Quick First Impression: Fushigi Yugi

Hilarious Seven they are lol

What up Readers 😀 !!!

Only been a few days since my last post, Lita needed some R + R and in that time a new obsession was born all thanks to my good friend from Youtube AnimePalooza . I opened her late Christmas present that had been sitting in my wardrobe for ages (don’t ask why it took me so long to open it), to me stunned fact she had got me Attack On Titan part 2 and Fugishi Yugi Season one. Naughty, sneaky for getting me these because she knew I had these anime which weren’t complete. 

Really wasted no time in putting on hold Shangrila, instantly starting Fugishi Yugi, as you all know, I love old anime and ever since my friend Gigi. Mentioned about this series been high on up on my watch list, there was no hesitation in starting this series, and I felt like writing here my first impression on Fugishi Yugi.


Miaka and Yui are your average middle school girls until visiting the library both encounter a strange book. The universe of the four gods, which they are transported through reading the book, into the novel universe Ancient China. Miaka finds out she is known as the priestess of Suzaku and is her destiny to gather all seven celestial warriors which serve under her to summon the god Suzaku. Goddess Suzaku has the power to grant any wish as so desired by the priestess and so Miaka has a difficult decision ahead of her, with love, betrayal, friendship and a land in need of saving from war.

Currently up to Episode 16 as this series is quite long 52 episodes, honestly do prefer long shows so was excited. Fushigi Yugi so far has not failed to impress the likes of me, 90’s anime’s always seems to win me over and this one I’m obsessed with now. This series reminds me of two shows, for one Sailor moon in terms of the perils Serena and Darien went through for their love. Secondly The Vision Of Escaflowne in terms of plot being sucked into another world and romance reasons.

Miaka the main female protagonist is another Serena from Sailor Moon they are both one in the same. But their are traits about Miaka I like more than Serena, she is a bit more serious in difficult situations and not so much of a whimp. I like it that Miaka has more backbone at time when it counts, love her character so lively and hilarious, some could find her annoying at times. But if you can look pass that then Miaka  is sure to make you laugh, like she has made me so far. Her english dub voice played by Bridget Hoffaman, I know her work very well for roles I have loved her doing, Nia from Gurren Lagaan and Shinobu from Love Hina. Thought was a decent choice, admit though took a while to adjust to her voice at first but in the end she brought out the liveliness in Miaka’s personality.

Love certainly comes to be when Tamahome who is introduced at the beginning of the series. whom will be obvious that Tamahome and Miaka are the main love in this series and they are SO CUTE, I ship them hard, no questions asked. Think maybe Lita likes her romance way too much.


So cute >///<

I never read anything about the series before watching it so had no idea Tamahome and Miaka would be the lead love in the series. In the first few episodes, I could not see it happening, thought Miaka might have fallen for the Empreoror who is one of the celestial warriors Hotohori. Romance is a main part of the show which Lita loves but I have gotten Nostalgia feels from the series because it reminds me of when I watched The Vision of Escaflowne for the first time.

Chichiri 🙂

Of all the Celestial warriors of Suzaku is Chichiri is my favorite, has the more interesting ability of illusion and transforming into any person. He’s the one that has stood out from all the other warriors personality wise, humble, be serious when necessary and funny. So far I love the cast of main characters in the series, all funny and humorous but hope to see more personality, from the seven Suzaku warriors. One character whom I tweeted about on my twitter Yui, who is Miaka’s best friend and wanting to shove her head down a toilet. Though she is just a useless, whiny character she brings one of the twists to the plot which I did not expect so far, Now comes to the part where I know my heart is going to sob.

Fantasy and romance really speaks it names in Fushigi Yugi, seriously can’t get enough of the series so far, it’s heading a great direction. The plot is keeping me interested at all times but one thing does annoy me, everytime it begins on a new episode it recaps from what happened in the previous episode. A lot of fast forwarding has involved. “What’s that?” are you going to review this series when finished watching? BUT OF COURSE, I must speak the name of this classic 90’s show.

Right now love where this anime is going and could end up being a new favorite, you never know. Would highly recommend to those who love 90’s, fantasy and romance Fushigi Yugi indeed has the whole package for you 🙂

Comment below any thoughts you have 🙂

Side note: things might be slow from me over the next two weeks as sorting out personal things but I’ll post when I can 🙂

I’ll see you all in the next post 😀 


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