Patema Inverted Thoughts/Review


“Fall into the sky”

Released: 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Producer: Yasuhiro Yoshiura
Run Time: 99 minutes

Has the sky never looked so wondrous until I watched Patema Inverted.


Scientists went against the laws of physics and did an experiment to harness the power of gravity. That only caused great chaos, earth was flipped into reverse sending things flying up into the sky. Years later two teenagers Age and Patema cross paths, discovering the wonders of one another’s worlds of inverts and Aiga. Of how both worlds could co exist somehow with it’s out of whack gravitation.

Patema Inverted 
was such a refreshing watch for me. I love space, stars, the sky and this movie was everything I had hoped for giving it’s viewers to see gravity, shown in a whole new perspective.

Image result for patema inverted

The animation of the sky and outer landscapes were astounding to me, they stood out their brightest of scenes when Age and Patema holding on to one another, to counter out their gravity balance. Images like the one above, were only of moments to behold for all to sink in. There was an incredible job done of all the different angle points when flicking from Age or Patema’s perspective of seeing one another’s gravity perspective. Because they both felt the way they were looking was the right side up and biggest job with this plot line was for viewers not to feel confused of who’s focus point your looking at.

I never felt confused when the scenes were flicking to different focus points, if one moment would be on Patema or going to Age. That is one thing that really impressed about this film, making sure all those focus points were spot on. 

 Patema and Age’s growing friendship developed at a nice pace. But with such a short movie time, would have been nice for it to develop more. From the first time they met one another, Patema falling from the sky, there was this freeze moment. They were both looking at one another in astonishment it had me all excited, of what they would discover about each other. Both were bad as each other in eagerness and curiosity they reminded me of how that age your only just discovering the world. Patema’s character I enjoyed the most out of the movie,her drive to believe there was something beyond the sky was heart warming.  Over all they are adorable characters full of so much curiosity. 

I think I cried about four times during the movie, one scene was when Age discovered his fathers journal. Telling of a meeting of an invert like Patema met Age and how his father truly believed in the wonders of the sky. Another time I cried was at the end where the main song of the movie played, it’s sung by Estelle Micheau. When I first heard the song just made me cry instantly, the beautiful arrangement of the piano and violin, just it moves you. Especially love the lyrics to this song:

“Sakasama ni Hirogaru” Futatsu no Sekai
“Spread Upside-down” Two worlds

Je ru~, ru je ra ri~di~tai parte-
ひとつ ひとつ 手探りをくりかえし
Hitotsu Hitotsu Tesaguri o Kurikaeshi
One by one, stumbling repeatedly

Je ru~, ru je du aisho vi~ tai marte
ひとつ ふたつ 手繰り寄せた
Hitotsu Futatsu Teguri Yoseta
In one and two’s, the were brought

Č/Chi jel taite ro elto di~ tai for
Kiritorareta Sora to Chijo o
The sky and ground that were torn apart

Lyrics mentioned above reflect the plot of the anime to a T., Reflecting on the world that was torn into two gravitational realms.

As thoroughly enjoying this film only negative I have was the evil “villain”,the leader of Age’s city half the time I just felt like punching him in the face. I just could not stand his whole character and obsession with being afraid of falling into the sky, he was a moron, to be blunt.


Patema Inverted was a very enjoyable and dearing watch. It is something I know I could watch over and over again. The sky animation and gravity inspired plot really are it’s stands out. I feel this is a great movie to introduce a non anime person as a starter anime film. The gravity aspect is what I loved most about this film and if you like the fantasy genre or the stars, sky in general. Have to admit my curiosity was peaked into more of Yasuhiro’s work, thanks to this film. You’ll love this film which will pull in you into it’s gravitational wonder.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing my thoughts on this movie 🙂
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