Lita’s Spotlight Of Useless Anime Characters

Your not in this list Shinji. Don’t Worry 

You know?

Characters are one of the most important things in a story, series, movies etc, making up the whole of a plot. I dare say there is not one person in this world that doesn’t have a favorite character in whole of the entertainment industry. Characters for people are easy to get attached to, obsess over if they full of personality and are entertaining. Sadly there are just characters out there in anime that are useless and just drag down the shows itself. Useless characters can be really whiny, have the blandest personality, do nothing overly interesting in the show. I could go on the list is quite long, but I am to show you characters in anime’s that I find useless and annoying, that they bring nothing to the anime’s their from.

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Forcing Myself To Watch Bad Anime

I really enjoyed reading this and is something all us anime fans can relate too 🙂


I, like a lot of other people who watch anime, watch anime to have a good time and to enjoy myself… or at least I thought I did. Recently, I’ve been watching some shows that I don’t particularly enjoy all the way to the end. I can’t entirely justify why I do it. For variety maybe?

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