Lita’s 1 Year Blog Special

blog special

Much to be excited for !!!


Welcome to my one year blog special where it has been obviously one year since I started my blog which was on 10th January last year. Like many I can’t believe it has been that long and always an important milestone for any blogger, to know they have blogged for a entire year without flopping out so that shows determination !!!! So… what is this special going to be about?

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for this special, even made a mindmap in my blogging notebook and that didn’t help. It wasn’t until I was reading through some bloggers websites randomly I looked at my good blogger friend of mine’s Shiroyuni and her post on all her favorite anime of all time which you can go read here. THAT WAS IT !! from reading that I got the inspiration to finally individually share my top 25 anime’s of all time.

So my readers/bloggers my one year special will be me telling you all of my top 25 anime. Before I begin I will clarify some things firstly this list will not be ranked in order in anyway, this list is special because all of the anime I will be talking about are ones that I have enjoyed time and time again. Secondly all these anime’s are ones I have re watched more than three times and have become deeply attached too, they have stayed with me for many years since I even started watching anime. Thirdly My List, My Opinion all of what I mention may not be to people’s taste but I don’t care these anime’s are important to me for my own reasons not your reasons. I will not get into any squabbles because Sailor moon isn’t up their, which it won’t be because it’s an obvious one I’ll always enjoy and love but that’s for a different list all together. 

I feel like I have cleared up some things so….. I won’t leave you all with this mega post of over 10,000 words ugh your eyes would be falling out from all the reading. To break all of this down I will be splitting this into four parts so your eyes won’t hurt. Well and truly excited to do this post, my blogger fire is burning intensely, hope you all enjoy my list as I share with you all Lita’s Top 25 Anime Countdown starting with #25 to 20: 


Buso Renkin 

Genre: Action/Supernautral
Episodes: 26
More details: here

Buso Renkin is centered around Kazuki Muto who was at the wrong place at the wrong time when one night he tries to save a girl from being killed by this strange monster. The one who doesn’t end up getting saved is Kazuki as he killed in the process, Kazuki meets Tokiko who is known as a Alchemic warrior. She explains that she saved Kazuki’s life by replacing his heart with something called a Kakugane as Tokiko felt awful for Kazuki nearly losing his life. The Kakugane embedded in Kazuki is a Alchemic weapon which has the power to take on a form example weapon that reflects the person, Kazuki soons learns of the monsters that Tokiko hunts down the Homuncli. Kazuki stupidly decides to help Tokiko take down the Homuncli and their savage ways. 

Starting off the list with some action, Buso Renkin is one of five action series I love. I watched this show in my early days of getting into anime and was opening up to all different genre. At first when my friend chucked this on the TV I was not sure at first looking at the image of the creepy butterfly guy….. Yeh he’ll creep you out if you watch series or have seen it. That un-sureness faded fast as soon as the first episode was done, completely glued to this series afterwards SOLD!!! The plot sounds complicated but I found it really easy to follow if you pay attention but took me the second round of watching this to get the plot. Tokiko the main female protagonist was a hidden bad ass character that should be known out their more and her motto will get inside your head “I’ll splatter your guts”. Every time she would say that just this chill would crawl down my spine, She is awesome. Plenty of action every episode and always when the twists came I was left anxious, the plot is well detailed keeping me interested all the way through.

Loved every second of watching this show mainly was for all the action and squeezed in romance, mostly I think people will love this anime for the plot and action. Buso was the first introduction to more of the weird side of anime with strange creatures and more blood shed then I had ever seen, Do I regret it? Hell no… All up a thoroughly good action series, interesting odd ball characters and having your amateur hero come save the day!!!


Kaleido Star

Genre:  Drama, Shoujo
Episodes: 51
More details: here 

The stardom is infectious when it comes to Kaleido Star. Kaledio Star is one of the most happy, fun series I have ever seen and is always a joy every time I re-watched it. The story follows Sora Nagieo who since young has always dreamed of joining the big stage that is Kaleido and you follow her journey into becoming that star.Remembering the first time I watched the show left in amazement of what the series was about a flying circus, makes me wish even now for a Kaleido Star to exist for all the children. Would be the most massive hit and would be not like a regular circus with scary clowns….. Fun, Fun, Fun is what Kaleido was all about and Sora the main protagonist watching her follow her dreams, all the hurdles she had to get through brought my feels to it’s high peek. This isn’t your typical circus aerobatic, dazzling shows that tell a story I loved this idea so much, which made more intrigued to where the series would lead. A contrast of wonderful characters that bring this happy show to life, it does a fantastic job on the traits of following your dreams and doing whatever it takes to make them happen. Sora is the heart of the show, that sheer determiation of hers really shows and makes you want to root for her. I can think some people may find Sora annoying probably from how her english dub voice sounds but if you can look past her whiny voice then you’ll get the full vibe of what this show has to offer.

