Wondrous Ancient Magnus Bride

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Chise has been shunned all of her life, even from her own family, all she has known is hard ship. She’s sees of what others could never imagine, all her misfortune changes when she meets Magnus a sorcerer. He gives her a chance to be free from her captive cage but must become his apprentice and WIFE !!


I was stoke to find out the first episode of the OVA adaptation for this manga series was out. HOW AWESOME OF YOU CRUNCHYROLL !! to be hosting this series. I have been so excited over the last few months for this, my first interest in this show was through a twitter post.


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Just look at this greatness

I’ve never wanted a figure so badly until I saw this, this had been tweeted in a post of people pre-ordering it like clock work, soon after I had to look up about this series. It was long finding out this was getting a OVA adaptation and watching the PV trailer, just astounded me. Finally after errands yesterday I finally set down to watch the first episode, I was dying it to be like an hour long, but I slumped a little as was only average 20 minutes *sigh*.

Interesting Fairy.

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The start of the episode was interesting of Angelic and Hugo this water fairy which I thought was kind of cute, both doing this summoning spell to create something. It was really fascinating to me the whole process and the idea, the magical factor in the whole episode is spot on. I was honesty just dying to see chise and magnus’s characters come to life, I was not disappointed. Chise fragile thing, seeing a little into her past of her neglect hit me right where it hurts, she got me feeling sorry for her. 

Why do I love her character already?!? That’s how I feel right now about her, I feel like she may surprise me in the next two episodes. I kind of expected her personality to be shy, quiet mean why would you not be like that, when you have been neglected a whole lot of life. Magnus as a character is truly fascinating to me, thought I would be cool with the whole skull for a head but surprisingly I’m fine with it. His character at this stage to me is a mystery, he is mysterious in his intentions in some ways, I know he wants Chise to be his bride but why choose Chise? Be nice to know what made him choose her but I probably won’t find that out till the next two episodes or in the manga. 

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why why.. did I find this part cute.

Magnus and Chise to me together right now I can see something but I won’t be convinced till I’ve read the manga and seen the rest of the episodes. But I just love everything about this series and the first episode was amazing to me. Wit Studio have not been around for like since 2012 but there making a mark for them selves, I adore their bold, colorful approach to their animation. Instantly makes me think of when I first watched attack on titan, it felt all the same animation was just standing out, truly beautiful. 

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Aghhhhhhhhhhhh stop making me agree with this !!!

The first episode to the OVA was more than I hoped for, it left me feeling insanely happy. The ancient magnus bride is something truly unique all on it’s own, mostly in plot factor, some may find it strange the whole idea but be open minded. See the unique nature of what this series is and absorb all the magical factor. Looks like I will be reviewing the other two episodes when they come out but Lita doesn’t do episode reviews hmm?… haha well their can be exceptions.

I am hoping I have enough funds to get the first two volumes of the manga, dying, dying to read this and have it for my own. This series won me over too easily and the manga, figure will be all mine one day, seems like this will be a long time favorite.


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That’s enough of me blabbing on about my new found love, which seems to have every week, comment below if you have watched the first episode.
If you haven’t GO FORTH you won’t regret, CRUNCHYROLL AWAY !!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 😀




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