Lita’s Discussion Time: The Misuse Of Weeaboo

Never thought I would even be discussing this… oh boy 

Sorry for no posts over the last few days, if you follow me on twitter. You would have seen the odd complaint of my internet problems. Before any of that happened I had wanted to do this discussion post for a while now, but it’s one I never really wanted to do. 

 We all do it, misuse words, we use them and may not have a clue of what they actually mean. People just copy others, it’s an endless chain that never breaks. Which brings me to the topic of this discussion, personally is not worth my time of even writing on..But. There are clueless people out there in the anime community that use this one factoring word, where they have no clue of the real meaning behind it. It has gotten to a long point for me to even be writing about it and frankly I hate this word a lot because of the way people misuse it.


the word makes me cringe.

Yes it’s the word Weeaboo

What does the term weeaboo actually mean?

I searched the internet high and low to find a perfect video that explained this over misused word, that is where I discovered a Youtuber RafiRaffee.

I wanted to cry tears of joy after I watched this very informative video. From watching others talk about this word, their definitions of the word weeaboo were not crystal clear. I watched TheAnimeMan’s video  while he wasn’t terrible at explaining, I preferred Rafi’s video instead. Feel free to watch his if you like. Rafi’s video explains the meaning of the word weeaboo clearly. Before you continue reading on I recommend watching her video first if the term weeaboo is not fully clear to you.

Main Definition Points
– Someone/person that claims they are a expert on everything Japanese.
– They try to act Japanese themselves while disregarding their own culture or heritage
– They think Japan is some sort of fairyland
– Most knowledge of Japanese words they get is from anime and manga
– They can appear to be posers 

The Ridiculous Misuses Of This Word

I’m a weeaboo if I like anime and manga?

This is the number one reason for the misuse of this word. where fans being called a weeaboo because they watch anime and read manga….. Lame. What kind of reasoning could someone give for saying that to you? Let me tell you they would have a crap come back. This is all so stupid and makes me fume that fans are slapped with being called weeaboo in their faces. You liking watching anime or reading manga does not make you weeaboo, you are just a anime fan.

I’m a weeaboo if I like eating in Japanese restaurants

I’ve seen this happen on Instagram a lot where people have commented weeaboo on someone’s picture of them eating in a  Japanese restaurant or sushi place. Apparently that is a automatic weeaboo slap in the face.

Enter a caption
weaboo 3
Enter a caption

These comments was taken from Raffi’s video comments to show as a example of how really ridiculously this word is misused. It comes down to apparently reenacting a scene from a anime you love or just being jokey using chan after a person’s first name to be slapped with weeaboo in the face. This shows those people out there have no clue of what this word means, any anime fan now can be labelled with weeaboo so easily. The main target of misusing this word, following the never ending chain is new fans to anime or manga. New fans who have just been introduced to anime or began to like it can be a prime target of following on from misusing this word. Though I’m not saying everyone would follow along with it but there are those who would. I can’t blame new fans from not knowing to start off with of what the word means.

From a personal point of view I’ve been called a weeaboo myself for how hyper I am in my videos, which never has phased me. Naturally I am always hyper and happy, I make weird noises but I am exactly that in real life around everyone I know. I’m someone as everyone knows who follows me I just love anime to death and love expressing that with all my blogger and youtuber friends. I’m just a crazy fan girl like any other which is plain to see.

Oh yeh for the record Japanese people don’t use the word weeaboo it’s a western thing.

Youtube comments and anime forums are where you are likely to find all the weeaboo name calling. The comments that always get me hard are “Filthy weeaboo just die” Oh yep, I’ve seen similar comments like that on youtube in particular. It’s just disheartening to read those kinds of comments at times, just so beyond low. Now not just anime fans in general that are a target but anime youtubers can be a common target of being slapped with weeaboo. Which again is stupid because they all simply, like I myself like making related anime content videos. I’m not going to be afraid to admit this but some anime youtubers do call themselves weebs or weeaboos, in sometimes a harmless jokey way. But other times it has annoyed me with how repetitive it would be used, comments like “I’m such a weeb”. I hate that.

weaboo 2
There are those who do know what weeaboo means

My view point or this discussion is not to offend noone, because I don’t have a problem with people who adore Japan, will put in a better term. I don’t agree with being a know-it-all, poser or just being plain spiteful, wouldn’t stand for any of that nonsense. You have to remember people like what they like, they do what they want to do but doesn’t mean you should put up with people’s spitefulness, simply I ignore it. Giving reply to those who are craving for you to fight back is playing putty in their hands really. Not everyone is perfect in this world. 

