15 Anime Songs Lita Loves To Death

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50% of my music I love to listen to is anime songs openings, ending themes, instrumental pieces. My Itunes is stacked to the brim nearly with, nothing but anime tunes, Japanese music probably never would have intrigued me if I hadn’t started watching anime. Some people may not understand why you listen to something you can’t understand, well there missing out on something beautiful. When it comes to Japanese music it’s always about for me the sweet melodies and unique singer voice. Japanese music is beautifully captivating every time hearing the most unique of sounds. In this list I wish to share with you all just some of my favorite anime songs to listen to on a weekly basis. This list idea was inspired by Shiro from thelimitlessimagination and her list 15 Anime Ops/Eds that made me cry.

This is will be in no particular order until we come to 5 to 1. This list is purely of anime songs I enjoy listening to a lot of the time, favorite openings and endings I’ll do in a separate post.

15. Kiri By Monoral
(Ergo Proxy)

Award to the weirdest anime I’ve seen to date would go to Ergo Proxy and the reason I could never forget about this series is the opening theme song. After watching the series, I understood some of the meaning behind this song, of the solitude Vincent main male character felt. It expresses such deep sadness and loneliness this song you can feel it in the main chorus “Come Save Me”. While listening to this song can make me sad sometimes, but at the same time I felt so easily, emotionally connected to this song. I’ve listened to this song in times of doubt I’ve had and every time that main chorus comes up, reminds me of why I love the meaning behind this song. It’s sad though the band Monoral haven’t done more songs, the main singer’s voice just memorizes me.


14. Fripside – Only My Railgun
(Scientific Railgun) 

It’s like BAM in your face this song, with it’s upbeat, high electric rhythm. First time that intro to the opening theme came on, I was a little surprised. I was expecting the opening song to be slow and mellow, infact was the opposite. The song gives off this high energy and I believe gives a good first impression for first time watchers of this anime. I just love working out to this song, it’s been a good motivater of when I don’t want to do exercise and helps me get through the process.

13. Second Flight – Kotoko (Please Twins) 

Kotoko I first discovered from listening to the Shakugan no Shana opening theme so many times. From back then it had always been my favorite song by her until Please Twins opening theme. I cannot even explain to this day of why I love this song so much, the introduction bit had me instantly, this selection of strange sounds put together. Towards the end of the series when things all begin to work out for Mike, Mina and Karin, the song begins to play in background, it’s fits so well. All the uncertain feelings that have always wavered between the cast of the main characters the song I feel conveys happiness. As I mentioned before about towards the end the song brings this joyful atmosphere to the touching last scenes for please twins. I just love this song so much and makes me happy every time I listen to it.

12. Jubei Chan 2 Main Theme
(Jubei Chan 2 Attack Of The Siberia Yagyui)

The ending sword fight in Jubei chan 2, I’ve never tired watching. It’s one of my favorite fight scenes in anime and the main instrumental theme that plays in the backgrounds sets the stage perfectly. There are so many sounds going on in this piece, the violin and flute parts are my favorite, it’s beautiful. When this song comes on during crucial points in this series, some serious battle is about to wager. But this series is not all about series, it is a comedy more. This instrumental piece is currently in my number one spot, just love it so much, such a beautiful piece to listen to.

11. Paradoxical Zoo – Akino (Aquarion Evol) 

This was a hard one, as I both love the two openings theme to Aquarion evol but second one won. I loved this song just a bit more for it’s sweet, slow melody, but Akino’s  amazing vocal ability makes this song so beautiful.  She has a very powerful voice and pours out the emotion of this song about love is what I think she is trying to convey.

You’re despairingly beautiful
Let’s love each other like animals that are going extinct
You’re so beautiful I want to cry
I want to feel the platonic ideal
Of this inverted world

Lyrics mentioned I feel talk about Mikono and Amata two reincarnated souls of two people, a human and a immortal being from a 12,000 years ago who were in love.


