Why I Love Being A Collector?

2015-09-13 15.27.04
I just look like I will eat my anime…..in every shot

Hello Readers 😀 

You know The best feeling in the world to any anime fan is getting any new anime, manga etc. This particularly means a lot to people who love collecting anything to do with anime, I myself am one of millions who love to do this. People all over have things they love to collect even from the oddest of sorts such as, coins, model trains the list could go on. I’m here to simply tell you guys why I love collecting anime and being a collector. 

Sense Of Fulfillment

I  know I’m not the only one who would do a cheer dance when anything new comes in the mail lol

Collecting gives us collectors a sense of fulfillment, knowing it’s ours and now is apart of a personal growing collection. It gives you a buzz of excitement in your life especially say it’s something you have saved up so hard for. I can’t tell you how many times I have stalked my mail box every day for something I’m waiting for.  The feeling is amazing of whenever I get a new series really is and collecting is not really a hobby for me but a obsession. So there is no better feeling of when you purchase or are given something that you know will be yours.

Having a Physical Copy

sally package 004

Most fans nowadays pay through a subscription site like crunchy roll, netflix, hulu etc and stream anime. Streaming has involved in the last few years, shows airing in Japan you can watch them as they are airing, this is called simulcast. Most fans know Full Metal Alchemist had stopped being licensed by Funimation, which means going out of print. When this happens with popular series it gives anyone that kick to hunt down for that series, to have for their own. To me reminds me of why I started collecting and of how owning physical copies are important still. I’m not so much from a streamer back in the day used youtube a lot to watch some anime series, when I had good internet lol. I just think you may never know what will happen in the future and knowing I have my own physical copy of a anime/manga I love that is peace of mind. Anime art box releases always come with extras, it always draws you in with it’s pretty art work and  art boxes to me are worth going the extra mile to have. Having physical copies of anime or manga you love again gives collectors a sense of fulfillment and knowing they have it for their own.

Supporting The Anime Industry

Streaming or buying physical copies all up supports the anime industry. Some people think sales of DVDs and Blurays have slipped but I don’t think that is true. I remember how fast the Tokyo Ghoul limited edition sold out when it was first released here in Australia, that should give you some indication. Knowing when I buy physical copies of anime or manga, I know in some way I am supporting this industry and studios. Must not forget studios like KyoAni, shaft, bones etc of all the amazing work they do to bring us the joy of anime. The teams who are apart of the production work particularly in Japan this is aimed towards, they aren’t paid that well. It’s a common fact and knowing that even if it’s just little makes you want to help out in anyway. 

Money Can Be A Obstacle But Doesn’t Have To Be

Collecting anime and manga is not the cheapest things, it’s a very expensive hobby. You see a lot of anime fans on youtube do their monthly haul of what they purchased. Your like “How did they afford all those 10 collections?” “I’ll never own any anime or manga”, it’s perfectly okay to follow envious or jealous, myself in the past has felt this way. I had that mentality of thinking years back that I wasn’t going to be able to own anime anything. Now that way of thinking gets you nowhere, noone is a rich god and not a lot of people have money to spend on themselves. I’ve never let the issue of money stop me from collecting, I have learnt to put my adult responsibility *cough bills* first and save money. There is always a way to work around things, heck why do you guys think ebay is my best friend? 

It’s a Personal Thing


I’m sure for all that follow me on here, twitter or Instagram. you all know how I get excited whenever I get any new series or whatever. Collecting anime/manga I’ve seen or read in the past, having it for my own it’s a personal thing. I look at my anime collection of what I have collected or been given as a gift, it personally reminds me of happy times. Moments of when I finally got that collection so that I can re-watch it again, something being given as a gift from a friend, something you bought from a convention. Of things any collector gets it has all a personal attachment of some sort. For example for me finally owning Final Fantasy unlimited, I looked for that collection for five years till luck was on my side and got it for $40 original box set. You can see how happy I was above to finally have this set as it was a out of print series.

