Golden Time Review


Anime: Golden Time
Published: 2014

Genre: Romance, Drama , Comedy
Producer: J.C Staff
Episodes: 24

“Will I remember?”

Greetings Readers 🙂 

Welcome to another review where this time around I wanted to bask in some romance goodness and by a stroke of luck, this series had just been released in Australia. It had been on my anime watch list for a over a year or so, decided to take the plunge and buy the series which luckily was part of a sale. So was this series worth the money I paid for it? Continue to read as Lita Reviews the dramatic, funny Golden Time.


Amusing scene lol

Banri Tada is starting a new life in Tokyo attending law school, it’s a fresh start for me as a year ago he was involved in a serious accident causing him to fall off a bridge. In the process Banri lost all of his memories from the day of the accident, so his childhood, family, friends he had forgotten. On the day of the entrance ceremony quickly he becomes very chummy with Mitsuo and they hit it right off, their Banri meets Koko Kaga a girl with style. She’s in love todeath with Mitsuo and followed him all the way to the same law school he was attending, though Mitsuo wanted nothing more than to get away from her. Koko is a not a girl that will easily give up as the unraveling drama begins into their new college lives. 

The Review

Koko was always sure of herself o.o

I have forgotten the meaning of why the show is called Golden Time? That’s the first point I’ll make. This series I finally decided to watch due to a Youtuber friend Habit loves this series so much and when it was finally released here in Australia, thought well why not pick it up?

Golden time left me with some mixed feelings about the show, I know it won’t be a favorite of mine but still enjoyed the experience of what this show had to offer. The idea of the main male protagonist having amnesia I’ve seen replicated in some anime such as Kanon (2006), that idea never goes down for others as it can make the surrounding story boring. With this lost, clueless person all the way through a series till the end they remember what was done with Banri Tada’s character is what I had been waiting for, the POV from Banri’s side was done really well. I felt engaged to his character, his personality with having no memories from the past was still entertaining, but when it came to dealing with his two selves he acted like a coward. Those scenes of that occuring just made me not like his character but if it was you who had no memories you would go crazy too. I don’t want to spoil too much of how this amnesia protagonist perspective was done so well, that view point fitted with the plot of the anime just brilliantly. I have to commend for Golden Time being the first of any series to impress me of not boring me with a clueless, lost, boring amnesia protagonist.

The series had a good group of well developed characters, that are memorable and followed with the story well. One character I never thought I would end up liking his Koko as at first glance comes off as this prissy girl, which indeed she is but her character is dug deep through the course of the show. She was fun to watch grow as a character (well a bit) realizing not to waste your life on one love from childhood, even so Koko would not be someone I could see myself friends with, would wind me up the pole too much. Although I loved all of Koko cute outfits she wore made me look at my wardrobe of clothes and I need to have a bit more girlishness. Two characters though I do love from the series is Linda and Oka they were very easy to get to know within the first few episodes and made me giggle a few times. There characters I felt were more lively and bubbly than Banri and Koko (sorry guys) Linda I would love to be friends with, someone I know I could count on. I never cared much for Mitsuo character always liking a different girl every second, wimpy personality and in the end just put up with because he was just there. Although all the bad luck he had was hilarious so that was really the only entertaining thing about his character, plus when he changes his hair color (Yes I think he looked sexy). 

Oh look it’s Nana -_-

Why? I was not impressed when Nana’s character from the anime Nana had just been copied, WHERE’S THE ORIGINALITY. Because everytime her character came into play just made me think of the Nana I already knew, not this Nana who is just a copy seriously creators could have come up with something better x.x

I felt the plot of the series was rather solid and the pacing was good, nothing was really rushed THANK GOD !! for once an romance anime without feeling rushed that was another good thing about Golden Time. Though the major thing that stopped me from loving this series more was I felt the romance essence was lacking, the relationship between Banri and Koko was sweet and cute but I didn’t feel that passion. Passion is what was lacking from the series when it came to the romance side of things, now I don’t know if this is just me but that how it is. We see little cheesy scenes among the characters of who likes who but noone took the big plunge which is how Banri ended up making into my post of Anime Men I Would Never Date. Too Unreliable. It can be always a conclusive thing in the romance genre of some situations never going anywhere expect I guess for Banri and Koko but that is for you to find out if you decide to watch the series, or for those who have seen it. At times certain scenes got real emotional enough to make me cry, especially between the relationship of Banri and Linda !!! haha more than Koko and Banri it’s funny I think that. I can’t fault the show does beautifully on displaying that raw emotion that tugs at your heart, was believable and you do feel enveloped in it all really.


The comedic side of things made up for the lacking romance, Banri’s facial expressions were one of many main laughs so can’t fault either the series had a good flow of comedy mixed with Drama. Quite a few unexpected turns I never saw coming which as I was saying earlier part of the reason why it had a solid plot. J.C Staff animation to Golden Time is I would consider average nothing really special about it expect when it came to characters facial expressions, they were all really cute. Opening and ending themes were enjoyable to listen to and very bright, colorful which gave off a cheery feel I preferred the second opening as it start off slow thinking it’ll be a mellow song but soon dives into a fun, cherry feel, It’s a song that will probably make it’s way onto my Ipod.

They are cute together 🙂

In conclusion, and I’m surprised how short this review is to me but Golden Time is not one of the most favorite romances I’ve seen. All the talk about it I was really excited but in the end I was disappointed a bit somewhat, though can’t complain about the ending didn’t leave anything half opened was a good conclusion THANK GOD !! I’m still happy to have it apart of my collection but the money I paid for it as I said at the start of this post Was it worth it? No but it can sit happily in my collection though. I still enjoyed the experience I got from Golden Time the solid plot, fun engaging cast of characters and comedic feels. First time I have ever said about a series failing on the romance for me, I feel a little sad now :( but I won’t write here and lie so Golden Time for me was a unsure time leaving me with mixed feelings.

I hope everyone enjoyed my review on Golden Time.

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  1. I think this series will forever remain a mystery to me. I picked it up and dropped it at least four times and still didn’t manage to finish it. It’s something about it that’s not appealing at all, but it still catches my interest from time to time. I can’t even explain it. When I drop a series, I won’t pick it up again for sure. But this one…idk. I will probably never finish this, but I’m still curious about how it ends. I guess, one day, I will make the sacrilege of skipping to the last episode just to satisfy my curiosity. X D


  2. The only reason I would watch this show would be for J.C. Staff, as romance doesn’t appeal to me a whole lot (or in Golden Time’s case, lack thereof). Still glad the ending seemed decent to you. It’d be terrible to waste the money on something that turned out poorly, if us know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t like Koko very much. Her personality was all over the place and I found it difficult to like her because of it. The ending was ok nothing really special. My favourite character was Oka, wish she had more screentime. Great review, your thoughts on this show were great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m surprised nobody in the comments told you why this was called Golden Time. It’s because the conclusion takes place during Golden Week and is a sort of play on words.

    Annnnnny way, this show was decent. I really appreciated that the characters were in University. That’s pretty rare in anime. Even more so, they acted like it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of things that made the anime feel kind of uninspired and hollow at times. Unlike you, Nana didn’t actually bother me at all it was more Mr. Ghost and some silly writing stuff like that.

    Ultimately, I felt like this really wanted to duplicate Toradora’s success (same writer) as I was constantly reminded how much better that show felt while watching this one. Still worth a watch and worthy of a recommendation despite it being a weaker show in my opinion.


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