Reviewers Lose Anime Enjoyment?


We all have experienced when we love something were doing but then gets to a point for us all of when it’s not enjoyable.

The inspiration for this post is from a article written by Dominic from little anime blog which if you click here you can go read for yourself. Dominic talks about in the article from anime bloggers/you-tubers point of view the balance of being a anime watcher and reviewer.

I love being able to review anime, express my thoughts on my blog, makes me happy. But what wouldn’t make me happy is while watching a series, the whole time writing impressions, notes about the series. On the odd occasion if there has been a series I really want to review then I’ll jot down some notes but doing that through the whole show, Have you ever asked yourself? Did I enjoy that?

If your someone that enjoys critiquing anime while watching it the whole time, on the animation, character interactions. Good for you. But by god I feel it would strain on your balance of being an anime watcher and reviewer. This is where Anime fatigue sets in and it’ll get tiresome after a while, constantly critiquing every little thing, then it will feel like a chore and affect your enjoyment factor. I would not enjoy doing this ever to myself, and overtime you may fall out of love with anime, I have no idea.

Here are some 3 logical tips from my experience as a reviewer, so you never get into this position. 


Turn Your Brain Off,Wait Till The End

Don’t have that notebook or pen in front of you, beside you NOWHERE !! Turn that brain off and wait till the end. You are not going to enjoy self while watching the anime you are reviewing, if your head is lowered into that notebook. If I happen to be watching an anime series I wish to review, I WAIT TILL THE END. That’s right I wait till the end to write down my notes, for example I did this with my upcoming review on the anime one week friends. Soon as I had finished the series, I wrote down some brief notes, main points about the series. I am not a full on critique like some bloggers out there might be, if others like the long process of jotting notes while watching a series, then power to you. But your going to save yourself from fallling into the pit of anime fatigue easily by doing this simple step.


Take A Break

 Image result for take a break anime

This is a pretty straight forward logic, when something starts to feel like a chore take a break. Go do something else. Play a video game you haven’t played in a while, read or watch something else that isn’t anime related. Whatever it is, when you feel what your doing is becoming tiresome, stop, TAKE A BREAK. Then you can come back to what it is your reviewing.


Pick Something For In Between

If your watching  a bunch of series you are going to review, highly suggest watching something in between for the sake of not feeling fed up in the end. Watch some of your back log anime of a show you’ve been meaning to finish, pick a anime you’ve wanted to see for a long time. This ties in with what I was saying above, before becoming fed up having that something in between, where you have no need to take notes will save you mentally.


Series I end up watching, wish to review, all of these 3 things I always do. These tips I feel are towards anime youtubers or bloggers who do episode reviews, people who love to review every anime they watch this post is more directed towards. Anime youtubers who do episodic reviews for seasonal stuff in particular, I’ve seen many take on too many shows and just drop a whole bunch. It would be most beneficial to watch something in between to break that chain of pumping out episode reviews after another.

All the points I’ve made are pretty straight forward and common sense but sometimes we need reminders. If your a avid anime reviewer, blogger whatever don’t let yourself get to the point of not enjoying what your watching or reviewing. Level out your balance of watching things you enjoy and critiquing shows you want to review.



I hope everyone enjoyed this discussion on this topic
Comment down below any thoughts on you have on this topic !!
Do you have a balance of reviewing and enjoying?

I’ll see you in the next post !!



  1. Great points as always.
    I don’t tend to write notes while watching something (unless it really stands out as good, bad or otherwise) but if I rewatch I am a lot more critical the second time. Then again, my 100 word reviews tend to just be my overall impressions while I watched an episode and most of the series I’ve reviewed are ones I’ve watched more than once.
    I’m definitely watching anime for the enjoyment of it and my blog is entirely for the sake of meeting others who enjoy watching anime. I think while that is front and centre I don’t think that reviewing anime will stop me from enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome piece ^^ glad to have inspired it. It’s kind of a dirty little secret among us anime bloggers, so it’s good we’re shining a light on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I try to enjoy anything I am doing and having review second. I do not keep a notebook when I watch things as you recommended since I think I will try to nick-pick everything…. Great article! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeh I like to write some notes after I’ve finished watching a series I wish to review. but it’s really useful to refer back to if you forget something you wanted to mention in your post XD

      Thankyou XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for the tips! I, like many others, have experienced this before and it really puts a damper on things because it prevents me from getting into ‘the mood’ for watching anime. But I’m trying to regain that motivation, slowly but surely! 🙂

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  5. Good tips! I don’t tend to analyse or jot down notes while watching, I just sponge it off and then later spew all over WP why I like it. Probably why my blog is thought pieces/opinions and not reviews, but I’m comfortable how I do it~
    I find those are good things to do even for blogging and burnout in general~

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Letting it just flow into you while you have your brain shutoff is always fun for me~ Having to analyse would make me too critical towards it :’D

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