Valentine’s Special: Anime Poetry


Evening Readers 🙂

Currently I am sitting in bed re-watching Kenshin where for some strange reason I got inspired for a second Valentine post. This all happened randomly but back in the day I loved writing poetry, but my inspiration for writing poetry came from anime. Writing anime poems made me feel so happy it was another way I found to convey some of my feelings about a certain series and gave me the idea to share one of my poems with all of you. I’ve decided to put up some of my anime poetry here on my blog so from time to time which I feel gives the poems I wrote some use, in no way my poetry is amazing just the simple thoughts of an anime lover.  ♥

This poem I actually just thought off the top of my head for this post it’s about Kenshin and Kaoru oh how I love this One true pairing so much so enjoy the read !! 

The Wanderer’s Redemption 

Burndened years
Toiled soul
Two crossover shape scar
A fateful reminder
Leading a life of redemption
Backwards sword thy only companion
Must a wander keep wandering
Will he feel the satisfaction from his chosen path
A pair of un-comprised, innocent eyes
Stare longingly at this burdened wanderer
The feeling of unworthiness for such Innocence
To gaze up on a corrupted soul
Waiting, waiting she will
For as long it takes for him to always return
Undeserving feelings waver still linger
Inside his heart
Those same innocent eyes appear every time now
Upon the wanderers return
Greeted with the humbliest of smiles
This wanderers redemption lies in her
Innocence and timeless love

Inspiration from Rurouni Kenshin

So this anime poetry thing could become a regular thing I am not sure but Please comment below if you liked my poem and wanted to see more 🙂

I’ll see you all in the next Mushy Post 🙂 


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