Before Bed Shoujo Reads #1

I am such as a fellow person I talk with we regard ourselves as #shoujotrash, I am a hopeless person that loves shoujo. Course I am not the only one out there that are, I’m proud to be #shoujo trash and that I will always need it in my life. Anyway moving on from that over the past 3 weeks I’ve been reading some shoujo before bed, puts in a good state of mind and relaxes me. I just wanted to share with you of three titles I have been reading or completed so far, it’s clear to me this will be a new trend before bed now. I have no idea if this will turn into some some of blog series will see.

I won’t be going into great detail into these manga’s two are short, one is still on going and it’s not fun to spoil it for others.

Ai Hime: Ai to Himegoto

Ai Hime: Ai to Himegoto/Love and Secret 
Volumes: 3 
Published: 2007
By: Mitsuki Kako

This manga was a nice short read you could finish in an hour, Basic story of a girl Mao who falls in love with her uncle (Jinya) but they are not blood related. It’s a very sweet manga, I found Mao’s sensitiveness when it came to Jinya a little heart warming. Jinya was just a pure teaser and is funny when he gives into the temptation of liking somewhere below is age. Overall in my opinion is a great short read before bed if you need something to lift your mood.


Volumes: 3
Published: 2009
By: Yamada Daisy

Hijiki is starting a new school, fresh start where she encounters quiet Hourai and the rest you can guess. I loved loved this manga for a short read it had be gripped from start to finish. The connection between Hijiki and Hourai slowly grows and builds up to a sweet ending. Hijiki’s character design easily thought should have just been a boy because she looked like one. Her character got me teary a couple of times in the manga, when it dives into the reasoning of changing schools, Hourai sees right through this which when I was fixated on watching their friendship grow. Hijiki I become attached too quite easily, haven’t had a manga character make me feel teary ever, she is the first.

I liked her a whole because of her determining will to make her feelings known to Hourai but all I’ll say is bless her. Hourai is a bit of a clueless slate, takes him a while to get there with you know feelings, love, I still overall liked his characters. This is the first manga to make me teary, not ball my eyes out but just enough to shift some water out of my eyes. Overall this manga was so enjoyable and would happily re – read over and over.


Momoiro Heaven!

Momoiro Heaven
Volumes: 13
Published: 2007 
By: Yoshino, Mari

When Momoko’s father died, a ton of debts were left and with her hospitalized mother. In order to support her family Momoko her job as a author, she writes Erotic novels. When Ranamru a popular super model discovers her secret, He’ll keep her secret if she becomes Ranamru slave.

I discovered this manga through Daiyamanga  the best manga blog on the planet, in my opinion. I always visit Krystallina whenever I want some new manga titles to read, if you need a manga source go follow her stuff, it’s awesome :D. I can’t remember who it was but someone describes this manga perfectly for being so scandalous, which indeed it is. It’s scandalous to the point of just funny, there’s a good comedy flow going on some steamy situations. Momoko is a very strong protagonist, part of her hardships trying to support her family, sick mother, she takes it all on like a ton of bricks, remaining tough. Another likable quality about her character was her outrageous thinking of plot lines when it came to writing a new novel. Those scenes just made me laugh hysterically, then others giving her a weird look of “what the is she doing” look.

Pretty boy Ranamru is a character hard to like, because typically characters like him in shoujo’s act like jerks. I only found him amusing when it came to scenes with Momoko, she did have the effect of bringing out his hidden sides, which is why I ended liking his character in the end.  I had to give props to Ranamru of those amusing scenes in the manga of teaching Momoko’s brother Kouta all the wrong things, he doesn’t need to know till he is an adult.

The relationship between Momoko and Ranamru is very amusing and quite hysterical at times. Ranamru slave demands of making him bento, Momoko has a stubborn streak in her at times she doesn’t always give into his selfish demands. They both make up the good romance and comedy balance to this manga. 

I extremely enjoyed this manga but there is a down side as english translations for this manga only goes up to 28. Where there are 51 chapters, the rest have not been licensed yet, I can’t explain this all very well read Daiyamanga review on this series I recommend, she explains better than me. I NEED MORE OF THIS MANGA !!!


You can never have enough shoujo.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of shoujo, like I said above I had no clue if I might make this into a blog series. Depends how much I get through in the next few weeks will see, anyway it was nice to talk my #shoujotrash addiction. If you would like more please comment below !!! 😀

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 😀



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