The Starting Of Being A Youtuber – Lita Edition

Being on youtube sounds scary…..

Greetings Readers/Bloggers 🙂

It’s time I felt for another doing another post similar to a post I did last year Lita’s Blogging Ways And My Tips, but this is regarding as some of you may or may not know I run a youtube channel where I express my love for anime in more depth. This post is dedicated to a good blogger friend of mine Taku who a while back wanted to see a post about how do you start a youtube channel or how to start out? So I am fulfilling this request now as I give a background into how I started my small channel and a guide, with tips on how for others wanting to start up their own channel or have a go 🙂 

How I Started Out

2007 22nd August Seventeen year old blooming me entered the world of youtube. You never have a clue of what you get yourself into to, and in no way was I a exception. Before I started doing face to face videos, initially for years I enjoyed AMV making, which means using anime content to create anime music videos. The sad thing with this is I only ever used one anime to make a bunch of these anime music videos because that is all I could download with my rubbish dial up internet at the time, NEVER AGAIN DIAL UP. So sad I used the same anime to make anime music videos with because I couldn’t download anything and the series was only nine episodes long, if you wish to see what I created with as little to use click here. I regret nothing was pretty proud of myself to have made over 10 amv’s wih the same series, I had my penpal who had a channel herself who did the same we were peas in a pod. 

Anime music videos were so much fun to make for years, I never cared who watched them but that all changed in 2014 when I made my first face to face video. Of how that came about was I had a friend who was always curious to want to do let’s play and play video games etc, myself mentioning this my curiosity was peeked. I decided to take that brave step and do a video, my first video I talked about cosplay, at the time I was so wrapped up in the hobby had some venting/anger to let out. In no way that video was perfect but after playing it back and uploading it I was not sure what I had put up lol, so scared and nervous I was but it felt amazing to voice my opinion like that in a therapeutic way. My feedback for that video was surprisingly supportive and……..


As Natsu would say !!!

The fuel had been lit for me and  I wanted to make another, that’s how simply it all started out for me all the important things I learned much later on as I began to make more videos. This post will be one of the most important I’ve ever written as I wish to give a guide, advice for those who may wish to start up their own channel but don’t have a clue where to start? My guide will be the simplest one you’ll ever read from what I have learned, experienced myself, important factors you’ll need to know so I really do hope my guide will help others out.

youtube guide

To Begin: 

1. What Will Your Channel Be About? 

The first fundamental thing BEFORE you even sign up to youtube is What will your channel be about? What content do you wish to put up? For me I already knew what I wanted my channel to be about was anime because it’s something I love and knowing I wouldn’t be scarce for video ideas. Having a youtube channel you have to be happy with what content you are putting up, that your enjoying it. Nothing worse than putting up content your not happy with. My advice is do a mindmap or write down on paper of things you love, make a list and narrow it down to a few you feel you would love to talk, vlog about. There is nothing wrong for example you want to do a channel about hair and beauty, want to do it GO FOR IT !!, easy combinations like that can spread your ideas for videos. Heck!! if you have so many things you love at once make videos all about them, trust me their are plenty of people who have channels and talk about various things they love from reading to anime. I cannot stress enough to only put up content you want, that you know you’ll enjoy making videos about and can have fun with that is why this first step is really important firstly I feel for anyone.

Pick A Name That Represents You

This step is pretty straight forward, picking the name for your channel. The worse case scenario for anyone is if they lock in a name they are not happy with back when I signed up didn’t have the option of google pages to change it but thank god you can easily change your name. DON’T pick a name your not happy with, that name will represent you and your channel, as you grow people come to know you as that name. So when deciding on a name make sure it is something that says you or a name you know you would like to go by.  How of me becoming known as Lita Kino well most people know I am a huge Jupiter fan….she is my babe and I loved the English name Lita, after a long time it grew on me and people have to come to know me as that. Keep your name simple, DON’T add numbers after it I think that looks silly just keeping is simple is the way to go my friends 🙂 

What To Record With?

So you need a camera like Madison’s…. *shrugs*

Moving onto important information What to record with? Now.. before any panic sets in for some people thinking they need a expensive camera like Madison. *Calms you* I’m going to tell you when people have started out on youtube, making videos they don’t even start off with a high tech video camera. But people have started off with a Iphone, Serious? Yes When starting out you don’t have to go out and buy a expensive video camera because well… they are not cheap. I myself have recorded all of my videos from the start using my Laptop camera because I could never afford a proper video camera, using the laptop camera has always worked for me. It’s not a bad thing later down the track if you wish to have a high quality video camera to save up for one, Don’t just go get the first one you see and blow a huge chunk of money. 

