One Week Friends Thoughts/Review

“Can we please be friends again?”

Anime: Isshukan Furenzu
Published: 2014
Genre: Romance, Drama
Producer: Brain’s Base
Episodes: 12

One week friends story surrounds Kaori Fujimiya who avoids making friends with anyone. When a boy Hase tries to talk to her, Kaori gives him the cold shoulder like everyone else. After much persistent from Hase, Kaori lets him have lunch with her on the rooftop where she spends most of her time. Eventually she tells him of why she doesn’t get close to anyone due to her memory is reset every monday, she forgets her memories with anyone who is close to her.

I had been waiting to see this series with much anticipation for a long time, the art style I just adored. One week friends turned out to be a very surprising watch where even though it’s suppose to be slash romance, friendship is the real main focus of the show.

Poor guy I thought in this scene.

 So if anyone was hoping for a little romance from One week friends, there isn’t any really. Which was a really nice change in honesty, you get so used to anime main girl and boy character just falling in love. There is a tiny scope of feelings of love you see towards the end but that’s about all I saw. This show is special, it teaches you in all it’s twelve episodes about friendship. Kaori’s issue of her memory resetting every Monday, forgetting people close to her so she could isolate herself from everyone. It was the perfect plot idea to break down the stages you go through in friendships.

Yuki the persistent one I call him, just refused to take no for an answer at wanting to be Kaori’s friend. It makes you think who are people in your life that actually make effort and are persistent like Yuki? I thought Karoi was very lucky to have someone like Yuki who was as pushy as he was at times, but he had a very selfish attitude towards Kaori. As Kaori half way through the series begins to open up new people is where the selfishness creeps up now and again, of only him wanting to talk with her and each lunch with her. Yuki’s selfishness I didn’t think made him greedy but he genuinely cared for Kaori a lot and just wanted her come out of shell a lot more, talk with people more.

Yuki is the biggest influence on Kaori, his selfishness, being quite pushy, he gave her the nudge she needed. But of how unrealistic it would be to have your memory reset every week Yuki’s friendship with Kaori would never be easy. I can imagine it would be very frustrating, as every week Yuki at the start would have to ask to be friends with Kaori every time, but that persistent is so endearing. It reminds you of true friends you might have in your life and makes you think about how far they would go for you, when your in need of help, to be there for you. Yuki’s characters as a whole represented in my eyes that there are friends out there who do go the extra mile for you, when no others will.

Even though the main focus friendship was Kaori and Yuki, another two forming friendships intertwined within the plot very nicely. Shogo, Yuki’s friend is a straight forward guy, who will tell you how it is and is full of some good advice. Yuki was very lucky to have him as a friend as at points in the series, Yuki always became unsure at times when it came to dealing with Kaori. Shogo was there for him, giving only the advice he thought was appropriate, we all need someone to talk to when something is bothering us. Sometimes we need that reassurance and that is what Shogo did for Yuki many times in the series, you shouldn’t think it makes Yuki look pitful always asking for advice. You should stop to think of times in your life of when you have need reassurance over problem. Shoko was a fantastic representation of someone, a friend that will listen always no matter how big or small your worries are.

Saki whom befriends Kaori and the others later in the show was a humorous addition to the cast of characters. It’s always an amazing feeling of when you meet someone at you can just relate to each other so well, for Saki and Kaori in a way they both were forgetful, Saki was a typical air head in general though. Though people may find Saki’s character doesn’t bring anything to the show and it’s a useless character, I didn’t believe this was the case. It’s a different experience when you have guy friends and girls as friends, Saki’s friendship with Kaori let her come out of her shell even more and girls always need their girl friends no matter what.

What I feel adds to the experience of watching this show I noticed, the use of bright and dull color backgrounds. All the backgrounds are vastly vibrant in brightness when everything among the cast of characters is going good, mainly the focus is on Kaori. When a couple of times things take a turn the backgrounds, the atmosphere goes very bleak and miserable. A simple detail like this I’ve seen brought up in many reviews I’ve read of the backgrounds affecting the atmosphere of shows. I hadn’t myself fully experienced that until watching this series, one scene I recall when things take a turn the bleak colors, coming rolling in within seconds. The feeling of pure misery just takes over instantly, I have full appreciation of the use of backgrounds setting the right atmosphere.

I’ll point out this also one feature on all of the character designs I loved for some strange reason was every character having rosy, blushed cheeks. I feel it created about each character this happy, warm aura especially between Shogo, Saki, Kaori and Hase. When they were all together it created this heart warming vibe and made all the characters expressions cuter in a way. Very strange way of putting it I suppose.

One week friends is a endearing show that anyone will find them selves relating to in one way or another. Each episode brilliantly covers certain situations in real life we may have dealt with when it comes to any friendship we’ve or had with someone. Through the cast of adorable characters the theme friendship is shown in such a heart warming light. This is a light series anyone can enjoy and makes you think about the relationships in your life with close people you love. Friends are family you’ll always have.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review on one week friends !! 

It is all feels show but by god so worth the watch !!!

Please comment below any thoughts you have on this series

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀




7 thoughts on “One Week Friends Thoughts/Review

  1. I really loved this series even if the basic set-up seemed really contrived. The characters work so well together (even when they are having issues and conflicts) and it’s just enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing.

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