeling in the world when others don’t understand how your feeling or your intentions. Moving to a positive note another thing we both share is Sawako in the series would always get excited or overly happy. Over the smallest things, it showed she appreciated everything in life, which is what I can be like when I’m eating new food or going out somewhere with someone. That is something else we both share so you may understand a little now of why Sawako is a favorite character for me.


Tohru Honda
(Fruits Basket)

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Tohru is one the sweetest characters to easily find likable in some way. How I find myself relating to Tohru was of her acceptance of anyone and her kindness. I’ve always been one to never judge a book by it’s cover and accept anyone for all of who they are which is first thing I related to Tohru with. Second thing is genuinely of how caring and hardworking Tohru is, never wanting to be a burden to anyone. She always followed her mother’s advice of “just be yourself you’ll be fine” which is what I’ve always strive for every day. Sometimes its hard and I struggle with it daily. Tohru’s meek, quiet side of her personality showed of many situations in the series of when she never spoke up, said her true feelings, complained. That is something I strongly relate with 100% personally, it seems hard to believe but in real life, I’m not good at speaking up and just always end up saying “okay” or “yes” to things. Just let it all happen without me saying a word.

Another thing we relate well on is Tohru never was used to be the center of attention a whole and saying sorry a lot during the series. The reassembles Tohru is to me is funny now as I don’t like being the center of attention a lot and the worst person to say sorry all the time. It guts me every time I do something wrong so saying sorry is what I’ll always say.

haha seems I feel related to Tohru more than anything in this list doesn’t it, she relates to my nice, caring side in a lot of ways.


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Now have a laugh of this lol oh god it’s gold lol

Hope noone is left feeling blue after reading this, was not my intention but I had wanted to include a personal post in this September blog-a-thon month. Feel free to comment down below which anime characters you relate to yourselves, or if you write your own post. Link it to me and I’ll read it for sure, hope you enjoyed this post anyway πŸ™‚

I’ll see you in the next post !:D


11 thoughts on “Anime Characters That I Relate Too

  1. Great characters. I am actually surprised about Sora and yourself. Both you two are happy and fun-loving people. (I can’t help think of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. That name automatically reminds me from the video game XD)

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  2. This means you’re the nicest and kindest girl then, because that’s exactly what they all are! ❀
    Man, if I did a post like this they wouldn't be nice characters like yours, oop :''D

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  3. Such a sweet piece, and it really paints a vivid picture of yourself. Funnily enough, this is something we’ve talked about doing over at littleanimeblog. Great minds and all that πŸ™‚

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