Lita’s Discussion Time: How Much Anime Makes You A True Fan?


Greetings Readers 🙂

I am back with a brand new discussion as currently my activeness on my blog is still slipping, plus trying to finish a review for you all as well. Lita doesn’t like to rush, but none the less I have a interesting discussion topic inspired from a video I watched last week sometime: 

A reining anime question: 

How Much Anime Makes You A True Fan?


I can’t believe I am even discussing this with you all but it must be done, from my point of view. Akidearest is a female anime youtuber, I’ve been following for a while now, I like some of her videos but this video talking about what makes you a true anime fan? Sparked this blog post, First thing when I read the title of the video was…. oh boy there is a drawn out answer at the end of it.

I am just going to put it simple to you all: there is no way to define a answer for this question. As from my point of you when you watch your first anime for the first time, then after your curiosity is peaked, in my eyes automatically makes you fan. Others may have a different view on this as Aki addresses in the video, she states “If you have seen have 5 or 10 animes, you would be classed as a aspiring fan”. Okay so we are classing people, that was one comment I didn’t particularly agree with, to me where is the logic?. She did state some things I did agree with though, saying doesn’t matter how much anime you have seen you are no less a fan of anime. In the video she states if you have a anime list, and you have only seen 100 anime, YOU SHOULD ASSUME THAT PERSON KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ANIME. This statement she mainly refers to big anime youtuber names in the community which is not necessarily true, far from it.

All these big anime youtubers like the Anime Man or Chibi reviews sure they may have seen over 300 anime’s. But doesn’t mean they know next to everything about, every single show they have ever watched. None of you anime fans out here should worry your pretty little heads over a stupid thing like this. It frustrates me that this question would even be blown out of proportion, and that there are people out there who are afraid to admit how much anime they have seen. A anime list, or how much you have seen does not define if your a true anime fan or not, it’s a lot of abalone.  

Have  I not watched enough anime to be classed as a fan?

This is taken from my anime list where I have seen 249 anime. so…. I AM CLASSED AS BRAIN WHIZ OVER ANIME. Wrong, It’s just a number means not a dam thing, makes me no brain-ac. I use anime list simply to keep track of what episode of anime I may be watching, so forgetful I can be or if I’ve heard or seen a anime I wish to check out at some point. It goes into my plan to watch list, again it helps me keep track. I don’t know where I’d be without this list as it also helps me reference for when I am blogging or making a video.

If your talking about anime, watching it, blogging about whatever it is to someone or the internet… You Are A Anime Fan. It would be as clear as the night sky to see, and you’ll twinkle joining all other fans. Lita is telling you don’t ever let anyone tell you your not a fan because you have only seen three anime, if they do tell them to shove it up there butt.


Feel free to watch the video above to see if you agree with anything Aki mentions, it’s a video I agree and disagree with. Ah feel like I got a lot of frustration out of me so PLEASEE ONE ALLL comment below your opinion of this question.

 I would love to hear all your thoughts ! 😀

Side note: A review is on it’s way nearly done editing it all so stayed tuned ~!

I’ll see you all in the next post! 

26 thoughts on “Lita’s Discussion Time: How Much Anime Makes You A True Fan?

  1. This is definitely interesting. I agree with most of your points about what makes an anime fan. For example, my girlfriend has seen only 2 full anime, yet really enjoys them, especially Your Lie In April. I would say she is a fan of anime, to some degree. Maybe not like die hard fan, but still a fan. Literally, fan just means someone who enjoys doing whatever they are a fan of, in this case, watching anime. Also, the whole “must watch X amount of anime to be a fan thing” sounds like they are getting being a fan confused with anime experience. And even in that, there is a lot of room to argue what constitutes having a lot of anime experience. You could have seen 200 anime, but if they were all ecchi harem anime, I am not sure I would say you are severely experienced if you’ve never watched another genre or type of anime. Nonetheless, good arguments! I enjoyed the “controversy” haha

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  2. I think it’s less about the number and more about your drive. Do you have an interest in seeing more, similar shows, or is the one or two you’ve seen exceptions to your usual tastes? You can be a fan of a particular show(s) but not really want to try out new series or go and research about them on the Internet.

    I mean, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan since I don’t have a burning desire to learn more or see the others. If I do, fine, and then maybe I’ll become a true fan. Right now? I am just a person who enjoyed the latest Star Wars.

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  3. Krystallina is right that it’s about your drive. I also agree that it’s not the number you’ve watched that defines you as a fan though it’s apparent that those who have the persistence and willingness to watch more and know more about a certain ‘something’ (anime, in this case) is what makes a true fan. Hmm, i have friends who are fans of just a particular anime not ‘anime’ in general so there’s still that difference. Anime is so broad with all different genres so it’s very hard to say that you really know a lot about it.


  4. I can’t believe Aki said something stupid like that. I skipped that vid for a reason it seems. I have watched only around 30 anime, but I still am a huge anime fan, I was since my childhood and I will always be.

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  5. SHOVE IT UP THE BUTT. – Lita Kino, 2016
    It’s funny that I watched this video a while back and had a raised brow throughout the entire thing. She did make the point that the number of finished shows doesn’t necessarily make or break your fan level, but then she goes on to give out numbers. Like, what even? I also like how you mention the Anime Man and Chibi, because at first glance, one would only assume (unwisely) that they are bigger fans than themselves, and I think that’s nonsensical.

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    1. TAKUUUUU nice to see you again my friend 🙂 hehe shove it up there but exactly really lol
      I thought the whole video just annoyed me in the end and I want to make my own with all the comment feedback I got should I do it?

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      1. It’s nice to see you, tooo!! As for a video, I’d only make one if its not too much trouble. Or, if you still need closure on the topic. The video was a little, hmm, aggravating, I agree. Haha! I’m just glad to check in on you 🙂


  6. Agreed 100% with what you said. I wish the anime community was a lot more open minded and open armed about the people who joined it, but a lot of people are constantly judging everybody else on their taste and so much anger is made through out all of the situations caused by it.

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  7. I know, right? Even if I’m not very good at Math, I think that having these specific numbers as measurement of how much of a fan are you is just plain ridiculous. If you love anime, you’re a fan. No number can decide that for you. Anyway, great post, Lita.

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      1. I see. I don’t really think about how much I watch. In my philosophy, if you enjoy something and you have knowledge on it, you don’t need to watch a number of anime to be called a fan. It’s how much you love it.

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  8. Why people are so anal retentive over this I don’t understand… When you begin to try to define what makes a person a fan you make it less fun for everyone and people end up not liking it because of that, or whatever point I was making… Freaking crazy jabrones

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