September Blog Surprise

Post going up this month has been slow…..

Hello everyone!!

I had been meaning to announce this much earlier but never got around to it. I’ve had myself wrapped up in the idea for much of this month and been working away. If anyone follows me on twitter at the beginning of the month I announced an insane idea on the spot. First I thought no no “why would I put myself through doing this?”  it would be every blogger’s thing they would find impossible but I wanted my blog to get the activity boosts it needs. Write some articles I had wanted to write about for ages so it’s led to:

September has 30 days and every one of those days they’ll be a post. SO… I’ll be posting something every day of the September month.!!

Haha I think I’m crazy a little right now, fellow bloggers have been cheering me on but I am determined to do this. I need a cake baking after I have completed this my god, this will be fun every post,of every day will be completely different. It will all be a mystery you never know what I’ll be posting, discussion, review, list and that’s the fun part. Though I cannot deny writing 30 articles is no easy task, I don’t know how I’ve found the motivation to do this but it’s happening. It will give you all something to look forward too and I hope people who follow me will be excited. !!!

Challenging yourself as a blogger by doing this will really lift your game, I feel it will lift my game so look forward to it all beginning on September 1st. !! 

I’ll see you all in the next post !!