3 Reasons To Give Fairy tail A GO

Fairytail was the only main stream anime I ever got into, Naruto, Bleach they didn’t leave me the impression to continue watching. I was introduced to fairytail by a friend, watching the first five episodes I couldn’t get into it at first. You think by then you shouldn’t continue but through the main cast Erza, Natsu, Lucy and Gray I became in invested after that. If you have never seen Fairy tail for yourself, then I’ll give you my 3 reasons to give it a go and why I love it so much.

The basic premise of the story is a Lucy heartfilla a home runaway, leaves her luxury life behind to join a guild. She ends up meeting Natsu a dragon slayer and his companion happy (talking cat), whee Lucy joins up with their guild Fairytail.


1. The Humorous Cast Of Characters

Fairytail has quite the range of characters especially the favorites, Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Erza so many fans love. As the anime, manga goes through each different arc you’ll get to know every character. Never has a cast of characters in a long time, had me laughing so hard, Erza one of the strongest wizards in fairy tail drools over the site of strawberry shortcake. Natsu and Grays random disputes that cause more harm than good, Aquarius one of Lucy’s celestial spirits spends more time yelling at Lucy than helping. Happy will mention a lot of when his taste buds want fish, I could be sitting here all day.

The one thing I love about every single character in the fairy tail guild in particular is their driving love for their team mates and their guild. Through every Arc when all hope seems lost, they’ll all keep getting back up, the emotion really hits you eventually it didn’t take long in my case.

2. Magic, Guilds, Wizards

I’m not the hugest Harry potter fan, I love the fandom, seen the movies but this was next most exciting thing for me to get into. Every battle in the series is always so exciting, was never not bored for a second, Fairy tail always kept me in suspense. Who wouldn’t want the ability of being able to swallow fire, summon spirits from another realm, change different armor at any point. Any magical element you can think of Fairy tail has it all, with the added idea of being apart of a guild, going on jobs. It projects of life being this one big adventure where all the serious situations that occur, there are laid back episodes of silly missions some of the characters go on.

3. The Pouring Emotion

Fairy tail is a series that rides on emotion and knows how to hit it’s viewers in the feels. I should know, the amount of times I have cried in any of the arcs, this show has been made cry more than 10 times. Fairy tail has a very passionate cast of characters, the most passion comes from all the fairy tail members. The Fairy tail guild represents the theme family, anyone who is in trouble they’ll be back up on the way. Each member throughout the series shows their love for their guild, of how they’ll never give in to anything or anyone. At points people may think all the emotion is corny and over the top but you won’t be able to resit getting suckered in.

The waves of ever changing emotion in Fairy tail is I feel it’s main strength of why people love this show.


I’m not expecting after writing this for people to be convinced and go watch it. If you are interested then try the first 5 – 10 episodes, Fairy tail really is a great series to just have fun with and feel yourself diving into it. Not every single episode of Fairy tail I’ve loved, there’s been some boring canon filler here and there but what any show these days doesn’t have that. If you watch this in either dubbed or subbed, both I have enjoyed watching the series in, that streak of heavy emotion hits the mark in both. Please comment below if you do decide to try Fairy tail out,  I would love to know.

My love for this show will never die and is something I can fall back into easily say when I am 60. lol. 

I’ll see you all in the next post! 😀 


19 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Give Fairy tail A GO

  1. Love Fairy Tail! I have admit that like you it took me a bit to get into the series but once I did I was hooked! I have religiously followed Naruto and Bleach though as well hahaha so I guess it was just a matter of time.

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  2. To be honest, I never watched Fairy Tale but I have heard about it. Based on what people say, it kinda feels like One Piece and Naruto except it involves with magic. Thanks to this post, I am more curious on checking this anime. Excellent job Lita!

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    1. Yeah, the reason why they stopped releasing DVDs is a petty one. The blu rays sales bombed, so the distributors in the UK lost the rights.


  3. I really enjoy Fairy Tail (though I haven’t watched past around episode 50 or so) but it just didn’t draw me in the way Bleach did. I do intend to go back, start over and watch it through to wherever it is up to but it’s a big project and I don’t really have the time at the moment. I really enjoy the magic in the show and the many personalities inside the guild.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. All very good reasons! I watch Fairy Tail on and off and you’ve just reminded why I liked it in the first place. Now time to dig out my FT DVDs ^^

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  5. I avoided fairy tail for a while. But once I started to watch it. Couldn’t get enough of it. All though I have a weird chronological way of watching this fantastic show. Love it when Happy trolls Erza xDD. Can’t wait for the day it returns to our screens.

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