This is where research is essential looking on the internet, in various electronic stores, comparing prices. There are so many brands out there personal ones I am a fan of for their video cameras or cameras are Panasonic and Sony, in my opinion do some of the best when it comes to great camera Quality. I cannot stress enough to do the crucial research and find a reasonable priced video camera or camera that suits to your need, Don’t feel the pressure of having to have the most expensive camera out there just because popular youtubers have one. I’ll admit having good video quality/high definition is important but when starting out using your Ipad, Iphone, Laptop camera etc will do just fine. I feel it’s unnecessary for people to feel pressured into getting a high quality camera when starting out, some people may not be able to afford that kind of thing. 

There is no shame using something basic as your I phone for any kind of camera that records video for when starting out. Most youtubers invest into good quality cameras because they want their videos to be clear, crisp and for their growing channel.. If you wish to have a good high quality camera then save up for it, set yourself a goal by putting money aside every time you get some. Even saving little as $5 will count towards that goal, I know plenty of youtubers who just use their Iphone to record videos. So DO research first before anything or grab that old camera that’s been sitting in dust for months, put that to use, don’t pressure yourself !!!

Something also important I forgot to mention thanks to a reminder from a blogger friend instead of video recording, as it’s understandable your too scared to put your face in front of the camera. You can do audio recording, where it’s just you talking and using footage content or images to get your point across. This method is easily affected as video recording, again I know many youtubers who use this method, You can either use your sound recorder that is nearly on every computer out there. Buy a USB connected Microphone and away you go, Not every youtuber does face to face videos it’s a brave thing to put yourself out there so publicly. Only do what you are comfortable with 🙂 

Editing Program

Sony… your so good 🙂 

Now you have a guide on what to record with? What should you edit with? Most youtubers when starting out use the oldest of the old Windows Movie Maker, it’s the simplest editing program you’ll ever use and you can use it forever if you like for your channel. I highly recommend using this for new youtubers, it won’t let you down, you may have heard of this anyway it’s on every Microsoft program out there. Now you may not want boring Window movie maker, you’ll want more of the bigger editing program which are Sony Vegas and i Movie. Any of these are not cheap again but there are always other ways to get these systems if you have connections *cough*, but I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 works great for me but it took me a long time to get use to all the detail specs of how to split a clip to crossfading clips. Even now I am still learning things about the editing program, always I’m watching Tutorials on youtube on how to do certain effects using Sony Vegas, that will be most helpful to you if you ever get stuck. i Movie comes on most imac computers, laptops, I pads so that’s a bonus itself if you invest in any of those, can’t deny they are a great brand. 

But don’t get freaking out by all of this simply for anyone starting use Windows Movie Maker, Lita used it and I still use it from time to time is your best option from starting at the beginning. 

Popularity Wont Come Overnight

This is one issue I cannot look over but if your expecting to get a 1,000 or more subscribers within a week *cough* it’s not going to happen. I’m not addressing this issue to scare people just some people can go in blindly and pinned headed thinking they will be the next Markplier. Honestly their are people who think this, I have met some but if making videos is for fun and you don’t care about how many end up following you then GOOD FOR YOU!! That’s the best way to think when starting out. Certain Youtubers who make money off Youtube and have over a million subscribers didn’t have that fallen in their lap overnight. They work dam hard and if your wanting to reach a goal like that get paid to do videos then all the work will have to come off your own back, it is not easy and may take you years of work. Youtube is a fun hobby nothing more for me, I’m very humbled at who follow me now and enjoy what I do that is enough for me. If your willing to reach a goal like that then MORE POWER TO YOU !! You have nothing to worry about if Youtube is a hobby and showing the things you love, Your all good, you do what you want on your own terms !!

Connect With Others


From doing youtube I have met some very supportive, like minded people and have come to learn same rule applies to blogging. Connecting with others is of great benefit to you and other youtubers leaving a like, commenting on someone’s video means a hell of a lot to any youtuber. I feel the likes and dislike part of youtube really doesn’t matter it’s the commenting part that means the most but not when trolls try to ruin your day. You won’t make any connections with other youtubers if you don’t put in that extra effort to watch others videos. They are not going to come to you instantly, with all the people I have gotten to know has been from me watching many videos, youtubers featured in other youtubers videos or from a list of youtubers a certain person follows. Collaborating is the best way to make connection with others, working on a video together with another youtuber, this has always been a popular thing to do.