It’s been a long running favorite for the longest time, I like to watch this series when I am feeling blue as the infectious, cheerful spirit the show gives off makes me smile. Just a infectious series that can put a smile on my face still and belongs in my top 25 without fault.


Ghost Hunt

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural
Episodes: 25
More details
: Here

Giving me spooks till this day Ghost Hunt. Ahh much love this show gets from me indeed a particular favorite for me I have reviewed this series already which you can read here. Ghost hunt always had me at the edge of my seat, all the different cases Shibuya physic research would take on was always really interesting and well thought out. I loved all the arcs but second of half of the series I preferred that just a bit more, my favorite case was the “Bloodstained labyrinth” would say that was the best case of all of them. Thinking about it just always creeps me out, the idea of the case was great just the build up was a little intense.

Fantastic tension and suspense the series gave off during all the arcs, I could always feel it even after re-watching still I can get creep-ed out. Loved all of the scientific thinking elements that went into all the arc and makes you more drawn to the screen. The main group of characters thought all fitted well with the show a shrine maiden, monk, famous medium and exorcism it was amusing of how all the characters interacted together. Mai and Naru two main characters always made me laugh when they argued, Naru’s character one of the most stuck up male characters I’ve come across picking Todd Haberkorn to play him was a brilliant choice. One of my favorite roles by him and same goes for Chermai Leigh did a brilliant job as Mai capturing that outspoken/whiny personality of hers. Personally I love the dub version more than the sub it just gives the characters of the show more personality accept for the medium Misaka she is bland as they come. 

 Ghost hunt is a show not to scare you but to keep your eyes glued to it, it takes the telling of ghosts into a whole new aspect with some scientific thinking thrown in there. It is one of the main reasons I fell in love with this show, it had just the right amount of creepy tone and shows off that atmosphere beautifully. It hits the nail on the head when it comes to mystery and ghosts, it can sit proudly in my list 🙂




Genre: Action, Shounen, Comedy 
Episodes: 175
More info: here

We all want to be a fairytail wizard? Undeniably a top 5 favorite this beloved series, it wasn’t a favorite to start off with though. Mainstream anime’s like bleach, naruto I never got really into why? because obviously I’m weird It wasn’t until my friend told me about this new show she had really gotten into FAIRYTAIL. I watched the first few episodes with her and wasn’t feeling it, “felt like I am not going to like this” when I got to know the characters more I felt hooked. Just for me wasn’t like all the other mainstream anime’s, the plot excited me guilds, wizards and different magic the whole idea of it I was sold on. 

Fairytail has everything I ever wanted in an mainstream anime and just keeps you wanting more of the show. Different adventures or things that would happen always had me on the edge of my seat but what really highlighted this series for me was the deep emotion each character had. Fairytail has no end of times made me cry because I have never felt so deeply connected to a bunch of characters ever, this series just knows how to build up that tearful at atmosphere, drawing all that deep emotion out. That in itself I think is amazing and believe why this series has become so popular these days not just for all the action and lovable characters. It delivers on keeping any viewer entertained and guarantees you’ll have favorite character from the series, just for the record mine is Erza. The only negative about the series I would say as with all mainstream it can feel a little dragged out at times but that is something I can overlook easily, because that is just a minor thing.

It’s very hard for me to put into words how much I love Fairytail and is a series I will always come back to, I’m glad it is as popular as it is now. Deserves all the love and such a individual mainstream show in it’s own right, I would recommend this series to anyone who is just starting to get into anime Ideally will be your best introduction yet.


