Favorite Anime Openings Of 2015

Get up off that thing !!!

Hello Readers !!!

A Merry early Christmas to you all and once again life has stopped me from posting anything but I will tell about that in another post some set in stone changes for my blog and other things but this post we will be talking about a crucial thing OPENING THEMES!!!

I did a video for my channel this week talking about some of my favorite songs of 2015 but I realized most of them turned out to be opening themes so it inspired me to do this post talking about some of my favorite opening themes for 2015. I want to try and do some end of year posts, I may have  the chance this week regardless of how many long hours I am at work lol.

I will swoop right into which OP Themes I got addicted to, put on repeat and had Lita in a crazy spin ♫♫♫

Gangsta – Renegade 

I will start off with a most obvious choice as it was my number one song to listen to this year, knowing not just me that enjoyed this song and opening theme itself. Gangsta had one of the most unquie anime songs I had listened to all year, was so different to anything I had heard all year. All that Techno element going on made up the whole reason why people really liked it. The opening itself with it’s bright, boldness and unique art style, this song and opening rocked my socks this year. !!!!

Dan Machi – Hey World 

Dan Machi was a surprise anime this year I never thought I would like but I can’t forget this cute combination of song and opening theme. I liked the opening theme more than the song to be honest, one part I loved was the Doki Doki part where Belle and Hestia are doing a silly dance while brushing their teeth. The song itself I do like it’s something for me to chill out too is just enjoyable to listen to.

Charlotte – Bravely You

Ugh I bow down to this song and opening theme for Charlotte, Both are so beautiful to watch and listen to. Clips and lyrics all sync together so well, Undoubtly love the song more than the opening because no… it’s not by one of my favorite Japanese singers Lia. If noone knew she is behind the opening theme songs for Angel beats, Air and most famous for Clannad. Lia is an angel with that voice of hers, when I first heard her she mind blown me away with how fast she was with words. Perfect choice of singer for this opening ❤

Ore Monogatari – Answer

The Cutest opening theme for this year goes to Ore Monogatari I fell in love with it when I first watched it. It’s funny and cute to watch because all these different scenarios and clips have been put together just fits the romance essence for this anime. The song itself is perfect, I mostly like it a lot for the lyrics, very meaningful writing about this now is a song I forgot to download whoops.

Lastly as I didn’t have many favorite opening themes this year, I was limited on watching seasonal stuff lol.

Aquarion Logos – Darlin

I still ask myself why I like the song and opening theme to this anime but I just do!!!!. I rewatched the opening theme to Aquarion logos no end of times because Lita is a weirdo >.< I love the opening theme everything is so bright and colorful, the timing with the song plus the clips are perfectly in sync. At first with the song I really hated it, Eventually it’s turned into one of those situations where that one annoying song becomes a favorite. It became a favorite when I did some research and another singer I like May’n sang the song, she had sung the Okami – sama and her seven companions opening theme. I love May’n voice and it just made me like the song even more. ❤


Lita’s weird >.<

I only had a few this year as I watched more older anime series this year. I think I am just a fussy bugger in honesty, Yep I know but glad I was able to do a post like this always seen everyone else do it and I was like YESSS NOW IS THE TIME !!

Please comment below telling me your favorite opening themes of 2015 😀
Were any of them apart of yours?

I’ll see you in the next post 😀


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