Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama !!

This has been me the last two weeks. enough said.




It’s that time again everyone seems to look forward to even though I still don’t know whether to make this two week or weekly thing. I am still undecided hopefully by this weekend I’ll decide on something haha. As you may seem from the title this feature is different as I’ll be featuring some posts I’ve read over the last two weeks. My Friday features are not just mainly about featuring a blogger, the work and time that goes into writing posts is something that should be recognized.

I have been thinking every so often to just feature posts and call it “Post-a-rama”, as the name is currently growing on me. Let me know in the comments if you like this idea and i’ll include in the mix of things from now on.

Post-A-Rama Features

lull in the sea

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Taku from Takuto’s Anime Cafe  recently got his hands on the limit edition set of a lull in the sea. Just so happens we both love this show a lot so I was just very impressed with how Taku laid in good detail about the features in this limit edition. This was a very fun read for me and this post is ideal for readers who are looking to get this set or love reading or watching unboxings.



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Kuro from Two Happy Cats  has started a feature on Fridays called Freaky Fridays bringing something creepy for her viewers to read. I was a little startled out after reading her thoughts on this manga, the images alone were enough to send chills down my spine. I haven’t personally read any kind of supernautral manga yet so this may be my first choice to read. If you like creepy, ghostly things give Kuro’s post a read on what they thought of this manga series. 

rail gun

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Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner has a segment of where he talks about some of his favorite anime and I really enjoyed his write up on Scientific Rail Gun. I love how he has set out everything into main points of things he liked about and things he didn’t like about it. Inspires me to want to do something similar talking individually about some of my favorite anime. I recommend giving Joe’s other anime favorite posts if your looking for something new to watch, you never know if it’ll peak your interest.


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Jamie from Through Two Blue Eyes wrote a very personal post talking about her experience of finally meeting a long term blogger friend. It really moved me and reminded me of when I first met my penpal of eight years back in 2015, experiences like that last lifetime.  This post I believed showed things can happen if you want it and will strive to make it happen, no matter the odds. I highly recommend reading for inspiration and if you enjoy reading personal posts. 🙂



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Sam from Unsheathed is a fairly new anime blogger I’ve started following last month and his interesting write up on books that should be anime’s, was very interesting. I haven’t done a lot of normal reading for a while now, reading Sam’s post was very refreshing. Learning about books I’ve never heard of and hearing other’s opinions on this topic that Sam chose so I recommend giving this a read if you are a book lover or like reading varied anime topics.


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Kat from Grimm Girl I’ve been following for a while now and are in love with her blog. I really enjoyed her post on talking about Haikyu and how obsessed she had become over the series. It made me excited for want to see this series more and that I really want to explore more of the sports genre. Kat’s excitement is very infectious in all her posts and in general for the vibe of her blog itself. If you love the sports anime genre recommend giving this a read and if you like hearing other’s opinions on this show itself 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out :)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!


  1. Ooh thank you for the feature in post-o-rama (hehe i love the name!) I think I included the most creepy images in the post – so you should be okay for the rest of the comic 😛 ! Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to read it :)! But if you’d like to ease into horror I recommend ‘Zero – Kage Miko’ by Amagi Seimaru ^_^

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  2. AWWWWWWWWW that’s so sweet my story touched you! ❤ yep, things can definitely happen if the two of you are willing to work for it; and it took a lot of work, but was so very worth it! Thank you for the feature! ❤ And I'm off now to read Taku's post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! It was awesome seeing everyone else’s posts too, especially that Haikuu!! post. I’ve never been interested in sports anime (I don’t really watch sports or play sports game s- I’d rather play an actual sport with friends), so I’m really glad I came across a nice, in-depth review that was personal, and told me about the most important parts of the show. Thanks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the post-a-rama name and setup, and AGH, ya featured me again!! Many thanks, I knew I had to give you the shout out, at least, but to throw one back — Gah, you’re too kind. Really loved the posts this time around, too~!

    Liked by 1 person

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