Happy Valentines !!: Lita’s Top 10 Anime Couples

top anime couples

It’s mushy gushy day !!!! 

Happy Valentines to all even if you hate the hell out of this day, or it’s just another day to you. But here on my blog finally bring all my readers a long anticipated list that has been asked for, I bring you my favorite top 10 anime couples. This list is in order as the decision has been real and hard to put together but finally happy with it all, all the couples I’ve chosen for different reasons over the course of their relationship and how they grew as characters. These are the two main reasoning’s for my choices so without further or so here are my lucky top 10 anime couple choices:

10. Midori + Seiji (Midori Days)

Midori days is my favorite romantic comedy of all time after watching it over 10 times Seiji and Midori the main protagonists had grown on me so much. Such an entertaining pair they were throughout the whole series, it starts outrageously, funny for these two in the beginning with Midori ending up as Seiji’s right hand the task of not having anyone finding out is not as easy as these two would think. Midori really softened Seiji down his personality from his tough exsterious he always put on in front of others, it was easy to see what slowly but surely Midori’s effect was having on Seiji. Two complete opposites which what made loving them that little bit more as Midori is a very shy, reserved girl and Seiji a total deliquent that kind of combination for this funny series was brilliant. For being such a series only thirteen episodes personality is just booming everywhere, with a lively, loud pair of main characters just keep you hooked on these two cuties. I can’t say I would want to be Seiji’s right hand after what Midori went throught the outcome is worth the watch. ❤ 

9. Hayate and Himeno (Pretear) 

Himeno and Hayate are a couple ughhhh I wish the series had been longer to see their relationship just progress, in general THIS SERIES SHOULD HAVE BEEN LONGER RAWRRRRR. They are indeed like Midori and Seiji such a funny, amusing pairing together, they made me laugh quite a bit during the series. Hayate’s attitude towards Himeno in the beginning of him not being able to accept her as the new Pretear, thinking she would be no good and just useless. Himeno’s determination to proof him wrong, generally trying to get under his skin was hilarious but after half way through the series the strong connection between them began to grow. The whole pretear thing of Himeno being able to become one with any of the five leafa knights to become a new being, such a cute scene happens between these two towards the end of the series that I can’t forget. Himeno fits well for easily short tempered, temperamental Hayate but underneath all that he is really caring just is always reluctant to open up his feelings, Himeno broke down that door which made me love Hayate more.  Both firey determined, the feeling of not being accepted they both do indeed relate well to these traits, the way they support each other towards the end just sent my heart a flutter and which is why I adore these two immensely. ❤

Himeno….. so can I have Hayate for a day? Yeh Yeh 😀

8. Takuma and Tamaki (Hiiro No Kakera)

Now even though this anime series is based off the light novel game these two are actually reincarnation so it was obvious when I found that out they would be an item. It’s a reserve – harem with an actual conclusion  because the anime gave it one !!!! HOORAY !!, in the beginning had no clue about the light novel adaptation, reincarnation anything just knew it was a reserve harem which like most others has never a conclusion. Wasn’t until half way through the series that I started to have a ship thing for these two, just because in the end it was down to them being re carnations of the past and fate, still they progressed their relationship on their own. Tamaki may not be the most exciting female lead I’ve seen her willingness to try really shone through especially when, she just wanted to be of some use to everyone. In some way still both of these two are still intertwined with the whole reincarnation thing but what they feel for each other personally from their own selves, it was screw the whole fate thing. Once they realized both I finally felt like they were heading somewhere even though by this point was near the end of the series. The anime adaption is different from the light novel even though I haven’t played the game someone has told me they are both  completely different on their own.

Never thought these two would get together as Takuma could be rather harsh on Tamaki but Mr tough nut you began to see a soft side to him. Both of them didn’t want to be bound down by fate and fought to break it which again made me fall in love with them. Purely they made it onto this list for not following the ties of fate but following their hearts in the end and all in all they do make a sweet pair together ❤ 

The english dub voice for Takuma ooo god so bruntly sexy …..ughhhh 

7. Ririchiyo and Soushi (Inu x Boku ss) 

I savor every time re-watching this series, it’s not really based around romance more of supernatural but it does have the combination of the two blended so well. How these two meet being told you are going to have a body guard, ahh but Soushi can come be mine anytime, Ririchiyo wanted to be a more resourceful girl and rejected Soushi many times. It was only for her protection as she is half human – half yoma that’s where the supernaurtal elemental fell into place, indeed was a interesting, enjoyable watch. Watching Ririchiyo begin to open up to people more and Soushi comes to terms with his real own feelings, they go so well together as they were both awkward as each other. Still can’t get my head around of how Soushi had so much patient with Ririchiyo as at times she could just become next to impossible, non the less his growing devotion to her was so adorable. In the end she came to appreciate him after some dark, certain things unravel themselves and come to terms with her own feelings, the whole process of getting to that point was entertaining and dark I’ll say the least. One of many couples whom I enjoyed their relationship grow and how without knowing they both had grown together themselves, knowing their is just more things out their to enjoy. Props to the creators for detailed personality in the both of them as were likable characters whom a splendid job was done for this couple, as the series a short one was enough time for me to be hooked on these cuties ❤ 

