Lita’s 2015 Anime Moments

Hooray !!!!

HELLO !!!! 

Lita has officially returned to blogging after a two week break of R + R we all need it at times. I hope everyone had a amazing Christmas, chomping on divine roast dinners, hot cocoa by the fire and tearing through all the presents to find anime related things only. Since I had a chance to look through other people’s posts a lot of them going through their favorite anime moments in 2015 and a blog reflection. Keeping up with everyone else I will be doing both, in this entry I will be talking about what anime moments & highlights I had in 2015. This will relate to anime that I had seen, manga I read and other anime related things.

Firstly, I’ll start off by saying was 2015 I really got into all the seasonal anime as before that I never had, starting this blog and meeting others really lent me towards my favorite anime of 2015 which was a diamond in the rough: 

Akagami Shirayukihime ❤ 

Ughhh the feels of this show x.x

My love story was nearly going to be there but I still haven’t finished it as much as I loved it Shirayukihime just whisked me away. The show was a surprise to many as the popularity grew and was a refreshing Shojo with a gutsy main female protagonist Shirayuki. Taking the center of the series Shirayuki and Zen were such a joyous pair of characters to watch on screen, bringing the fairy tale feels in. The series is ideal in my opinion for non lovers of the romance genre as the balance of moments between the two main characters are evened out in the show. If you are in need of more convincing read my post on Reasons I Love Akagami no Shirayukihime, I am really excited as this January the second season will be airing which I fully intend to watch each week. Previously I said I would avoid seasonal stuff but this show is a expection, Sometime this month you’ll see a post about that, Please go check out this enchanting series ❤ 

Seasonal anime some I have not finished some of them due to internet restrictions but my second favorite of the seasonal was: 


Badass show !!

Originally this show wasn’t even on my list to watch but the hype it got just lured me in. Boy I am glad it did I haven’t enjoyed a action series like this in such a long time and the studio behind this Bandai Visual, I have always loved their stuff. A surprise to me doing a darker series such as Gangsta, just made me more eager to see it. The show brought the true word of Gangsta to light with our favorite handymen pair Worick and Nicholas, which by the way Nicholas is my babe now for life.  The series was only 12 episodes long and sadly the company Manglobe who were apart of this project went bankrupt, thus the anime won’t be getting a second season which is sad. I felt like we had only scraped the surface of the show, as I felt a second season would have let it take off with going into more depth with the plot. 

Still the whole anime was really enjoyable, very much worth the watch and has on hell of a opening theme “Regenade” which I became my number one tune to listen to in 2015. Planning this month to do a write up Gangsta talking about the pros and cons of seeing the series, again been on my back log for like ever. Check out the gutsy Gangsta it was a enjoyable ride (yay I rhymed for once lol) 

Favorite Anime Scene 2015

Whoops seems Shirayuki hime came in first for my favorite anime scene of 2015, it was a long wait. Long wait for Zen and Shirayuki to finally admit how they felt, there are many scenes like this throughout endless series, but the build to this moment was so precious and feeling like you wanted to be Shirayuki in that moment. For me was one of the most beautiful, magical confession scenes I have seen in the longest time, can’t quite remember the scene that made me feel like this
(I’ll remember eventually).


Megumi becoming triumphant!! Go girl !!

Another memorable scene how can I forget was Episode 12 of Food wars, Megumi had to go up against one of the elite chefs to keep her place a the academy. Megumi is not the most confident person, with little faith in herself her character grew on me and this whole scene made me cry when she put up a dish she could be proud of. Believed in her cooking and most importantly believing in herself which had me dancing around my room when she was told she earned her place at the academy. It’s a tear jerker of a scene !!!

There are no words for this scene x.x

I don’t think I have to say much about this scene from Ore Monogatari episode 9 hands down most funniest scene of 2015 for anime. That is just  my own personal opinion but I remember seeing this for the first time, having my jaw drop then the laughing for an hour came afterwards. 

Most Anticipated/Excited For 2015 

Fafnr Exodus was the most show that I was most excited for to see in 2015, yes sady more than Dragonball z Super. This is a mecha series in one of my top favorites since the last movie that came out for it Heavens and Earth, there had been no conclusion to this show. To my utmost surprise a second season was announced and bottling up my excitement could I not contain, here was my first review on the first episode of the second season. I have not still finished the second season which I will finish this January as a little goal. At sometime I will have to get my hands on the first season and movie so I can refresh my memory on this interesting mecha show. 

At least one new year goal I fulfilled lol

One new year goal I had for 2015 was to at least start Attack on Titan which I managed to keep. I am only half way through the series currently, have to buy the second part, so far the show has impressed me greatly. Indeed has one of the best first episodes I have been really into so gold star for that, before January end I’ll get my hands on the second season and finish it with my partner. I feel a little satisfaction completing one goal but that was my only anime related goal of 2015 so Yay for me !!!

Best Anime Buy 2015

Being a anime collector I do love a bargin and  getting your hands on out of print old series is pretty hard. I was lucky enough to get the original collectors boxset of Final Fantasy Unlimited, a series I saw a long time ago. Funnily enough I found the series through a facebook group which people can sell anime, manga etc, it was a bit risky to buy through there but I took the plunge and got the whole set for $40 including shipping. Collectors boxset can always range $90 and up on places like ebay so I feel very lucky. You can tell how happy I look in the picture of finally having it in my collection, still have yet to watch it but will sometime this year and review it ❤

Favorite Manga Read 2015 (Happy Marriage)

Manga was not a strong one in 2015, barely completed below 10 series but out of all of them I did have a favorite read which was Happy Marriage. This manga ticked all the boxes for me being in the romance genre, it was a random read which I did not think I would end up loving it a lot. Pining to have my own set of it now and reread this cute series. If you wish to read my thoughts on the manga then click here.

2015 was quite a year for me with anime not so much manga but I hope to make up for that, following this post will be a blogging reflection and then onto the new stuff. All up I watched at least completed more than 20 anime just don’t remember them all, I’ll have to keep better track in 2016 haha see how that goes. Blogging had a big impact on me when it came to my love for anime and will carry me through to the next year, where I want my blog to be better than it was in 2015. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and stick around to my CRAZY blog in the new year 😀 


I’ll see you in the next post !:D 


  1. Gangsta was probably my biggest disappointment of the year. And I’m not even talking about the shitty animation. I know it’s not their fault they went bankrupt, but I was so into it, I was so much into the characters and the story and everything and then BOOM. No more Gangsta. Crappy ending for the first season, not gonna get a second one. Just metaphorically slowly kill me, please.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeh I agree I was disappointed with how it ended don’t get me wrong but I was really into it and still was a fav but like you said kill me now lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy new year to you Lita! I still liked Gangsta a lot despite the lack of an ending and everything left unresolved. I also liked that particular Food Wars scene, in fact I saw it mentioned a few times already in the other blogs here xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SHIRO !!! *tackles you for a hug* feels like forever since i last spoke to you dear HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR !!!
      oh the food wars scene had been mentioned aww that is awesome guess I wasn’t the only one and gangsta all the way I still enjoyed it regardless did you have a good christmas and new years?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LITA!! *is tackled by hug and hugs back* ^^ hehe ikr it feels like such a looonnngg time!
        hehe yep it looks like that scene is pretty popular! 😀
        oh yeap i did have a good celebration! not as many parties, but still good !! ^^


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