Okami San and Her Seven Companions

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 12
More Info: Here

Ryoko and I would be best friends in life. This series reached it into my top 10 favorite comedies it says it’s romance as well but not really a huge factor in Okami san. I keep asking myself why is this only twelve episodes I wish it had gotten a second season because the way it left the end of the series It enrages me still.  The story follows tomboy Ryoko and her friends who run the Otogi bank who help students with their problems then later on they must repay the favor. Sounds kind of cliche a little, I thought this at first it sounded really boring but it was thoroughly entertaining. Ryoko main female protagonist was everything I wanted to be more in myself confident, easily made her way into my top 10 females. The series for me was just a enjoyable, light hearted, silly watch, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Having a range of humorous characters makes this an easy series to watch, personally a favorite and dear god I hope it gets a second season one day.

Okami san made it’s way into my top 25 for it’s silly, light hearted vibe and made me laugh till I dropped ❤
I did review this series which you can read here but it’s an old review so it’s not very good in my opinion but none the less check it out if you wish.


Aquarion Evol 

Genre: Mecha, Action, Sci-fi, Romance
Episodes: 26
More Info: Here

I want to pilot the Aquarion OH man !!! Not many people know that I am a mecha girl, love me some good mecha anime and one of few series I have watched was a sequel to the original which is Aquarion Evol. Still now I have not seen the original but completely by the end of watching this sequel I was in love with it from the colorful, dazzling animation to the interesting plot. Evol is not a well loved sequel from other reviews I have read or watched but personally I loved every aspect of this show, still have yet to review it but it’s in my top 10 mecha list. I think what put people off this show was the whole idea of naked time when it came to pilots becoming one together, due to deep feelings. People felt this was silly and your right it is silly but personally I passed that over easily, it’s anime nothing is not strange. The show stood out to me with it’s so colorful animation, everything I felt was just shining in every episode and gorgeous melodies of music to important scenes. Music in this series was a strong point can’t deny that if you go listen to any of the openings and closings, AHH thinking it now so beautiful to listen to. The show had a good range of humorous characters Mikono and Amata were a favorite such a shy, awkward innocent pair. I loved all of the scenes together with them but the gut wrenching build up to who would confess, long painful wait. 

Aquarion evol was just thoroughly entertaining and a plot with many turns that steered into the direction of being interested even more. I admit at times was hard to understand the plot from not watching the first Aquarion series but one minor negative. It had everything I wanted in two favorite genres Mecha and romance, that was balanced well together and these genres I wish weren’t downgraded together so much. Makes me excited to watch the first sequel and get a better understanding of the plot, Such a silly sequel but Evol had other factors going for it to make up for the silliness it brings but still a loveable, entertaining show for me. ❤ 

Ahh Mikono so cute 🙂

So everyone that is the countdown from 25 to 20 for now as I am not sure when I’ll bring the next part of the list out which will be from 19 to 15. That should be out during the course of next week as well as the others, as writing all of this has been a heavy task so far look forward to my next few top favorites 🙂

I’ll see you all in the next post 🙂


  1. Glad my post inspired you to write your own Top 25 list! I personally like Kaleido Star and Ghost Hunt a lot, they are very good choices! I have yet to find another anime like Ghost Hunt that gives me the same feels and Kaleido Star has a really addictively good vibe to it ^^

    Happy first birthday to your blog! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gratz on your 1st year Lita :D. I’m pretty much a late comer to fairy tail, currently watching fairy tail 2014. And I’m LOVING IT!!!. Erza is my fav character as well. Happy is second.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOOT WOOT! Just let me get a big two-tiered chocolate cake, or do you want vanilla? Oh, that reminds me, I need to refill the ice for the smoothies and mochas, and let’s see, sparkly drinks? Candy? . . . . .
    Congrats on one whomping year of success, Lita! Is the Judge correct in that you have over 600 followers??!? Well, I can see that because your charisma shines brighter than my future XD Here’s to another year, and I can’t wait to see what else hits your favorites list. I know how much you like Okami-san!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      600 followers well I don’t know if wordpress is wrong but that is what it is saying lol I have no idea how lol yusss Okami san is a special one I’ll be doing the next part tomorrow well starting it as I have a lot to say ^^

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  4. Your description really makes me want to watch Aquarion Evol. Congrats on your milestone and I look forward to seeing what your number one anime is when you post it.

    Liked by 1 person

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