6. Amata and Mikono (Aquarion Evol)

These pair are probably the most clueless couple on my list but gosh they still made me love them somehow. Most of the time I felt sorry for Amata as he was misunderstood so many times in the anime with these awkward situations when it come to Zessica who had a love interest for Amata. I began to think it was giving Mikono another reason to think ill of Amata, but somehow things would always be resolved and was torture when they only had little cute snippets together. Their clueless, non direct approach to love is funnily enough what made me fond of these two, both so uneager and willing to confess, mostly too scared to. At times it was frustrating but in the end it was worth all the fan girling and whining, Again infact these two are a reincarnation of a long foretold prophecy from a 1000 years ago. Like Tamaki and Takuma after much of feeling lost they gave “Fate” the boot and finally both got some backbone and stopped listening, following of what others had to say. Such a sweet, innocent pair and they remind me from a personal point of view in fact of how clueless I myself can be and my partner so from a personal perspective that is why they made it onto my list 🙂

Awh !! bunch of cuties

Ooooo Top 5 coming now !!! 

5. Sawako and Kazehaya (From Me To You)

This choice was going to be obvious, One of the most loved romance couples in shoujo and be a crime if they never made it onto my list. By far these two have been my favorite to watch their relationship grow and blossom, oh god just thinking about it all now sets my feels off a million miles an hour. Every moment these two have together is just so precious but have to say at times could be so frustrating for every hurdle that stood in the way of their progression but it makes it all worth while. Mostly out of the progression Sawako was the shining star from having no socialization to an abundance until Kazehaya came along but he was only the little push in this step. Sawako was a trier and would always do her best Kazehaya was just the first step into giving her some courage which she learnt all on own during the course of the show. I’m glad there was two seasons of this show, really well developed layout of their progression and the pacing was good which is what made is so enjoyable to follow. Without spoiling anything all the build up that is made with this pairing is definitely worth your time of watching this adorable series, at so many points I cried and laughed with Kazehaya and Sawako. 

What I loved most about this show and the pairing was some typical things things in the game of love that can happen in real life, from that perspective taken in different situations is one of the reasons this show is loved so much.
Make sometime in your schedules this year to watch this series and the innocence of these clueless pair ❤ 

4. Hitomi and Van (The Vision Of Escaflowne) 

From one of the first mecha shows I ever watched Van and Hitomi have been a dear pairing to me for a very long time. These two never had it easy in the beginning it’s actually not until half way through the series that these two start to finally wake up out of this limbo daze to their feelings. Blind as bats let me tell you on the word “feelings” so many other factors go on in the series, that these two become invested in other things which just brings them sadness and pain. But not all is lost with these two again for me was worth the wait and when I found out their was a movie to this series, yet a different storyline to the anime still brought back those feels for me.  All the hurdles they face to get the point I was dying for made me feel relieved but never did I ship these two when firstly watching the series. But after getting to know their characters rash, immature king van and simple earth girl Hitomi are just two young people at heart trying to find their place in the world, their is the connection of both of which they feel loneliness, a place to belong. Funnily enough it’s obvious that place is with each other, the whole plot of the series of Hitomi being transported to another world made it more exciting of the progression between these two. 

In honesty Hitomi is Van’s rock that he muchly needed, she tames that irrational nature he has but truly brought out the kindness in him. Van made her realize she has a place in the world and shouldn’t try to always change things to drastically leaving her to be more laid back about life, their love they soon realize for each other is beautiful to watch and see. These two young ones have a special place in my heart and on my list, could never tire of watching this series with these two in it ever ❤ 

3. Shirayuki and Zen (Akagami Shirayukihime) 

Typing about this pairing is really hard currently because just looking at this image brings back all the feels these two give off every god dam time. The only newest pairing to make it onto my list, surely are without question in a long time to give me feels beyond any pairing has ever done before. Snow White with the red hair was the hidden anime gem of summer 2015, Zen and Shirayuki’s pairing sky rocketed now they are loved by so many including yours truly, first I will say the cuteness and innocent these two give off is just insane if you have seen the first season. They were MADE FOR EACH OTHER WITHOUT QUESTION !!! Level headed, spunky, no damsel in distress Shirayuki and loyal, trusted prince zen coming from different backgrounds. Her commoner, him royalty made no difference in the progression of their relationship together, the pacing of it all was done so god dam good. Nothing was rushed it was just smooth sailing intertwining with the other factors of the story line, Shirayuki is the standout of the two for her strong heroine female lead which is one of the reasons people have fallen in love with her so. It’s not some typical shoujo, fairytale far from it which is what makes this series so different from other shoujo series. both together face anything head on no matter what, that determination just screams out in the series. 

