Blogging Reflection 2015


Don’t worry this won’t be a long essay my friends !!


This year was important for me as this time last January I converted from rubbish google blogger to wordpress, which I had no idea how the thing worked LOL. A whole year gone by like that and I had no idea of how far my blog has come and all the amazing blogger people I have met along the way. Never could I imagine so many people would like the content I put up.. in honesty pssst.. my blog is nothing special but apparently  to many that is not the case. 


Found My Blogging Style

With the influence from the amazing Fujinesi  and her post on Stay True To Your Blogging Style. After reading her post I knew what blogging style I was writing in, I wasn’t happy with which is why change was in order. It’s all clear of what my style is to keep things humorous and fun, sometimes I’ll be serious depending on what I am writing about but my blog is something easy for others to have fun with and hope it makes smiles. I know people love what I do on my blog and mostly certainly I know this fact is true, that is a driving force now that I can take with me into 2016.

Met Amazing Supportive Bloggers

Believe me if you wish to start your own blog there is nothing short of support on wordpress. There are plenty of amazing people in the blogging community that will support you and will find others with similar interests to you. I have met some of the kindest people/bloggers anyway and I’m going to name those gems who deserves recognition and all have influenced in one way or another:

The Reviewer Corner – Joe is a swell guy and a trooper, we can love saber together my friend !
SomethingAboutLynLyn – Lyn has been a constant inspiration to me for blogging and amazing girl who is my manga Guru !! 😉
Taku – A close blogging buddy whom I have enjoyed our chats together, runs a amazing cafe all the yummy cakes @!! 
Shiro – She is a sweetie, I enjoy our chats through mal and has become a close blogger friend 
Fujinesi – has been another constant inspiration for my blogging and great person to have a chat with about hot men !! A darling she is 
The Otaku Judge – A wise blogger whom I have enjoyed their reviews and is always supporting others, He is a BRO !! 
Shay – Such a sweet heart I have loved all her anime discussions posts, love our chats dear ❤
Lovely  – was one of the first bloggers to ever follow me, has always supported my blog and she is nothing short of amazing indeed lovely as 😀 
ChibiMajo – I always enjoy our anime discussions, she writes very similarly to me she is like my blogger twin 🙂 her reviews on anime she doesn’t like always make me laugh
MirrorPurple – one of the funniest bloggers I have met, my number one blogger stalker but have always supported me !!! 
Keatle – He is a sweetie, always enjoyed his content and have enjoyed getting to know 😀 
OG-Man – Awesome dude who loves Yuri and so I do, Yus I like the genre and his dedication still amazes me. He’s a dude to have a great chat with !!! 
Krystallina – She runs the most amazing manga blog ever and a reviewer I have looked up to always. Such a darling ❤ 
Matthew – is always commenting on my stuff, a real supportive dude I have loved our discussions and puts up the hilarious stuff lol
Marv – If I’ve need a manga fix Marv I have always gone to, she again is another supportive lady and I love the nickname I gave her Marv 😀 
Crimson –  I love following their personal blog and everything they blog about their life. Another dear sweetie who I have loved following 🙂 
Kuro – they have been a great supporter to my blog and always has something nice to say no matter what !!! 
JamieTalksAnime – Jamie I always thought was a amazing blogger running two blogs and was so fun to talk anime with 🙂 
Kausus – Another blogger I look up to a lot and brings such enjoyable content to read, one hell of a Bro !!! 
Ka-Chan – I love this girl and her open mindful blog, Always enjoy reading her reviews and chatting with 🙂 
Rocco – Always enjoy reading their seasonal stuff and hope to get to chat more to 🙂 


I intend all my blogger friends to always fully support you and all new bloggers I come across in 2016, you will see this change. It took a while to write you all up individually but I knew I had to do it 🙂


Increase My Love Of Anime

Blogging has increased my love for anime ten folds then ever before, makes me want to blog about everything and anything now.  A new inspiration I know has taken over me fully wanting to bring more enjoyable, fun posts for all my readers and bloggers. Muahh makes me be proud to be a nerd !!

Blogging Better 

Within a year I know I have learnt a lot about blogging especially when it comes to content I am posting and grammar. Still even now there is much more to learn but reading so many other bloggers posts honestly has been the way to go learning to blog better. You will never learn any other way than interacting with other bloggers, reading their content and taking on board other knowledge. My blogging from now can only get better that is what I believe as I bring it into the new year 🙂

Favorite Posts

These posts below are my favorite I wrote in 2015:

Reason I Love Akagami No Shirayukihime
Lita’s Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films
Manga Collaboration With Somethingaboutlynlyn: Nineteen, Twenty One

2015 was only the beginning for my blog as I just want to have fun with it all and continue what I am doing 😀 2016 blogging plans post will go up sometime next week but I’m ready to improve and on with 2016 (in truth I am not good all this new year resolution stuff but thought I would do something for the blog at least lol)


Click here to read my full year Summary if you wish
No.1 Commenter was TAKU !!! 
Behind on second was Mirror Purple
Shiro was third 


I look forward to 2016 all my blogger friends 😀 

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀


  1. Yay, Lita! Congrats. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the amazing blogging community here on WordPress. Most of us know each other and that’s amazing given that there are literally millions of blogs on the web right now. You had an eventful year. Way to go! I know that I already told you how I admire the seemingly endless energy you have writing those weekly features and such. More power to you. Happy New Year! Let’s rock 2016 and make our aniblogger community here on WordPress more awesome! Cheers!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out. Shucks, I’m touched. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the shout out ❤ I loved how our manga collaboration is one of your favorite posts that you wrote! 😀 We should do another manga collab this year! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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