I have a very deep attachment to this buy and so everytime I look at it, I’m reminded of that moment I finally got it. Collecting makes you relive all the happy moments 🙂

Out Of Print/Rare Series

This is one of many series currently in search of 

Apart of my anime collecting, more than anything I love collecting out of print/rare series. Ha everyone should know this I reckon about me, I’m a person who doesn’t always like to keep up with what’s popular. It’s a thrill finding a hidden gem kind of anime then getting to review or write up about it, which is one of the reasons I started this blog for myself. For watching anime for a long time, I’ve found some interesting unheard of shows that I have yet to share with you all. I just always feel sorry for some series that never get talked about and that is what drives me to collect more rare series. This is the thing I most enjoy about collecting anime.

Sales/Ebay Are My Best Friend

Hook + line = sinker I truly am just like any fan who sees a sale pop up in there email or visit their favorite shopping site. Everybody again knows ebay is my go to for finding a good deal, not everyone likes ebay as you can sometimes not get what you pay for. From shopping on eBay for years now, I know what is dodgy and isn’t, most of my buys are all from eBay. I’ve never had a bad experience when it comes to buying anime or manga, always have found me a good deal, my mum calls me the bargin queen. But every fan, otaku knows SALES ARE OUR BEST FRIEND !! 

Yay all round I guess.. haha lol 

I hope you all enjoyed this different kind of post. I want to plan to do a post about tips about collecting and on how to save but that will be for another time. From being a collector I wanted to share from a personal point of view of why I do it and what it means to me 🙂 

Comment below if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of this sort of thing from me 😀

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 😀


  1. I like having a big anime collection, although I haven’t bought any new titles recently. I am out of storage space, until I move to my new place. With respect to supporting the UK anime industry, distributors have lost a lot of goodwill with me in recent times. A number of DVDs I have bought have technical faults that annoy me. You end up paying good money for something that is inferior to a bootleg.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’d love to see a picture of your collection hehe 🙂 Oh really where do you buy your dvd’s from in the UK? I know what is bootleg and it’s easy to avoid hehe like I mentioned I am very extra careful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My collection isn’t easy to snap, as it is spread out across several shelves and drawers. Hopefully when I move I will be able to display/store them in a more organized manner.

        Yes, I buy DVDs from the UK. It takes around one or two weeks for an order to reach me. I used to buy stuff from Play and Amazon, but I also use United Publications too.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ooo sounds like you have a lot mine is all stacked in one spot but it’s getting full x.x oooooo Aww okay two weeks is how long a amazon order would take to get to me. I’ve never ordered off their till recently and had no problems and got what I asked for. I buy all the american titles I know that aren’t sold here in australia ^^

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  2. As much as I like buying anime DVDs, money is always in my way. I don’t buy DVDs that often because of that. Like you said before, it gives me the feeling that it is mine and I finally got it. It is like getting the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood sets(I just said this example in your past post lol). At least the money you spent promotes the company and anime. It’s a win-win! Thank God for the sales.
    Also, be careful when eating your DVDs. It can be a choking hazard XD!

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  3. I know exactly what you mean! I’m just a beginner at anime collecting and right now I’m trying to get all FMAB before it gets too expensive. It does have the most incredible sensation when you get the Blueray or DVD in the mail! The GIF is so accurate to my feels!

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  4. While this whole post is #relatable, I especially love your fifth bullet: It’s personal. I always find my eyes roaming around my room until they stop at my collection and ogle at the memories. Each set carries a different kind of weight, and though two people can have the exact same set, they’re still unique to them. Collecting is poisonous, but collecting is a part of life for me. I would love to see a video/post of your whole collection someday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OF COURSE @!!! hehe it is a personal thing 🙂 collecting is poisonous for wallets WAAHAHA I regret nothing everytime I buy a new set hehe 🙂
      I will do a whole collection tour maybe at the end of the year I’m rather proud of what I own ^^

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