Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Anime Reporter

litas blogger friday

Blah so tired….from everything

Friday Feature Lita…where has it been?

It’s been on the back burner it seems this month but we are HERE now !!! I know some people have been missing this segment and so have I personally. Here’s to hoping this will happen every two weeks again, never putting this on the back burner. Last Friday feature took a look into a few posts but this time will be the regular blogger, video and post of the week !!!!


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The Random Package Unboxing

What awaits inside…

Otaku Unboxing Alert!!!

Greetings One and All ^__^

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A Silent Voice Manga Review

Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice Of Life
Published: 2013
Volumes: 7

“We all have a voice”

Greetings everyone 🙂

My goodness has been a while since January, was the last manga review I did. Oops. My manga reading has been making progress and wanted to share with you a inspiring one I finished as of recent. I first discovered this title from watching the PV trailer for the anime adaption it was getting and being done by the amazing Kyoto Animation. I got really excited and just had to read this muchly talked about title as Lita reviews the inspiring, lovable The Silent Voice.

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Telling My Blogger Tale – Blogger Story Award



Hello everyone ^-^ 

Lita it’s been 10 days since your last post…. >.<? uhh yes well work and trying to finish things for the Unime Tv took up most of my time. But here I am finally to respond to something, I have not been able to for ages now. Last month the lovely Kira nominated me for this most interesting award called The Blogger’s Story Award. 

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Lita’s Spotlight Of Useless Anime Characters

Your not in this list Shinji. Don’t Worry 

You know?

Characters are one of the most important things in a story, series, movies etc, making up the whole of a plot. I dare say there is not one person in this world that doesn’t have a favorite character in whole of the entertainment industry. Characters for people are easy to get attached to, obsess over if they full of personality and are entertaining. Sadly there are just characters out there in anime that are useless and just drag down the shows itself. Useless characters can be really whiny, have the blandest personality, do nothing overly interesting in the show. I could go on the list is quite long, but I am to show you characters in anime’s that I find useless and annoying, that they bring nothing to the anime’s their from.

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Forcing Myself To Watch Bad Anime

I really enjoyed reading this and is something all us anime fans can relate too 🙂


I, like a lot of other people who watch anime, watch anime to have a good time and to enjoy myself… or at least I thought I did. Recently, I’ve been watching some shows that I don’t particularly enjoy all the way to the end. I can’t entirely justify why I do it. For variety maybe?

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Post A Rama!!

Yeh..feeling eh

Greetings !!! 

Thank god it’s FRIDAY !!, These past two weeks for me were not better for me the last time I wrote up my last feature. No sadly so all I’ve been feeling is meh about mostly a lot of things, so hoping this weekend to just wind down, and take time out for myself. I hope everyone else has been doing better but we know your not all here for how I’ve been. Although some kind of introduction to these Feature Friday’s is required.

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