Think I’m done with this topic.

I really hope some people realize the definition of a weeaboo now. Personally the word weeaboo sounds so childish and I just hate the word all together, leave the haters to argue among themselves. Please feel free to comment below your thoughts on the term weeaboo and if anything was cleared up for you in this discussion.

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀









  1. Wow this was a very informative post. Personally I don’t use the word, usually opting for fan, but I’ve been known to use otaku as well, just not as frequently. The term weeaboo gets thrown around so casually as an insult, that I avoid using it at all. In fact it wasn’t until recently that I even knew what it meant.

    This is a great post, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Another reason the word should be rarely if ever used and considered purely derogatory; its origin (with this definition) is that it was 4chan’s word filter replacement for “wapanese”.

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  3. I personally have been called a weeaboo countless times for liking anime and I typically ignore these people, laughing at their ignorance. Honestly, I will sometimes jokingly claim “weeaboo” but I know in my heart that the media will never dominate me. There is a careful balance between anime and reality that some fans have trouble with, and when it becomes greater than real life the term “weeaboo” can be appropriately used.

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    1. I agree with what you say if just takes over your life anime in general and you starting shouting around the word weeaboo Oh boy I don’t want to know.
      I laugh it off as well simply wished to vent my frustration on this issue I’ve done it and never again ahaha lol


  4. Great post, Lita. I agree that the word “weeaboo” gets misused so much. It seems that it’s being used interchangeably with otaku and even just normal anime fans which I’m dismayed of. When I just created my otaku blog, I got into a rather tense encounter with a fellow blogger who was very rude to otaku fans. He said we suck and all those nasty things, and that we’re all so stupid for being proud of calling ourselves weeaboo. I told him that not all anime fans consider themselves otaku and most especially weeaboo, but he won’t be swayed from his rant, so I just left him alone with his hatred. Oh well.

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      1. I think that they’re more misinformed. They give our fandom a bad reputation. Sigh. But at least we have our nice otaku community here where we can enjoy our passion in a healthy manner.

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      2. Yes we do a nice healthy community which I wouldn’t let one bad person ruin they’d be getting the wrath of Lita !!!!

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  5. It’s an overused word, used by people who know nothing of the fanbase. Thing is language and words are always evolving, so eventually the misuse becomes the definition. It IS an annoying word, but there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, as people love putting labels on things. Stay strong.

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  6. Nice post and I agree that the term has been subject to some pretty varying use. Something to think about is in how – at least some people I know – have taken to the title as a term of endearment. “Yeah, I’m a weeb” and such admittances kind of control the term and though they themselves don’t align with the textbook definition as you’ve stated above – they kind of own the word. I think it parallels the transformation of the word otaku – a word previously negative and stigmatized that people have, over time, beneficially corrupted to suit them. Otaku know they’re weird and they embrace what makes them different and I think in a similar way, I see this happening with the use of weeboo. Thanks for the read Lita.


  7. I’ve had the same thing happen to me when playign MMOs. People can’t tell the difference between a newb (new player) and a noob (the video game equivalent of a weeaboo).


  8. Hey Lita, I thought this post was really interesting. Even though I am an anime fan for a long time, I still couldn’t grasp the full definition of a weeboo, The way it sounds, the word does sound like it has a negative connotation. I usually prefer saying anime fan or otaku. I always thought that weeboo was the same as calling someone a “dweeb” but for the anime fans. I don’t use it but my little brother says it when he plays video games. He’s not afraid to use it lol.


  9. It’s so annoying when people call me a weeaboo. My friend does it jokingly, but it still hurts. Sure, I like Japan. Sure, I like anime. Doesn’t make me a weeaboo. I’m truly interested in learning Japanese. For anime but also for me. I want to live in Japan because it’s a culturally fascinating place. The temples. The rush of Tokyo’s trains. All of it excites me. Especially since I love traveling. I’ve been to Tokyo before too, and I loved it. It was thrilling. Japan is an amazing place. Admiring it doesn’t make me a weeaboo.
    Thank you for this post. Makes me happy to see people who agree with me

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    1. Jokely saids it of course your friend doesn’t seem to have it clue it hurts your feelings, that is what I would be thinking anyway. I have an interest in japanese culture but doesn’t make me a weeaboo exactly right. but it’s taken out of context and thrown around how people like now. I hate it most when people call themselves weeb trash “Look at me weeb trash over here” God sake >.< haha

      I think japan is an amazing place also hehe 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed my post I loved writing this one hehe XD


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