It self promotes you and others at the same time letting people know what you do on your channel and what kind of videos you do. Collaborating brings you endless opportunities and meeting others who may have the same interests as you, THERE YOU GO A NEW FRIEND !!!  So make the connection everybody.. haha lol

Ignore Haters


Exactly what this saids !! 

As they say haters going to hate, this is something obvious but I feel I need to address as all the haters and negative comments can get to people I am telling you right now DON’T GIVE THEM THE TIME OF DAY !! simple as day. I know sometimes it is hard to ignore but just ignore it all. Block it out !!! Carry on doing what you are doing that is all I need to say on this issue !!!

Get That Notebook Out!!! 

Your notebook will become your best friend for inspiring ideas for videos, I have used this method for all my blogging post ideas and I use it for youtube ideas, if my brain is feeling blank of any new spark, immediately off I go to my notebook and look through for an idea. This will save you major thinking time, even sometimes I’ll take it with me in my bag incase something inspires me for a new idea. Inspiration is all around you never what you could come up with and your notebook will be right by your side.

When making videos as it’s good to write down ideas, laying out what you are going to say as you are recording. Most youtubers use this method as scripting, instead of you sitting there going “Urm,….ahhh” all the time, scripting will save you boundless time of not knowing what to say. Having all your collected thoughts next to you as you record really saves you, Lita is a Urm and ah kind of person so I always layout the order of what I am going to say from start to finish. All those people you’ll watch talking so collectively thinking they are amazing for remembering what they’ll say, behind the scenes their mental ness would be at it’s limit of looking calm. Highly recommend scripting it saves youtubers some stress but not all of it lol 

Social Media

If your wanting to get yourself out there then hop aboard to social media. Now I am not saying make a account with every media out there possible, Branching out is again a great way to connect wit others as we were discussing eariler. For youtube use to show your videos, connect with other youtubers Twitter, Google Pages, Tumblr are the ones I mainly use. Twitter is probably the most useful, I am not going to say facebook because in the last few months posts just don’t reach as many people so hardly anyone’s posts are seen. But it is totally up to you Pinterest is I would recommend as well, So don’t feel you have to make a million accounts but branching out, you’ll be seeing a lot of apples. 🙂 




Be very wary of o.o

Most people know this but Copyright is a big thing on youtube and if you are planning to do especially any AMV’s, movie/tv/anime reviews then be wary. The youtube support system that is suppose to help you if you do get slapped with a copyright strike is messed up, it’s been like this for a long time. Live reactors/ reviewers are mostly highly prone to this I have found in my time of being on youtube but it can happen to ANYBODY !! Don’t cut yourself short thinking it’ll never happen. Copy right on youtube is just one big mess, all these japanese companies coming in and claiming your video for it’s own. Where it’s just your face and the camera, only you talking about an anime you love, that’s what you can get a copyright strike for. How stuffed is the system your thinking now? people know the risk of doing things like anime live reactions to episodes or showing any content from movie/anime etc. At the end of the day people are allowed to do what they want, can’t question that just wanted for you all to keep in mind of how copyright can be on youtube. In honesty Youtube needs to get it’s ass in gear and fix their unhelpful system !!!  Don’t let my words stop you from doing what you want to do, it’s a from me to you reminder 🙂 


This part of running a channel doesn’t have to be the biggest deal when it comes to figuring out when you can upload or what kind of schedule you want set out. I am not so meticulous at this, due to my internet restrictions I only upload once a week because I know that is all I can do. Don’t feel pressured into uploading a video every single day,  Lita doesn’t have a day of uploading I randomly will upload anytime of the week, of when I can fit it in, fit uploading videos to your schedule not for your subscribers.   

