Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!

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This feature will be late but can’t help it when life gets busy and I’ll be off my blogging break mid next week. There still some things I need to sort out for myself but course I didn’t want to miss anymore feature Fridays, because Lita promised. If anyone is new here and doesn’t know every second Friday I do a different feature where of posts I have read or come across I want to share with you all.

So who are the posts picks for this week?


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Joe from Reviewer’s Corner  personal post, talks about how it been’s hard to find a series he really enjoyed. He goes onto to mention previous shows that have nearly hit the mark but not quite made it there. Of recently he watched a few Gundam shows which sparked a new interest and you get to hear Joe story time of why this show he classed as his savior anime of the year. Personal posts are my favorite to read by bloggers, it gives you insight into the writer behind the blog and you learn things about them. If you like reading personal posts or gundam check out Joe’s post.


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Cauthan from Cauthan reviews is a fairy new blogger I have started following recently and through a tweet I discovered this interesting post. This post is apart of blog series called Becoming a better viewer where he gives his thoughts on how we watch anime, how we can enjoy our experience more. My favorite from this series so far talks about making time for watching anime, when you watch anime is it during your lunch break, in your bedroom, with friends. I ended up reflecting on myself after reading, thinking about how I enjoy watching my anime which is in my room, with my bed side lamps on at night. I highly think all anime bloggers and fans should read this short piece and see if you end up reflecting on this simple thought.



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Karandi from 100 word anime discusses their thoughts on the show orange. They talk about in post of the decisions of future Naho with sending her letter to her past self. Isn’t future Naho stripping away another future just because of regret she feels? It was a very interesting view point that I hadn’t thought when I had finished the manga. so for anyone this is watching orange this season or has read the manga I recommend you read this, might make you think twice possibly? I like posts like this making you realize of things that might not even cross your mind. Brilliant post Karandi 🙂


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Haruhi from allhailharuhi was again someone fairly new I came across and really enjoyed their discussion article on people using the word healing. She addresses from forums she has read, people using the word healing to describes shows like, Aria, Natsume Book of friends. People use this word out of context, purely of their enjoy of the anime series they love and not discussing the qualities of that show. It’s an eye opener of a read up I think everyone should read, I like Haruhi’s content so far, very honest and direct to the point. So make sure you check out this post !! 😀


I’ll have some more posts for you next post a rama feature as I haven’t been keeping up with reading peoples posts as of late. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!


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