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I tweeted on my twitter this week I was going to announce something new and HERE IT IS!!!

I had been thinking for ages now of something fun to add to my blog. Since my internet keeps me limited Youtube wish, this idea was going to be done there. So I decided to move it to my blog and every month I’ll be sharing with you guys all the nerdy things. This will not just consist of everything anime but some other geek interests I have, like marvel for example.

Favorite Anime
Favorite Manga 
-Favorite Anime Song
– Favorite Purchase


The main three above I will always include every month and surprising bonuses will be added in here. I know my blog is whole heartily for anime but sharing some of my other nerdy interests, adds some spice.

Time to get into it


Favorite Anime

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 

Mecha is one of my favorite anime genres.From getting back in contact with my penpal, sh parted with some of her beloved anime collection, giving some to me. To my surprise I got both seasons of Gundam seed and destiny, which made me want to reach for the stars. I had seen destiny years ago and was my first Mecha watch, though no idea back then Seed existed. Some of the series Destiny I felt parts never made sense, then I found out it would all make sense if I watched Seed. I started watching this only recently and Seed reminded me of why I love the Mecha/Gundam series so much. It had been right from the first episodes and it’s so exciting to see the backstory of how Kira, Athrun, Cagalli and Lacus. Of how the war between the earth alliance and Zaft started. I’m only on episode eight currently and already understand easily of what is going on.

My good blogging buddies Shiro and Arria love this series a lot and kept nagging me to watch it finally. I claimed us as the Gundam Sisters, and rightly so. Thoroughly enjoying this series so much and will continue to binge watch into May.


Favorite Manga

Silent Voice

Silent Voice best read in a long while I enjoyed so much. What made me read this manga was of being announced of it getting a anime movie adaption. Kyoto animation was taking the reins for this one and I just then had to read this manga. The strong themes surrounding, bullying and communication were portrayed brilliantly. I connected on a high personal level with this series and if you interested read my recent review on it. Highly recommend to anyone to read. 🙂

Favorite Anime Song 

Boom Boom Satellites – Lay Your Hands On Me

Have you ever experienced of never seeing an anime but you fall in love with it’s opening theme? Well that’s what happened to me, Kiznaiver airing currently in Spring season, how it all came about me falling for this song. Kausus from Otaku Gamer Zone asked me if Australia itunes had this song by Boom Boom Satellites, sadly though had not been released. Boom Boom Satellites is a Japanese band I’m fond of, had not heard from them for a while, so out of curiosity checked out this song. Oh god every night now while blogging I’ve been listening to it, and I just can’t stop really. That Intro just gets me every time really, it’s a really soothing song.

The opening itself of course is visually stunning, Studio Trigger at their best. When this show has fully aired I will binge watch at some point, heard really good things about it.

Favorite Anime Purchase



Sorry for crap photo quality… >.<

Best buy for this month was The Familiar of Zero season two, I saw floating around on Ebay. For $10 and on bluray couldn’t get much better than that, sadly only came in subtitles as only season one ever got dubbed. This is such a fun series and funny will be glad to continue this series as it has four seasons. I’m just a cheap skate aren’t I? YES !!! 



Other Nerdy Favorites  


Original Clow Book that was apart of my Penpal’s collection, passing it on to me. Still feel a little gulity for having this as it was apart of my friend’s anime hood, I will treasure this till the day I die. Yep till the say I die, I always looking at my shelf now and go.. it’s there… it’s there.. lol


nerdy 1
The Bat takes over…..


 I am a person who never spends money on the things you really need in life…. like clothes not more anime series.  Always I’m wearing the same boring shirts over and over, finally bought my first of jumper in months. Batman couldn’t really say no to this, super massive on me but I love baggy clothes on me and just in love with it. Currently is winter season is about to hit and that sounds weird as everywhere else in the world is summer x.x.


That’s all for my monthly favorites of April 🙂
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and please comment below if you like this new segment to my blog. Because I do and it’s another way to share new things I get into or get so it’s all exciting really hehe 🙂 

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Until next Nerdy Favorites for May
I’ll see you in the next Post !! 😀



  1. Omg you are so pretty!! Haha nice favs. I have yet to start Gundam but I highl recommend the Vision of Escaflowne if you’ve not seen it. It’s a classic that’s FINALLY getting a blu-ray release and it’s a romance mecha fantasy about a girl who gets sucked into the world of Gaea. It’s Fushigi-done-right lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwww thankyou dear 🙂
      Vision of escaflowne one of first mecha’s I watched it’s been in my top 10 favorite for a long time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sweet, nice price on The Familiar of Zero season 2. I heard the series was good. Your reaction reminds me of me when I got both Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood sets, lol. The Gundam sisters? Nice name, it sounds awesome. I hope you enjoy what you bought ^^.

    Also, I agree with Leaf and you are also pretty. I like your smile especially :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was a sweet deal Matt 🙂
      Gundam sisters ahaha how original of you Lita LOL
      Awwwww >////< thankyou for the kind words but I ain't pretty LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did the same thing on a anime that was actually 5 dollars XD. You go Gundam Sister, protect the universe!!
        Yeah you are pretty and I I think you great smile. Seeing your smile makes me want to do the same :).


  3. Gosh, everyone and their grandmother is reading A Silent Voice. I’ll have to pick it up soon since you especially seem to like it, and your recommendations are usually to my liking. And ahhh, Kiznaiver, what a sexy beast of an anime. The opening is totally stellar stuff, which is odd considering how much I didn’t care for it at the beginning. I guess that’s proof stuff grows on me. Love the clow book, BTW!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes must read but I only decided to read it when I came across an article about this movie adapation for it. Never had heard of it till reading that so decided to give it a whirl and is a good manga 🙂

      Clow book oh my god everytime I look at it I’m like….YEP must do another cardcaptor cosplay soon XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kiznaiver is one of those shows when walking into it, you want to call it one of your faves, even if the actual show itself is just okay. With each episode only getting more exciting (8 or 9 eps. in), I can’t wait to see if it holds up as a worthy watch.
        YES Cardcaptors cosplay. Do it. Then post lots of lovely pictures~~

        Liked by 1 person

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