The Random Package Unboxing

What awaits inside…

Otaku Unboxing Alert!!!

Greetings One and All ^__^

This week something very random occurred, came home from work to find these two mystery packages sitting on my bed. I had no clue who they were from until I looked closer….. was a penpal I had not heard from in a while. A brief backstory on this, last year I met my penpal of 7 or 8 years for the first time last year. She came to stay with me and my family for a couple of days, it was my highlight of last year and shall never forget it. She would have stayed longer for but was doing a round trip of Australia and I was the last stop. After meeting her I lost contact with my penpal until this package from nowhere, I was baffled.

The contents of both boxes, judging from how heavy they were I knew.. what it was  if anyone had seen my tweet about it on twitter. Because of this package I managed to get back in contact with my Penpal, was so happy to talk to her again. I told her of how overwhelmed I was to receive of what she had sent me…..

it’s too much…..

I think at the this point your all aware of what I received and wanted to share with you all of what I have to get through lol

sally package 003
My penpal sent me pieces of her anime collection as now she’s not into anime much. She explained of having a big clean out and decided to send me some stuff, of randomly remembering my address. This whole situation made me laugh so much, because well wouldn’t you…. Angelic layer in a original box set was not expecting. Why this is funny to me is I already own this same set, as the one I already have my parents bought me, bought my first anime.

I’ll still happily keep this encase anything happened to my other you never know.

I was going to leave this till last to talk about but my face when I saw these two beauties. It was only the day before I was talking with Shiro and Arria on twitter about Gundam. Arria had finished watching Seed and was about to start destiny, them both egging me on to watch Seed. Someone must have heard us…..because next day here is Gundam Seed and Destiny in original art boxes before me. Oh I can tell you there was some heavy breathing from me, just couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been stalking these collections of Ebay forever, always waiting for the right moment to buy them but now I don’t have to. I feel one blessed Mecha fan girl round about now !!!!

sally package 008

This was a oldie I had not seen for so many years, Galaxy angels. I remember dropping this as I got bored with the humor but looks like I’ll have to revist it. I now have both seasons and to my surprise second season in original art box. Never have I ever heard anyone mention this show but I’ll post up on twitter when I get around to watching this. Out of curiosity does anyone know this show or heard of it?

sally package 009

Kaleido Star is a big favorite for me. Out of everything my penpal sent me there was only two I already owned. Angelic layer and now Kaleido Star, again I am happily going to keep them, who cares if I have two copies. Never know what could happen as Lita is a huge clutz in real life, my parents can vouch for that.

sally package 011
There were a few random volume ones in this mix. Doesn’t really bother me because a couple of shows like Starship Operators and Hack are shows I’ve wanted to check out. By watching volume ones will let me decide if I wish to buy the whole series. Lucky Star is a slice of life anime I’ve been meaning to check out for years, I have never been big on slice of life anime. I don’t think like that about the genre no longer, quite love it now, I’m sure I’ll like Lucky Star, always heard good things about it. Chance Pop Session all I know about this show is about singing and idols, which I’m excited to give a shot and got the whole set for it. 

sally package 013

More random mixture ones Final Final Unlimited I already own the entire series so I’ll keep volume one, encase anything happens to the other one. I ended up getting a Japanese kids show called Di.Gi.Charat, not 100 % sure if I’ll actually watch this yet. It will probably go on my back burner as the cutesy everywhere, looks like it may kill me. I own all of the Love Hina OVA’s already. Ahh My Goddess I’ve seen the first four episodes a long time, been dying to see this classic for years, just haven’t come across the whole set yet.

sally package 014

Two anime movies I can add to my small collection of movies. Ah my Goddess the movie is very rare to come by, I have found on Ebay or amazon so felt very lucky to get this. I will be holding off watching till I’ve seen all of the TV series first. Final Fantasy Advent Children movie, first time I saw this was over a new friend’s house I’d just made friends with. It was my gate way into Final Fantasy anything and enjoyed it a lot, very happy to have this in my collection, comes with another movie I think inside the case.

sally package 016
Gundam wasn’t the real kicker in the face. THIS WAS… nearly all of the originally, Australian, released Sailor Moon collection. I already own this series but got it off ebay which I don’t think was a legit release still played fine. Volumes 6 and 14 are the only ones missing, it won’t be a problem to track down the volumes, then will be complete. I never thought I’d come across this to be apart of my collection, so beyond happy more than anything.!!!!!!!

Still now hesitant to buy the newly Australian release of Sailor Moon with the new dub……
>.< Noooooooo……

Yep… how I still feel about all of this


Well what can I say this week has been so interesting and I am so overwhelmed, grateful towards my Penpal. I never expected this but what I got out of this more than the anime is being able to talk to my penpal again. That to me is way more important, Friendship. Just when I thought things couldn’t get more surprising my penpal tells me….

In total she sent 4 boxes….. so two more are still to come !!!!!!!

Until Part two then.. 🙂 

I’ll see you in the next Post!! 😀 


11 thoughts on “The Random Package Unboxing

  1. That’s a great penpal you got there!
    I really enjoyed lucky star. I want the DVD for it but I couldn’t find it in Australian stores. I just really love Konata, I felt her character was created so well for otakus to relate to her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw yeah, unboxing time with Lita. Here in the states, Lucky Star is getting a rerelease on bluray but it’ll probably be expensive. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s one of those anime ‘everyone’ just loves. It must be so nice to have a penpal as great as she is 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t watched lucky star yet I might this month of june as I haven’t watched a comedy of sorts for a long time trying to expand my genre watching not just always romance ahaha lol

      Liked by 1 person

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