Lita’s Feature Blogger Friday: Otaku Gamer Zone

litas blogger friday

This has been me all week a little lol



Greetings All ^-^

Better late than never everyone, as they say and I knew this week I would be late with the feature and first part of One year special post but we are here now means I can relax a bit. Been very anti-social this week tried to focus on updating the blog and my long forgotten  Youtube but all done with that. Hope you all have a been having a good week bloggers and we all know what you are here….

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Lita’s 1 Year Blog Special

blog special

Much to be excited for !!!


Welcome to my one year blog special where it has been obviously one year since I started my blog which was on 10th January last year. Like many I can’t believe it has been that long and always an important milestone for any blogger, to know they have blogged for a entire year without flopping out so that shows determination !!!! So… what is this special going to be about?

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