10. Hitomi no Tsubasa – Access (Code Geass Third Opening) 

This song I’ve loved for seven years now and counting, it’s always uplifted me. It gets me up going, my favorite out of all Code Geass songs. I’ve always loved the combination of the guitar and keyboard backing together, Man I just love listening to this song in my car, windows down, this playing I am set. This song should have been the main theme for Code Geass, it just describes the male main protagonist Lelouch. About his power, dreams and ambitions that he only strives to make happen. Whenever I am not feeling pumped or excited, I put this song on, cures it all.

9.   Viridian City – Pokemon

You can call me lame if you want to but I don’t care. I’ve been listening to this classic tune since my teen years and it’s never going to get old for me. I can’t think of anyone who is a fan of Pokemon and does not love this song. I’d be dancing every time it would play, the most I ever listened to it was when I cosplayed as May to a convention. It was on repeat the whole time, the whole weekend, classics will never fail to remind me of parts of my childhood.

8. Shoujo meiro de Tsukamaete
 Aki Misato (Strawberry Panic 1st Opening)

Oh the memories from watching my very first Yuri anime YOU all want to hear about that right?….maybe another time. From loving the opening theme itself, the song became so addictive after a while and I feel that was to do with the fast beat. This song I love a lot purely because reminds me of this adorable Yuri series, which just to clarify is non graphic.

7. Stereo Dive Foundation – Renegade
(Gangsta Opening Theme)

This was my favorite anime song of 2015, and still is a huge favorite. This was a refreshing piece to listen to, various elements are mashed up and is why I love this song so much. I find it very techno and electric most of the time and it’s just something I find additive, easy to chill out too. The opening itself with this song is unique, colorful and a big favorite anime opening wise.

6. Meteor – T.M Revolution
(Gundam Seed)

Until now I had no idea it was T.M Revolution who sung this meaningful song. Whenever I listen to this song now recalls a scene from Gundam Seed that had me in great suspense. It all seemed grim for the Archangel as they corned by the enemy, then Kira just appears in the freedom. This song starts playing in the background, of those first few suspenseful seconds, my heart was racing at the time. I remember replaying that scene over ten times and feeling just  the song was about Kira, it expressed his strong beliefs of doing what he thought was the right path for me. It’s such a emotional, beautiful song I will never stop loving. 

5. Sore ga ai Deshou – Mikuni Shimokawa
(Full Metal Panic Fumoffu)

Full Metal Panic is one of my favorite anime’s of all time and has been in my top five anime songs for years now. I tend to skip the openings a lot when I’m watching anime but this is one of few I will have never skipped. Along with the addictive, simple opening the song itself is just soothing to listen to. I cannot tell you how much I love this song, this may sound weird but I love listening to this song on rainy days. I don’t know how it all came about but it just makes me happy when I do. The lyrics themselves I feel express the wanting to be by someone’s side and is a song that always makes me feel happy.

4. Anemoi – Eufonuis (Munto Tv Opening)

For songs I like to relax to when I’m stressed this is one I have to always listen to. I first fell in love with this song for the into, the sound of the classic violin, ugh gorgeous. It’s such a angelic piece to delve into that reliefs me every time, The song expresses of the main two protagonists from the Munto series, of both hoping for a better future. I am fully confident others will enjoy this song for it’s gentle tone.

3. Heart Of Sword – T.M Revolution (Rurouni Kenshin)  

Sadly I could only find versions of this song being sung live because youtube is lame for removing all other videos due to copyright. T.M revolution seems to be taking over this list of favorites it seems but from this beloved band. This song is my favorite, Takanori Nishikawa conveys through his voice, the pain and sadness Kenshin (main protagonist) must deal with.

“Hiding my passionate, heartbroken self, I go on living in this short era”

Lyrics mentioned describes dealing with his man slayer, killer side and humble, peace loving side. This song is quite special to me with the deep meaning it conveys.

2. Ebb and Flow – Ray
(Nagi no Asukara) 

Everyone should have known this song would be on this list, if you did not, where have you been. Nagi no Asukara is indeed a very special series to me and it’s no wonder really I love all the tear jerker, that comes with this series. I can’t begin to convey of how many raging emotions rush through me whenever I listen to this song. Ray‘s enchanting voice conveys the deep, emotional ties Nagi no Asukara has and all I left to say is this is a magical song with the ability to tug on your heart a little.

What’s number 1?…..

