Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Pinky’s Palace

litas blogger friday

Hello Folks 😀 !!!

Welcome to another fun packed Feature Friday. *I FAILED AGAIN BUT every Friday I feature a Blogger, Post or Artwork, Youtuber/Video whatever I feel I must share. I wish to share with others and the whole world, fellow anime lovers, nerds, otaku’s.

I won’t beat around the bush ready to find out the lucky Friday Feature’s???



Blogger Feature 


Link to Blog

First off I’ll say the striking about this adorable blog is how pink it is, it’s like BAM in your face. This is a fairly new blog I have started following over the last 2 months, which I discovered them on twitter. Blogger behind this cute blog is Pink – Chan, you know I love nick naming fellow bloggers haha. Everything otaku related content you could want to see on a anime blog,  Anime lists, reviews, discussions, fun surveys and quizzes. This blog has only been running since March this year so Pink – Chan is a new face in the ani – blogging community.

Pink – chan’s blog really gives off this welcome, cheery vibe when the site first loads up and your scrolling through. Pink – chan is very nice to have a conversation with over anything anime, she is very sweet as I have spoken with her myself. One section of her blog I have to highly recommend you guys go check out is her Otaku Dictionary. Any terms in the anime community you need to know about, this is all you need to read and is very helpful. If your not following Pinky by now then… click that dam button above go… now!!

You can follow her on her twitter !!
If anyone is interested back in May Pink advertised she was looking for bloggers for her blog site Click here to find out more. It’s a very laid back position with the option of being part-time on the blog so go check that out 🙂


Post Feature


Link to Post

Post feature for this week goes to Fueled By Anime . This post was written a while ago but I came across it during the week and was really touched by their post. I think we all have many series that have taught us life lessons and this is what the post relates to. Venomspreader the blogger behind Fueled by Anime talks about a series The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and how it taught them to bounce back from failure. This post hit a personal cord in me and I recommend giving it a read for inspiration. I certainly felt that after reading it, I love reading posts like this when it comes to anime. 🙂


Video Feature 

Who doesn’t love watching hauls, unboxing videos. It’s my favorite kind of video to watch it’s exciting to see what people get and which is what lent to the idea of this video. Wosie  is a anime youtuber who mainly does Haul, unboxings, tags ect, I love watching all her videos and really enjoyed her most recent haul video. She opened my eyes up to how Art books are worth the buy as another way to support the anime industry, plus realized we have similar manga, anime tastes. If your looking for a cute anime channel definitely go check out Wosie 


Side Note: 
Next Friday there won’t be a Friday Feature as it’s con weekend for me there will be one on 22nd July 

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀

Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out :)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!



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