Time for a UPDATE!!!!

Update time !!

Greetings All 🙂

It has been a while since I have done any kind of update since last month, thinking every month at least I should do an update of some sort but usually failing at this at the moment. These updates for me in a way let me know where I am at with things and what new things await beyond the horizon and believe me their are some things I have planned coming to my blog. All in good time muahhhh !!!


2016-02-17 18.44.41

 Would only be right for me to update you all on what I have added to my anime collection for 2016, four new titles have made their way into it. Collection one and two of Rurouni Kenshin but I’m cheating as I got collection one sometime last December (I forgot to mention it whoops) but if you have seen me on my twitter you would know I’m currently re watching it all. There will be a upcoming post based upon this samurai anime which I’m in the process of writing should be out sometime next week so you can look forward to that. Actually am proud of myself as completed one of my anime goal to complete a missing anime series wohooo !!

Next up as it was a new release last month Golden time was a random pick up, I’ve already reviewed it which you can read here . Had mixed feelings about the series but none the less was really cute so happy for it to say in my collection, just won’t be re watching it anytime soon. Finally only this week an order from ebay came, this was a completely random buy as it was only $20 and you know me I gotta have more unknown/rare anime’s in my collection, picked up Figure 17. All I know about the series so far is this girl makes a clone of herself and then she can transform into this robot thing so I’ll be reviewing this none the less when I get around to watching, should be interesting.



Been dying to see this for so long high time in the next few weeks to finally pick it up, already put money aside for it. IT’S MY CALLING ROMANCE !!

Haven’t watched any mecha in so long, luckily already own the first part of Aquarion so finally can see from the beginning of how this saga started 🙂

Ahaha well all of you remember sometime last year I was going to review Tamako Market from a choice award thing I did but never got around to it. Well this series has just been released here in Australia and fully intend to get my hands on it can’t wait to see this cute slice of life anime 🙂

My Youtube?

As many of you know I run a youtube channel which I started over a year ago now, this year I had huge plans for it more video uploads, more anime content but sadly it’s just not going to happen. My internet usage only allowed to use so much as I live with family still this is the main reason from stopping me from doing any more videos. I tried to work around the issues with uploading 2 or three videos at the end of the each month on the last week. But I don’t think this idea will work out so my channel is currently in Limbo, which I’m not happy about so for now I will be really spreading out how often I upload something. My big videos this year will probably be my anime hauls I’ll have one coming up next month for certain but my main youtube plans went all down the toilet so Yay. I don’t want to quit youtube just everything will be spread out and that honestly enjoy blogging more than youtube.

Main content for now you’ll get on my channel is spoiler free reviews, top lists and hauls but you can always follow my twitter of when a new video is going to be up 🙂

Only just within the last two days a fellow youtuber whom I’ve come to know offered to make me a banner. I was hesitant at saying yes as I was still decided whether to keep my channel or not but decided to just carry on as I have been. His name is Jester and is a talented guy with graphics so check out his speed art of making my banner and all the others he has done 🙂 I am in love with the banner it’s just so pretty to look at. I could never pull off something that good don’t have that kind of talent ahaha.


Thought be good to update on what I have read so far but it’s not much so far. Before I go to bed most nights would be better to read some manga than look at my phone. This was a challenge I set for myself to entice me to read more manga, get into a habit so far I have read Blue Spring Ride and Kyo koi wa hajimemasu. what do you know? there romances I start off with currently at the moment I am reading La Corda D Oro which is about music. Have seen the anime for it had been wanting to read the manga for ages thoroughly enjoying that right now. After that will be Kaichoi wa Maid Sama as I heard the manga is rather good so that is the plan for now, to keep track of what I’ve read always write it down in my note book.

Thank god for the notebook !!!
If you have any suggestions of manga I should read or give a go, I’ll add it to my list !!



Many of you know the anime site UnimeTv a new social platform anime site of it’s goal a site for anime fans by anime fans. I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OFFICIALLY HAVE JOINED THEIR TEAM !!!! I’ll be along side bloggers you know on the team like Crimson and Lyn. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity, wanted so badly to be apart of this with all the other hard worker bloggers who run this site. I feel it can take off into something great and wanted to be apart of that so your going to see more posts from me a bit more often !!!

Go check out their go fund me site to find out more of what our goals are!!


Time to Party !!!!


Well that was a handful but you are all updated now as to what is going on fully excited mostly for becoming apart of Unime Tv. I’ll have my first post coming out this Sunday, so you may go read if you wish too 🙂

I’ll see you all tomorrow for the fortnightly FEATURE FRIDAY !!!
as I forgot I had made it that way originally lol



  1. Congrats on assimilating into the UnimeTV fam! I’ll be waiting for your YouTube and reading your posts whenever you can post them, so thanks for keeping in touch.
    And you know, it’s been such a long time since I watched a good mech show, too. Maybe I ought to do that sometime.


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