Site Name Change *Important*

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Just letting you all know quickly I am no longer known as “LitaKinoAnimeReviews”. I wanted a more suitable name for my blog, this change is apart of the 2016 blog plans it’s a bit risky but it’s fine with me. From now on my site name is 


It just has a better ring to it to new people to show I have much variety on my blog, I will never change my blog name again this will be the only time so if you have linked my blog onto yours please relink it if you wish too. Let me know if anyone has any trouble with this but I am happy with my change 😀 This blog means more to me than ever so I want to make it better this 2016 😀

I’ll see you all in the next post 😀 

Blogging Reflection 2015


Don’t worry this won’t be a long essay my friends !!


This year was important for me as this time last January I converted from rubbish google blogger to wordpress, which I had no idea how the thing worked LOL. A whole year gone by like that and I had no idea of how far my blog has come and all the amazing blogger people I have met along the way. Never could I imagine so many people would like the content I put up.. in honesty pssst.. my blog is nothing special but apparently  to many that is not the case. 

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Lita’s 2015 Anime Moments

Hooray !!!!

HELLO !!!! 

Lita has officially returned to blogging after a two week break of R + R we all need it at times. I hope everyone had a amazing Christmas, chomping on divine roast dinners, hot cocoa by the fire and tearing through all the presents to find anime related things only. Since I had a chance to look through other people’s posts a lot of them going through their favorite anime moments in 2015 and a blog reflection. Keeping up with everyone else I will be doing both, in this entry I will be talking about what anime moments & highlights I had in 2015. This will relate to anime that I had seen, manga I read and other anime related things.

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