Lita’s Top 5 Female Blue Heads

blue heads
I’ve done the red heads time for blue !!!

I couldn’t resit doing another one of these lists, I should just do every girl under the sun I can think of for both female and male characters. This will be special because it’s my favorite color ever. My list will be in no particular order as I love all these lovely ladies a lot.

1. Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic) 

Kaname has been a favorite female for a long time, I instantly fell in love with that blue hair. Looking at it reminded me of how much of a chicken I am to even to want to do it to my own hair. She is not someone you would want to make mad, with that fiery temper of her, especially dealing with military maniac Sousuke. Kaname is a crack up to watch on screen, reminds me of how annoyed or angry I can get at times. Being in any tight near death situations with Sousuke demonstrated how strong willed and forward thinking Kaname was. I feel she a great example for how independent us woman can be and Kaname depends on noone, thinks for herself, I admire that most about her character.


2. Mahoro (

Out of all the ones in this list Mahoro isn’t exactly human, she is a battle android from space. In the anime she wants to spend the remainder of her life (365 days) with a young boy Suguru. Mahoro is the sweetest thing I’ve come across in a long time that has made me just go aww so many times over, I would love for her to be my maid and friend. Her kind heart is what makes her such a lovable character, but like Kaname when she gets annoyed it’s not pretty. She was adorable to watch during the anime, still have yet to see season 2 but I would love someone like her around in my house.


3. Reverie Metherlence (Erementar Gerad) 

Reverie is also not human like Mahoro, she is known as a Edel Reid where they transform into weapons with their human partner. Elemental gelade was another of first anime watches for me way back when, Reverie’s character I find cute. Even though her personality is as blank as a book, talks real slow but as travels with Coud, you begin to see little changes here and there. What I do love about Reverie is the special bond she treasures with Coud, you can tell that by when they both exchange a promise each time before Reverie transforms. I’ve always wanted to cosplay Reverie and still do, I love the whole concept of her as this weapon which transforms but exchanging a special promise with their human partner.


4. Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)



Juvia is amazing all around and is my favorite in this list. She’s a water girl, so am I, we would get along like fire and ice. I loved it when Juvia joined fairy tail getting to see a completely different person, bought out a whole new Juvia. One of her golden moments was against Meredy during the S class trial, if anyone wants to mess with her precious gray, it’s pain for you. Juvia’s devotion to Gray is insane in my opinion but her deep feelings for him is her driving force, she kicks it out of the park every time either him or her members are in danger. I don’t understand how anyone could not love this amazing blue head, she has the biggest heart out of everyone in this list.


5. Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen)

A real badass for this list, Ikkitousen was my first introduction into anime of fan service and characters barely wearing any attire. Ryomou clearly was a stand out for me out of all the female characters, she is purely on this list because I like her fighting style. Again she has been on my cosplay list for years now and the mix of wrestler moves and maid is what makes her awesome.


Link to Top 5 Red Heads

I hope you enjoyed another list and looks like I may end up doing every color under the sun. If people would really like to see that Comment below !!


Another awesome blue head I love SAILOR MERCURY

I’ll see you in the next post !! 😀




9 thoughts on “Lita’s Top 5 Female Blue Heads

  1. Excellent, for a change I’m actually familiar with most of the characters on the list. Out of interest, did you prefer Full Metal Panic or Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu? I’ve only seen ep1 of the original series and wasn’t sure whether to continue from there or move to the comedy series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh this is a really hard question I love both of them so much but fumoffu may trumpt it just a little bit XD The first season is worth it you get to know of how Kaname and Sosuke end up meeting and watch more hilariousness from sousuke with his inability to interact with people LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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