It takes a while for anything to bloom but when it does boy your feels and heart is screaming out tears of joy. Which is what happens to me everytime these two have a scene together, such innocence that I couldn’t bare to see tarnished would break my shoujo heart. Shirayuki and Zen are indeed made for on another and will be forever special to me and many years to come ❤ 

2. Kenshin and Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)

I’ve seen some anime couples go through hardship but one that is inspirational is Kenshin and Karou’s, just I find these two such an inspiration. Mostly it all comes down to Kaoru and her patience she builds up with Kenshin always being away for so long and waiting for him to return. Kenshin you are a lucky guy but I never thought that in the beginning as in the anime series Kaoru is only still so young and just has a little crush on Kenshin but slowly it does turn into something more as she matures. But Kenshin is not exiled from this equation as he can’t remain a wanderer forever and think that he has to take the whole word on his shoulders, do things alone. He doesn’t learn the lesson on relying on others till he meets Kaoru, their relationship is not without hardship and pain which at times was so hard to hold back the tears. The devotion Kaoru has for Kenshin is just undeniably inspirational and always be so positive no matter what for Kenshin, as she knows he is a man with many burdens he is trying to repent.

Her acceptance of him in the beginning really reflects an important factor of how judgmental in can be in the real world but not everyone is not like that. The one movie that goes more in depth into their relationship is just so touching to watch and these two deserve the recognition indeed they are a inspirational pair, without never doubting one another. Again they have been a long time OTP and will never fall below the number two spot such a beloved pair.


1. Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)

My number one has never changed between this human and half demon as Inuyasha was one of the first anime’s I ever watched, Kagome and Inuyasha has been set in stone the moment I finished this series for the first time. Though with this pairing there is much conflict as their is a love triangle between Kagome, Inuyasha and his brought-back-from-the-dead-priestess Kikyo. Why couldn’t Kikyo just stay dead x.x It was always complicated between the three of them throughout the entire series, most of the time Inuyasha was a indecisive bonehead always being lead back to his dead lover. Kagome most of the time is always left feeling hurt, yet I should hate Inuyasha for this which I do a little but he indeed himself had some things to learn about people, love and life still. Kagome’s undying support for him was hard to yet inspirational to watch, I forgot sometimes she was only fifteen but at times she acted beyond her years. Did I mention about the age difference? between the two she is fifteen and Inuyasha is well…. something over 500 years, all the more reason for them not to be together right? No haha I kid Kagome is like what I said about Van and Hitomi she is his rock.

Kagome just perserved through all the pain she had hidden away to be there for him but these two ultimately were my favorite anime couple relationship to watch progress, they made me laugh, cry, scream till I couldn’t anymore. Never has a couple give me such feels as these two have or made me laugh so much especially the scenes of Kagome making Inuyasha fall flat on his face every time she said the word “Sit”. Those a cursed beads. Kagome was more accepting of his demon half than I felt Kikyo did, it was clear as day throughout the whole anime but took INUYASHA A LONG TIME TO REALIZE THIS, he was always slow in that department. Through the bond of the two Kagome made Inuyasha warm up to humans a little more, she gave him meaning again which lead up him building up to really becoming protective her yet always managed to say or do something stupid to annoy her. I have to commend Kagome for putting up with Inuyasha’s selfish, Argonaut behavior, don’t know how she did it but my hats off to you but I know it was worth it in the end right Kagome 😉

These two go through a lot together, the whole progression of their relationship and plot of the anime were so beyond entertaining and easily become one of my favorite romances to re-watch over and over. Still I can’t begin to put into words of how much I love these two and will continue to do so, each time re-watching this beloved series, always am I reminded of why I love  these two. If you have not seen this series I highly recommend you do so Kagome and Inuyasha stay on top!! ❤



So you will be pleased to know this post is over 3000 words, if you made it to this point I commend you 😀 It was so fun writing this point and sharing a bit of romance with you all ♥

I hope you all enjoyed my post please comment below if you any of the couples I’ve mentioned are in your list?
Will have a hot mess discussion in the comments below 🙂

Hope you all have a nice valentines day be watching romance anime with yummy chocolate, spending it with someone in your life, having skype chat party with internet friends whatever it may be hope its a good one. As I know this day is love and hated but hey it’s just another day lol

I’ll see you all in the next post 😀 




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