Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #5

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Hey Folks!!! 

It’s post – a -rama!! time again where every second Friday, I share posts I have read for the past two weeks. Hopefully they interest you enough to go have a read and find a new blogger to follow.

Last post a rama was poor of me due to not having time to squeeze in reading people’s post. Different case this time as I was able to find time, mostly I read posts before I start work usually sitting in my car. Haha I’m such a superstar !!

Any whooooo want to see my post selections for this post a rama, scroll below to find out !!!




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Neetaku from My Two Cents wrote a post expressing their opinion on the anime topic fan service. This is a very controversial topic as not a lot of anime fans want to see butts and boobs all the time. Neetaku talks about anime creators/writers just throwing fan service suttle or not for a thing called money. I myself someone who doesn’t mind fan service most of the times but when it comes to serious plot anime’s. I don’t like a lot of fan service to be honest, particularly in serious scenes. Shows like Akagami shirayuki hime if there had been unnecessary fan service for such a calm pacing show, I would not have been happy. Make sure to check out this post!! Reading Neetaku post was a good reminder and read on, the more use of fan service than say years ago.


perfect insider
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I enjoyed reading Otaku Brit’s short review on the anime the perfect insider. I’ve heard up and down things over this series, saying it’s not that great as a investigation series. The way Otaku brit describes their feelings on the anime, put’s in a even light and makes me want to check it out ! If you have heard of this series and have not been sure to watch it or not, Then go read this balanced, mini review on it !!

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Not all posts I’ll be featuring here will be the newest thing. Matt from Matt-in-the-hat wrote this awesome piece back in May for mother days, talking about his five top anime mums. I agree with all of his choices and it was a really fun post to read. I love reading characters posts are put in their own spotlight and can talk about their unique characteristics. If you want a fun post to read give’s Matt’s a go and make sure to follow him as well !!


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When it comes to gaming my knowledge is zero, I have not been able to find my thing yet of when it comes to gaming. One area I have been dying to explore is Otome games, visual novels as they look lots of fun and Beck from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. She is always writing up about the latest games on kick starter, running their own campaigns and this read, learned something new when it comes to visual novels. What I like about Beck as a blogger she is very structure in her layout of her posts, it’s been very easy to read her gaming posts because of this. The game she talks about in her posts sounds like a blast and for anyone that loves visual novels, Otome games goes and reads this.


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Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews wrote a really fun, cute list as he talks about certain bad ass characters in anime, having little companions follow them around. This is not something I have ever thought about as a idea for a list, have not seen anyone do yet so this was a refreshing post to read for inspirations. All the examples Scott uses I like his reasons and chooses so great list my bro and recommend you go all read !! It’s awesome to read posts and walks away feeling some inspiration from it !!


Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!



11 thoughts on “Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!! #5

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my review on your blog 🙂 it’s also amazing to see that you’ve got Nagi no Asukara as your favourite anime right now! I adore that anime, gorgeous story, visuals and music! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh your welcome dear, i let people know when they have been featured but had noone to comment Glad you saw it though 🙂 nag no askuara has been a long running favorite since last december YAY I met someone that loves it too 🙂


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