1. Lay Your Hands On Me – Boom Boom Satellites (Kiznaiver)  

Well copyright protects this big time so night core version of this will have to do. So weird never seen this anime yet but I was so quickly to fall in love with this song. Boom Boom Satellites I first discovered from opening theme of X’am D, they blew my mind with their uniqueness. I love listening to this track while I’m going out doing my power walks, I’m so invested in this song, actually surprised it has taken my number one spot. This song sends me to another world, making me wish I was in one so it can happily sit on top of everything else in this list…for now anyway.


I hope you all enjoyed this tune list and may have discovered a new song for you to be obsess with, like me. or maybe not. Please comment below any thoughts you have about this post for some of your favorite anime songs, you have to listen to on a weekly basis!!

I’ll see you in the next post !!! 😀 



  1. Awwww hiii Lita I loved this post! There are many songs I agree with so I am gonna list them out here 🙂

    Only My Railgun – there’s just something about this song that draws me in. Its seems at first hearing to be ‘just’ ‘normal Japanese pop’ but it really is an addicting song. I put this on repeat at one time even though I actually haven’t watched the series haha.

    Jubei Chan – loved this! My first time listening to it but it hits the right notes with me xD Thanks for this wonderful introduction!

    Aquarion Evol’s OP 2 – ohhh this was a good song too! Personally its the ED1 that is really unique to me (in fact that’s probably my most favourite ED of all time) but seriously anything by Akino is good. xD

    Code Geass’ OP 3 – yeppp I loved this too and I agree with you on how it really brings out Lelouch as a character & how he’s actually really just suffering. I really see that in the song and I didn’t know you felt the same way too xD

    Gangsta’s OP – agree with this one as well though it wasn’t my favourite of 2015 but definitely one of the more unique ones about 🙂

    TM Revolution’s Meteor – I can’t believe I missed out on this one when I was looking for all Gundam Seed and Destiny songs! Now I remember hearing this during the series hehe yay I found it after so many years lol!

    Annnnnd of course I agree with Munto & Nagi no Asukara’s OPs 😀 I was a little surprised that you put Kiznaiver’s OP as first because its pretty new hehe :3 But I really like the song as well 😀

    Oops all of my thoughts have formed a wall here hahaha hope you don’t mind! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay long comments XD he he it seems you liked quite a few of my choices. I have too many favourites and currently kiznaiver is no1 right now lol I just had to put it as really since I first listened to it could not stop listening to it. Ughh GUNDAM seed it is a drug that song I need to this week get around to listening to the original sound track

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oops never finished my comment lol I thank you for the inspiration for this post. I’m glad you liked jubei very addictive instrumental piece that has Always been.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Meteor insert song in Gundam Seed was decent, but personally, I believe the best song in that particular series was the ending theme song “Anna ni Issho Datta no ni” by See-Saw. The strategic placement of that song during many of the endings of each episode increased the dramatic effect of whatever was going on, in my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally Agree with you I love ever single Song from GUNDAM seed. The ending theme did bring tension and dramatic feel at


  3. oh my gosh I love this post! Totally gonna reborrow the idea 😉


    Kiri By Monoral; WOW. Never heard before but I love it!!

    and omg Only My Railgun is one of my ultimate favorites too! It loops INCREDIBLY WELL.I can go an a half hour playing before realizing it’s even on repeat sometimes lol

    And I have Strawberry Panic on my watch list! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m glad I could inspire you for this post my dear ❤️ I know we both love gangsta opening a lot hehe can’t wait to read your post !!!


  4. Woah, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last listened to “Viridian City.” Oh the memories we all have with that first season~!
    While my favorite Nagi Asu song is the first opening, there’s no denying that the little jingle at the beginning of “ebb and flow” is the sweetest yet saddest tune in the entire series. It perfectly captures the frost of the saltflake snow that sets in after so many years have past. The visuals help to create that chilling mood, brrr.
    And my favorites for last — All of the Railgun OPs are such electric songs that just brim with excitement! Being one of my all-time franchises, I remember “Only my Railgun” when I booted up the first episode and instantly knew that I was in for a great show.
    Awesome picks! I really need to catch up on Kiznaiver!!

    Liked by 1 person

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