Lita’s Discussion Time: Guilty Pleasures In Anime


I’m not gulity of nothing….

Greetings friends/readers ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been a while since I did a discussion and this week’s topic and question that was funnily enough inspired when I was writing a blog post for Unime TV.ย 

When I was writing my Top 10 anime list I realized one of my choices in my list was more of a gulity pleasure but yet I still enjoyed that got me thinking for this discussion about Guilty pleasure anime’s. Everyone has a genre,anime, manga related guilty pleasure to do with anime. Someone secretly loves watching a ย harem anime from time to time, you love Yaoi manga, collecting all of the figures of the boys from free….ย 

Noone should feel ashamed about it as most of these pleasures are hidden deep within our selves and should not be right for anyone to judge so here Lita is going lay herself bear and tell you some of my anime gulity pleasures ๐Ÿ™‚


Simply mad I am lol


Gulity Pleasure 1 = Ecchi Anime

I don’t mind the boobs and booty’s, never has the genre’s ecchi bothered me. Neither have I cared that there is nothing but fan service and sexy ladies are everywhere. Not going to deny that there are some sexy ladies in anime everyone has a favorite one of these echhi favorites is from a guilty pleasure anime I love Witchblade. The image above can look a little striking in the face at the main character Masane but couldn’t help enjoy watching Witchblade. Some of the fight scenes could be a little full on and some disturbing sounds that might make you drop the anime instantly. Maybe I am weird because it never bothers me, same goes for, whenย So I can’t play Hย thoroughly enjoyed this series. However I am picky about some ecchi shows I watch if they are a bit much Lita does have a limit but I LOVE WATCHING ECCHI ANIME !!

Guilty Pleasure 2 = Yaoi

I am not alone in this pleasure for one haha, may have mentioned this before but I like reading, watching and pinning pins on my pinterest of Yaoi.ย This is a time to time pleasure so not always reading or watching something along the lines of Yaoi all the time, of course I know it’s not everyone’s thing, By it’s my thing and not ashamed to admit it ๐Ÿ™‚

This struggle is real.

Guilty Pleasure 3. Read Too Much Shoujo Manga

This is nothing new but it’s a crime that I just end up reading way too much shoujo manga. Any girl who loves shoujo would understand this but every time I go to pick a different genre to read. Nope. revert back to wanting to read nothing but shoujo, love it so much even though I know how much it tortures me at times. I love to experience the torture of shoujo when a couple don’t end up together or they do and it’s so beautiful, all the cheating ah the list could go on.

Shoujo is everything.

Guilty Pleasure 4. Reading Fanfiction only about couples I ship

This has been going on since when I was 10 and Kai from the kids show beyblade became my everything. Only did I ever read to start off with shipping fanfics all about Kai then it was Sonic the hedgehog then Goku, oh god, the list goes on. Reading all of these made up stories which I could only imagine in my head, was good enough for me. I would only read certain fanfics about anime couples I really shipped and loved one big favorite was Inuyasha and Kagome. Even to this day I still am the same 10 year old back then, every time I revisit the fanfiction site swirled back into the obsession.

Actually I did write my own fanfiction based upon beyblade as Kai was my first anime crush was about me and him….. funny thing I still have that story I wrote lol

Now I can hide right…..

So my duckies those are only some of my guilty anime pleasure


Readers/Bloggers you all have to tell Lita:

What are your anime related guilty pleasures?

I laid myself all flat out for you all so it’s only fitting you show me the same curtsy, if not then big fool Lita did it again. Then again when have I ever not embarrassed myself here on my blog. Please comment below your guilty pleasures and will have a hot mess discussion down below @!!! ย ย 

Side note: Blog post will be up on the weekend, a special one so should be up Sunday look forward to that ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll see you all in the next post!!ย 




  1. I’m actually thinking of doing the odd post that’s some thing like this xDD. For guilty pleasure; watching bikini warriors and having a crush on Dark Elf xDD. They don’t have a name.

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  2. Much to my surprise, I actually prefer Yaoi, and Shoujo over harems, and ecchi despite the latter two being aim more towards me. A simple reason being I like seeing characters in romances explore their feelings with a different mindset from of my own. It makes it more interesting to read, or see unfold. Though, most of the times I read, and see more bad Yaoi, and Shoujo than I encounter good ones.

    Not really much into fan fiction. I have a friend who is crazy about writing Star Wars fan fiction so I see the appeal. He told me once fan fiction can sometime enhance something he likes. I hope so since I don’t ever want to get a link to read another bad fan fiction like the one that ship Anne Frank, and Goku together. Also, they both fought against the entire 3rd Reich. Oh man, so much cringe worthy moments from that fan fiction haa.

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    1. Awww you like the same as me ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I love all the romance in ecchi no clue why lol haha

      haha well fan fiction is not for everyone bahaha lol


  3. I love it when characters nearly destroy themselves, rotting to their inner core and falling to despair. It’s a rare emotion that, in real life, doesn’t look as near as fascinating.
    But then again, I also love ecchi undertones ๐Ÿ˜‰ so does that make me a masochist? Wait, don’t answer that XD
    Gah! I love reading your posts Lita, buddy!

    Liked by 1 person

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