Let There Be Hope – Munto Tv Poem

I have only posted one poem on this blog yet. I stumbled upon a anime related poem I wrote on a plane trip home with my sister, looking out the window at the time at the clouds. I felt this sudden inspiration rush over me and made me think about one of my favorite anime’s of all time. So thus this I ended writing this anime related poem to a series I love a lot Munto Tv.

Let There Be Hope

She calls, she calls
To the king who
Whispers inside her head

Imbalance and power
Are about to head into chaos
As the last pillar
Will give way

Echoing, echoing
Her call reaches
The bruised battered
King appears

Ingriefing a vision of
What may happen to her
Drives deepening dark fear
Into his soul

She cries out in desperation
To a doubtful king
Tension, refusal fill the air
As he refuses her desperate cry

Such negativity does not waver her
Emerald eyes remain non shaken
Grounding the words
She will never give up

She will not run
Just let me in
This doubtful king
Begins to open his eyes now
To what was once clouded

Surging power of hope
Pulsating throughout his fueled body
Letting out the over shadowing
Linger that coiled around him

A breathe is taken in
Turning around a confident king
he is greeted by the warmest smile
Faces are beaming towards one another

A girl of destiny
A would be king
Take off
With hopes, dreams on their shoulders

Arms are wide open
Auburn, emerald
Eyes meet
Clasping on to each other’s warmth

A magical essence is about to be born
into this chaotic world
There beaming, shining light
Is about to reign a parade.


Hope you enjoy this little poem of mine and hopefully I’ll do more of these if people like poetry that is. ^^

Comment down below if you would like to see more anime poetry !! 

I’ll see you in the next post !! 

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