July + August Blog Plans

Lita kino life

*sighs* Adorable Chihaya

Hello Folks 😀

I just wanted to do a little update on what you can expect from me blogging wise, I don’t think I’ve ever given followers or anyone a heads up of things I have planned.

That’s because most of the time Lita just wings it or I announce I’m working on something on my twitter. Before I get into the updates, from my half year post I did last month, some things have changed but for the better. The thing I couldn’t say before about why I would be able to have more time to blog was I got a new job. It’s a lot more flexible and has made my life style last stressful which has now left me time to focus on things like my blog.



15th to 17th July

Those may not know if you haven’t read from my June update last month I would be attending a convention this month. Which it is actually next weekend, I am so EXCITED, I’ve been excited for the last two months even though I wasn’t previously, until my co worker convinced me to go with her. It’s a convention I’ve always gone to every year since I moved to Australia but never went last year, I’ll be going for the whole weekend Friday to Sunday. I plan to do some vlogging of my time at the convention, not sure how much I’ll get done as the excitement might make forget or I’ll at moments want to actually enjoy the event. Either way I will try my best to record something and along with this I’ll be doing some posts related to this event:

Anime Convention Haul 
– Overall Convention Experience 
– Possibly Cosplay Look back related post

So those listed above are the posts you can expect from me not until after the convention though. I will be posting on my twitter, instagram and facebook of my con goings and moments so make sure to follow any of those, if you wish to keep up with my antics. I’ll do my best to keep those accounts updated 🙂


Blogger Collaborations 

I posted on twitter only about a week ago of any blogger people wishing to collaborate at all. As I have not done any for such a long time, I got a overwhelming response and are happy to say there are some things currently in the works. So make sure to follow me on my twitter for when I announce when these collaborations will be posted. 😀


perfect pic for what I’m about to write.

Lita……… has a secret project in the works too 

Coming Soon….all will be revealed… sooon 





That is all I have planned for now blog plans, conventions and collaborations. It’s all so exciting as well as other posts I’ve been working on.

Yes by the way I made a facebook page for my blog because google + plus sucks x.x

so go follow that !!

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀



  1. SeCrEt PrOjEcT!?! The suspense!! Have tons of fun at the con, seeing as how it has been a while since you last went to one. I can’t remember, but you’re not cosplaying at this one, are you? Regardless, looking forward to seeing those collabs with all of our favorite people. Even more so, that haul post will rock!!


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