The Is Not Is Too “Best Anime Ever” Debate

Tv shows, movies and anime, doesn’t matter for either on the internet or among people. The “Best Of The Best” is one of the most highly talked about discussion ever, in my opinion.

ahh this looks civilized

In the anime community BIG TIME “best anime ever” is highly discussed among anime fans.

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The World Is Still Beautiful Short Review

Anime: The world is still beautiful 
Published: 2014

Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Producer: Pierrot
Episodes: 12

How would you feel getting married to a child? 😛 

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Lita’s Discussion Time: How Much Anime Makes You A True Fan?


Greetings Readers 🙂

I am back with a brand new discussion as currently my activeness on my blog is still slipping, plus trying to finish a review for you all as well. Lita doesn’t like to rush, but none the less I have a interesting discussion topic inspired from a video I watched last week sometime: 

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Quick First Impression: Fushigi Yugi

Hilarious Seven they are lol

What up Readers 😀 !!!

Only been a few days since my last post, Lita needed some R + R and in that time a new obsession was born all thanks to my good friend from Youtube AnimePalooza . I opened her late Christmas present that had been sitting in my wardrobe for ages (don’t ask why it took me so long to open it), to me stunned fact she had got me Attack On Titan part 2 and Fugishi Yugi Season one. Naughty, sneaky for getting me these because she knew I had these anime which weren’t complete. 

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