Manga First Impression: Let’s Dance A Waltz

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Volumes: 3
Genre: Dance, Romance, Shoujo

First 2016 post !!!Β 

Good evening friends πŸ˜€

I am kicking the first post of 2016 with a manga first impression, This manga was a gift from my penpal in Hawaii as for the past 2 or 3 years we started sending each other gifts. To my surprise she got me some manga Oh bless her among the three titles she sent me the Let’s Dance A Waltz, never heard of the title before. When I read the back of the plot I was instantly drawn in because it’s about DANCING !!! how exciting I hadn’t read a manga about dancing.


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The story centers around young shy girl Hime who for most of her life has hated her nickname her mother gave her “Princess. Ignored by most she lives a very solitary life, of being uplifted by a dance coordinator as she passes a dance studio to try our dancing. Hime plucks up some courage and decides to try out a class, the person she ends up dancing with is her classmate Tango. Tango has tried to keep secret he does dancing from others and now Hime has discovered so tries all he can to avoid her, so Tango’s image is not ruined.


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I’ve only read the first volume so that is what my first impression is based upon, excitedly couldn’t wait to read this manga as one of my favorite types of movies to watch are about dancing. Firstly I couldn’t get into it in the beginning after reading a few pages but the plot picked up, then rolled in the sob story of the female protagonist. This manga series is only three volumes but in the first volume you get to know Hime right off the bat, sure in some ways she is like some girl protagonists. Having a anti social background and not much of a social life, Hime is a adorable character and was nice to see not your typical stick thin look on female anime characters.

That little chubby face just made me want to pinch her cheeks. Tango the male protagonist there wasn’t nothing special about him to me just a jerk quite a bit of time. Slowly realizing of avoiding Hime of how much of a jerk he is being all to not let anyone find out he does ball room dancing, to keep his cool image in tact. Most of the time reading I just felt sorry for Hime but this one scene below here lit up my heart of her smiling as she was dancing:


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Precious little scene as Hime’s mother said to her when she was younger anyone can be a princess. She had never felt like that in her life till she started dancing bulid up to this moment made me realize how she must have felt. The dancing element in the story is pretty, with certain phrases that come up like “Because if you don’t hold out that hand, the dance won’t start. Little helpful hints from Hime’s dance coordinators you notice in the story give her that bit more of an extra bold push which I thought was cute.

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By the end of reading the first volume I wish I had the next two volumes ALREADY !!. You might be able to tell now how much I want to finish this series now. I haven’t a first volume in ages, it was all really enchanting and became hooked to it by half way through. Finding the rest to read online, so far I have not been lucky but will be buying the rest of the series can’t really get over how cute this first volume was.

Greatly impressed by this manga so far recommend checking this series out for those who love dancing with romance added in. It was refreshing to read something different in a manga is most likely I enjoyed it so πŸ˜€

Here’s the link to read the first volume

Please comment below any of your thoughts and if I have peaked your interest πŸ™‚

I’ll see you all in the next post !! πŸ˜€Β 



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