The World Is Still Beautiful Short Review

Anime: The world is still beautiful 
Published: 2014

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Producer: Pierrot
Episodes: 12

How would you feel getting married to a child? 😛 


Nike, fourth princess to her country Rain In Principality, sent to marry the Sun king from the Sun kingdom. Upon their meeting Nike discovered only taking three years to conquer the world the king, he is but a child. King Livi demands Nike to call on the rain, as that is her special ability. Nike refuses and King Livi throws her into prison. May be married in name but the two’s bond only begins to grow in the series.

The Review

Haha very much agree.

Watching things on a whim can either end up being bad, good or your stuck in the middle. This world is still beautiful has me stuck in the middle over the whole series, as I knew there were going to be obvious things that could go wrong in the show. Despite everything going at a fast pace, useless, irrelevant characters in the background, still was able to enjoy the show.

The relationship growth of Nike and Livi was very believable and realistic. Livi’s spoiled brat persona and Nike’s stubbornness was quite a mix, comedic duo. What I loved about their relationship was from the start, all honesty was laid out on the table, not holding back their true selves. Accepting each others flaws and other things about themselves, it was easy for love eventually to seek it’s way in. At the beginning of watching the series, I did think they will fall in love by episode three or four. Though was not the case and the conclusion for the love birds at the end, was a beautiful way to end the show.


I might have a mini crush on Livi >.< 

I felt Nikki and Livi embodied in the series of how relationships start off before you get to the love part, really enjoyed seeing that through their characters. All the cute, tender moments between the two are executed at the right times in the series.

Livi’s character thought I would end up disliking from reading the plot, His spoiled, bratty nature was ungodly annoying. Only ever having his mother as comfort not letting another soul in. As Nike began to break down those iron walls he had put up, got to see a broken child beneath it all. One scene I recall he goes a bit overboard, course makes him look a loose canon, which is exactly what Livi is. A Loose canon he maybe, somehow developed a mini crush on him, mostly likely from him actually being rarely sincere in the series. 

 I enjoyed Nike’s ability of calling forth rain through her singing. Her song “Tender Rain”, I loved listening to it every-time made me feel all peaceful and serene inside. Holey loved Nikki’s character, for what she stood for, of appreciating the beauty in the world and in people. In a way she reminded me of Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki hime with that hard headed streak of determination. 

Neil funny.

I did not care for a lot of the other characters as in twelve episode anime’s, you simply never get to know them well. The only exception would be Neil, King Livi’s adviser, guess will call him. His character wasn’t annoying, his upset outbursts if Livi or Nike sneaked away from their duties was humorous. Purely Livi, Nike and Neil had all the personality existing in the show and that was enough for me to be entertained none the less. 

Wow really don’t have anything else to say about the show…..


This is probably the shortest review I have done yet, well this world is still beautiful wasn’t overly amazing. But it still rung out this charm about it, the experience I got from the show was finding beauty in the world but in someone we loved. Nikki realized her beauty in the world was Livi “You Bring Me The World” Nikki quotes towards the end. It was a sweet scene. I mainly enjoyed this show for the romance and relationship growth of Livi and Nikki, everything else didn’t really interest me. If you love romance then feel free to check out this show, a link is for you below if you wish to do so.

Link to watch anime

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7 thoughts on “The World Is Still Beautiful Short Review

  1. I know age doesn’t matter ( I’ve watched the anime ), I just thought the male protagonist is much too young ,at least physically, a super minor. the problem too is that the age gap isn’t given in the story, so by the way he is drawn, it makes me think he is barely 10 years old, and the female protagonist is over 18.. However , their love is indeed beautiful, so I just pretended he was older .

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  2. Sounds like a sweet anime, although the age gap is a bit weird. If the show was about a young queen and older prince would people still be okay with the show?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a sweet anime and was a sweet watch 🙂 well there suppose to be the same age roughly only being teenages is what it saids on various websites I have looked.

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  3. This is nothing like I thought it would be about. But for romance, I am a bit curious. I hate it when shows have bland background characters. It’s a good thing the main pairing is that sweet, then!


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