Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Kuro Sama Reviews

litas blogger friday

currently thundering down…

Greetings All 😀 

Currently thundering down with rain which I am enjoying greatly, the rain makes me happy as shows how strange I am lol. Some of you may have noticed there was no Friday feature last week that was due to my internet going slow but here we are now with another Friday. Thank god my three day weekend can start and just relax with some Kenshin and hot chocolate tonight, anyway my children let’s get on with the features for this week 🙂

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Lita’s Top 25 Anime Part 2

blog special

Greetings Everybody 🙂

Welcome back for Part 2 of my one year blog special unveiling #19 to 16. Lita is a little lazy this time around and had a change of idea which you will all found out. When the last part of my Top 25 post goes out which will be sometime next week. Now remember none of these are in particular order my list all of the anime I mention are my favorites though yes I can say I have a favorite anime of all time but in another post I will do a top 10 list of my favorite anime currently to date so without further do here is the countdown for #19 to 16.

Enjoy See you in The Special Part 3 😀 

Click here to read my Part 1 

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Anime Men Lita Would Never Date

Rainbow Vomit More Tame Looking

Greetings Everybody !! 

Don’t you love it when your having a writers mental block and something happens, you feel this spark of a marvelous come about. Well that is what happened to me just now don’t worry it’s nothing bad just reminded me that one time or another men just do things that make them look sucky and leaves the girl sobbing. Which is the reason this post was sparked upon reminding me in certain anime males I would never date if they were real in life. This post is for your amusing entertainment and that Lita will feel a thousands time better after writing this post from a personal point of view, Isn’t that what blogging is for. 

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Full Metal Alchemist Is A Go !!! – Quick First Look

Epic-ness that indeed is Alchemy

What up Readers!!! 😀

Finally…Finally happened Lita is aboard the Alchemy train after all this time, One of my anime goals for 2016 was to watch the beloved series Full Metal Alchemist. This was spurred upon by a Youtuber I know Lilac Anime Reviews who loves this series a lot and begged me to finally to see it. About two weeks ago now I finally started the series but I will be watching it with my partner as he has taken an interest in anime for a while. The experience will make it much more fun watching it with someone else especially for this series, we starting with the Originally then probably move onto brother hood.

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Strobe Edge Manga Review/Thoughts

Strobe Edge 

Genre: Romance, Drama , Shoujo 
Volumes: 10

“You will one day reach your limit”

Greetings everybody 🙂 

Been since 1st December since I last did a manga review since the start of the new year have been reading a lot more manga, which is rare for me. I’m doing my read 50 manga this year challenge I set for myself and this one was apart of that  is currently the 4th manga I have read so far. I found out about this cute Shoujo title through Instagram funnily enough where I follow this Shoujo page with suggesting various manga, as Lita Reviews the emotional Strobe Edge.

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Lita’s Feature Blogger Friday: Otaku Gamer Zone

litas blogger friday

This has been me all week a little lol



Greetings All ^-^

Better late than never everyone, as they say and I knew this week I would be late with the feature and first part of One year special post but we are here now means I can relax a bit. Been very anti-social this week tried to focus on updating the blog and my long forgotten  Youtube but all done with that. Hope you all have a been having a good week bloggers and we all know what you are here….

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Lita’s 1 Year Blog Special

blog special

Much to be excited for !!!


Welcome to my one year blog special where it has been obviously one year since I started my blog which was on 10th January last year. Like many I can’t believe it has been that long and always an important milestone for any blogger, to know they have blogged for a entire year without flopping out so that shows determination !!!! So… what is this special going to be about?

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An AWARD!! Creative Is My Name….

Creative Blogger Award

Being awarded your suppose to feel special

It’s been a while since I responded to one of these and first on of 2016 I was chosen for, I like this award it speaks what I do best on my blog is creating entertaining content….which I hope it is for everyone.…. This award I have seen going around lately in the community the Creative Blogger award. There is no real description about what this award is so I will assume for creativity in your blog, the lovely “Ka-Chan”   nominated me so I thankyou dear muchly and now I must share 5 facts about myself.

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Lita’s Feature Blogger Friday: Pantless Anime Blogger

litas blogger friday


Hello Otakus/Readers

Welcome back to FEATURE BLOGGER FRIDAYS !! for any new comers that are new my blog every Friday I’ll either feature a blogger or post but that is changing a little with adding some more things to feature on these Fridays. Next week I’ll have it all sorted out but for this week I’ll be featuring a blogger only as I get into the swing of things for my blog 🙂

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Lita’s Blogging/Personal Plans 2016

Aren’t I fabulous?

There is the face of my blog up above isn’t she just splendid this whole post is only about all of you looking at her…Bye.


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