List Of Useful Resources

Youtube Banner Templatehere is a link to a youtube banner template that I used to create my own banner.
Pic Monkey I use this picture editor to make all of my custom thumbnails 
PixlrAnother site I edit my custom thumbnails
Kensho Partnership If your interested in youtube partnership side of things I recommend this one as I have a fellow youtuber friend who is partnered with them
How To Make A Youtuber Banner – There are loads of videos on how to make a banner but here is one I followed to make mine 🙂
How To Start A Youtube Channel – again so many of these kind of videos out here but one I watched and picked up a few hints along the way. Very simple break down 🙂
Incompetech – Site I get all my royalty free music 


Lastly most important thing of all of these things I have given my advice on:

Be True To You

Always be yourself on your channel, don’t be someone your not, people will know your not being fully genuine because….. people have their own magical crystal balls !!! 
 Put up content you want, take a break when needed, don’t burn yourself out.
So my pretties  Be True To You ♥

Your all set to go for your new channel !! 

Oh Lord is me x.x
This concludes my full guide on starting out on youtube, over 3000 words wasn’t entailing it to be this long ahaha. If you have made it to the end of this then I applaud you, I really do hope my guide helps those who wish to start their own channel, tried to make it as simple as possible. Mine is of many helpful resources out there, searching youtube itself you will turn up loads of helpful videos on how people started their channels and so forth. The support/help to start your own channel is endless mine is just a scrap of the surface but don’t let it scare you off Be Brave !!!

If you ever have any questions or want to chat about it ask me through twitter or email me at

My Youtube Channel

Please comment anything about this post I would love to know if it becomes helpful to anyone else 😀

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been thinking for a long time now if I should start a youtube channel, but I stress about the camera that I own, my voice sounding so pitchy and even the glare on my glasses which I can see nothing without. Maybe I should give it a go, tho’. I WON’T LET MY FACE STOP ME.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww I am glad I could clear up any doubts for you 🙂 It’s totally up to you def I will sub to your channel and would love to help out whenever you decide to 🙂 keep me posted 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good tips Lita. There is something else you forgot to mention. Scripting. This is the biggest known secret in you tube history. Every single you tuber script things. This helps you to get your thoughts in to a cohesive, structured manner – where basically you’re not lumbering through your videos, just trying to think of saying something. “Erring, umming” basically meandering are not a good sign – this shows signs of not being confident and unsure of yourself, remember first impression counts. You have to catch your potential viewers within the first 30 seconds. Otherwise they’ll just leave. Make the videos look like you aren’t reading from a script, even though you’ve scripted it out. In other words, hide your damn script from sight. Big anime reviewers like Glass Reflection Arkada, Gigguk have all stated they use a script. If they can use it, so can you. For the rest, depending on how good you get in editing videos, a good intro helps out a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Also, instead of video recording. You can do audio recording instead. Having a decent condenser microphone, a pop shield for the condenser mic, a quiet place and audacity. Can help you go a long way. For the video itself, script, read off it, use footage to get your points across.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow Lita, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one. Thank you for listening to my questions, as these answers (this entire post really) are more than enough help! Your story inspires me to try it out, seriously. The only thing stopping me at this point is starting another hobby to compete with the others. I’m so incredibly busy as is and adding another log to the fire probably won’t help things. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll keep blogging for now, and if I take off (not necessarily in followers, but in spirit) then I’ll try YouTube.
    Thank you once again for this huge compilation post. I loved every bit of it! Also, if I figure it out, since I haven’t done it with the new WordPress, may I reblog this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH thankyou Taku 🙂 I am really glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 You do what you want i’ll be honest blogging and youtubing has been hard over the last 2 months to juggle but I’m not making any videos right now as I just can’t with my internet and ive been debating about my youtube with the struggle of I can’t make the videos I want nor upload frequently due to my interwebs.

      There is no hurry for you to start a channel, I have too many hobbies that collide together but mainly I enjoy blogging out of all of them that doesn’t cost me much internet.

      You can reblog this my dear 🙂
      Hope you feel better soon XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, I keep hearing about your Internet dilemma. That really sucks. Hopefully it’ll all work out for you in the end, as I know it will.
        And thanks again for the advice. If I wasn’t so busy getting sick, keeping up with school, and of course, watching anime, then I would be both blogging more and be making videos! Hah, what a cruel world!!
        I am feeling much better now, thank you for asking :3

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Takuto's Anime Cafe and commented:
    My darling friend LitaKino wrote this for ME. Just kidding, but if you’ve wanted to hear the personal story and success of a fellow WordPress blogger trying out YouTube, read it. No comments necessary, just read if you’re interested in YouTube!
    – Takuto


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