Lita’s Top 25 Anime Part 2

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Greetings Everybody ūüôā

Welcome back for Part 2 of my one year blog special unveiling #19 to 16. Lita is a little lazy this time around and had a change of idea which you will all found out. When the last part of my Top 25 post goes out which will be sometime next week. Now remember none of these are in particular order my list all of the anime I mention are my favorites though yes I can say I have a favorite anime of all time but in another post I will do a top 10 list of my favorite anime currently to date so without further do here is the countdown for #19 to 16.

Enjoy See you in The Special Part 3 ūüėĬ†

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#19 Say I Love You

Genre: Romance, Drama, School
Episodes: 13
More Info: Here

Mei and me again would be the best of friends. Ah one of my favorite romances I have seen over and over, It got a 9/10 from me but would have gotten a 10/10 if not for that non conclusive ending. Say I love you is high up in my favorites for many reasons, the whole experience I got from this series is a personal one as I became muchly attached to the female protagonist Mei. From my younger days of half the things she experienced, I myself did in a few situations, the representation of feeling anti-social and learning new experiences was displayed excellent through Mei’s character. Mei reminded me a of Sawako from the anime From Me To You learning to experience new things and watching Mei go through that bought all of those feels back. That’s when I first began to fall in love with the series as well as, The chemistry between Mei and Yamato is really enjoyable to watch unfold as they learn much about themselves and each other. Ticking all the right boxes for the romance department but do desperately crave for a second season as I feel the series only scraped the surface of the plot.¬†

Say I love you is a simple, beautiful story that can bring back all the feels every time you rewatch which what it did for me. Showing the average struggles we all have on the battle field of love without doubt to say I love you is not as easy as eating pie.

#18 Please Twins 

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
More Info:

Who is the stranger and who is the relative?.¬†The romance premise continues with a series in my Top 5 romance comedies, Please twins was the first romance comedies I ever watched and always been a favorite no matter what. It’s hard for me to explain how much I love this short show boundless, heaps of laughter is what I got from it, every time I have rewatched it those laughs have not changed once. The focus of the plot of the three main ¬†characters all becoming intertwined over this one photograph that there all together in as children. One is the stranger and one is a relative, the experience of leading up to that moment is quite humorous and the developing bonds between everyone. The dub to Please Twins is one of my favorites so on point with each characters personalities and bringing all the comedy to life that this series rubs off. If anyone is interested I reviewed this series which you can click here to read.

Short series or not this cute, little series has been strung in my favorites for so long, would not think to let go of it ever. It rightly deserves to stay in my top 25 for life continuing to make me life till the day I die. 

#17 Elemental Gelade

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance 
More Info: Here

Anybody else want to come join the sky pirates me hearty?¬†One of the first fantasy, action series I ever watched and was in love with it from day one. I love anything fantasy don’t care if it’s got ecchi or whatever in there I will watch it, Elemental gelade was such a fun anime to watch, so simple in it’s our right. I would class it as a underrated series purely because it being an older series, but that should have nothing to do with the fact of this anime not being a fun watch. Elemental was the first time being introduced of people turning into weapons, nowadays are so many fantasy series like that but I believe this show was the first of the first for that. The connection between the two main characters Cou and Ren of when they fight together and the pact they made is really precious to me, the words they recite together when Ren transforms has always been stuck in my head. This series makes me think of Treasure planet the Disney movie of wanting to go on a adventure as I feel Jim and Cou have those¬†similarities¬†a bit. Oh my god that just sounds silly but it’s¬†what I personally think.¬†

Elemental Gelade had just the right mixture of action and developing romance for me, all round was just a really fun, laid back watch. Which is what I feel people will get from this show if they need a change of pace, you’ll all want go on a adventure after watching. lol

#16 Eden Of The East

Genre: Mystery, Drama 
11 Including 2 Movies
More Info: Here

Can I have a cellphone with¬†8,200,000,000 yen on it?¬†If only that kind of money could fall into your lap well it does in Eden of East. Truly, one of the most interesting plots I’ve read about to date. So much more this anime truly is with taking it’s cutting sneaky, twists and turns, desperately need to own the limited edition of this amazing series. I didn’t think this series would interest me so much but to what it involves into in the end kind of blowed my mind a little. It’s one of those series that makes you think too much till your head hurts especially with a death game involving nine people and they have so much money to spend, their mission is to make the world a better place with the money. Reminds me a little of the future diary accept less gore but the take of the plot is fun and makes it sounds scientific a little. Truly love the catchy opening and ending themes so colorful and bright, might love them as the Gangsta song but love all the bright graphics to them, worth having a listen to. Interesting is what the show speaks loudly and does proudly I can¬†vouch for, I enjoyed this show more than Future Diary just a bit more tame.¬†¬†

Eden is a series I know I can watch over and over without tire, just has that spark and gateway into showing ¬†you the interesting side to anime. Has a bit of everything in their for everyone, it’s an easy¬†lovable¬†series in my opinion, I love this series so much that again is¬†hard to put into words but makes me want to help the world and become the sky king.¬†


I has a plan…. hehe



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