Lita’s Unknown Anime Recommendations


Wehee Lita is back in the saddle !!!

Looking at the image above makes us pull that face when others have no clue of anime you start talking about, because they have never heard of it? makes you sad right?  It makes any anime fan sad when a anime they love a lot is never talked about or been heard of I am one of those, who love discovering unknown/old anime’s.

In this post out of pure inspiration to bring you some anime’s I feel deserve to be checked out, series I have seen and adore and give you all something new to watch let’s get into this shall will ^_^

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Episodes: 12

Romance, Sci-fi, Comedy

The series revolves around two boys Takeru and Ryou who one night see this mysterious light which looks like a shooting star land in the woods. They both go to investigate and a young girl emerges from a piercing light. Out of nowhere they are then attacked by a strange alien creature and Takeru ends up transforming into a strange creature himself. In all this confusion Takeru takes in the young girl who he names Hikari but what could of all that happened on that night mean?

Want something strange?
I watched this series many years ago and a very dear favorite, still asking myself of why it is. This series can leave you in confusion of what is going on but slowly you begin to get what is going on.The relationship between Hikari and Takeru together just always left me in a puddle of mush but frustrating as progress with the pair could be really slow. The anime’s does well for weird things happening which kept me interested and overall a really cute watch. I own the officially soundtrack to this series and has some wonderful abrupt, angry music, which just seemed to fit well with certain scenes. Anyone who likes a bit of sci-fi and romance I think will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂

Final Fantasy Unlimited 
Episodes: 25
Adventure, Fantasy

The series revolves around a strange occurrence of a dimension portal opening up on earth, Ai and Yui’s parents are scientists and decided to go through the dimension to investigate but they go missing. Now Ai and Yui who venture into the strange world of wonderland in search of their missing parents. Along the way they meet a strange woman Lisa and a man with no memory Kaze so what awaits for them all?

Many times I have mentioned this series to others and never heard of it. This is the only final fantasy anything I like and has nothing to do with the video games, it’s a anime all on it’s own. This series can get weirder by the second but it’s just so thoroughly entertaining, I love the world in this series wonderland it’s so different to other world’s in other anime series. Final fantasy is where I discovered one of my man crushes Kaze with that gun thinking about gets me all excited. Final fantasy is a series that will keep you entertained, a plot that slowly unravels itself, strange worlds, likeable characters and so unique in it’s own way. If you like strange I think you will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂

Jubei The Ninja Girl
Episodes: 12
Comedy, Action, Ninja

The series revolves around a war between two clans the Yagyu and Ryujoi swordmanship schools. Yagyu Jubei was a man known for his expectional swordmanship skills who defeated the leader of the Ryujoi in a intense battle. Yagyu Jubei being injured from the battle he asked his servant Konisuke to seek out someone who would inherit his lovely eyepatch containing all of his swordmanship skills. After 300 years of searching Konisuke comes across a young girl Jiyu Nanohana who will be the recarnation of Yagyu Jubei. Little does anyone realize the Ryujoi have been plotting revenge in that time of 300 years what will happen?

I know for a fact that this anime is extremely unknown but it’s one of my favorite comedies to watch. This anime just has a humor of it’s own along with it’s interesting art style it brings the comedy to life in this series. Its kind of a silly anime as some of things that happen are well ridiculous but I prefer the second season. Oh yes there is a second season as well which the music to I have been in love with for such a long time now, so harmonic all the music to the anime. Plenty of action going on as when Jiyu transforms I always get excited because she looks sexy and badass, the fight scenes are really memorizing to watch. I liked the take of ninja brought some interest to the series. It’s just such a comedic show but I would say the first season is funnier than the second but with goofy characters you’ll surely be laughing. If you like comedy I think you will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂 


Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity
Episodes: 12

Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The story revolves around Yurri Mito whose family run a shrine who perform exorcisms, Mito ends up breaking a sacred seal which had sealed away a ancient race known as the Tayuati. He ends up doing a ritual to speak summon one of the spirits, a Tayuati Goddess known as Kikuramikami appears explaining the hostile relationship with humans. Kikuramikami decides to take the form of a human girl referring herself to Mashiro and finding the hope of mutual understandings between humans and Tayuati.

This series was just such a cute watch for me that I couldn’t help but add it to the list. Mashiro the main female protagonist is such a sweetie, I watched the series a very long time ago and somehow just came to mind. The plot may sound fairly boring to some but I like genres like this with some cute girls in, I wasn’t left bored. The cutesy art style is where I was drawn to with this series and I’m a sucker for where the genre says romance.  If you like romance/fantasy I think you will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂

Mayo Chiki 
Episodes: 12 
Romance, Comedy, Harem 

The story revolves around Kinjiro who suffers from gynophobia, where if he comes into contact with  any female he gets a nose bleed. He ends up meeting a butler Subaru Konoe who he discovered through an incident is a girl, now they both make a pact. Kinjiro must keep it a secret that Kanade (is her real name) is a girl while Kanade will help Kinjiro get over his fear of women. 

Harem your all excited?, I wasn’t at first when I picked up this series a long time ago. But this show is pretty fun and thoroughly entertaining, I’m surprised this show is not known but I got a good laugh out of it and there is a little bit of fan service in. It’s clear in this harem series Kinjiro has a thing for Kanade plus Kanade as a butler I never would have thought she was a girl, scenes are hilarious with them two. Mind you thinking about it now the girls in this series are a bit crazy, one cat girl is sex crazed not sure how others will take that. I wanted to add this to the list as it’ll bring many laughs,  If you like harem/comedy I think you will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Episodes: 52 
Romance, Magical girl, Music 

The story revolves around Lucia Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific she saves a boy Kaito as a child from nearly drowning in a Tsunami 7 years ago before the story begins. Lucia entrusted her precious Pink Pearl that saved his life as it was love at first sight for her, now she comes on land in her human form and finds Kaito. He sadly does not recognize her or nor does remember her, Lucia cannot tell Kaito who she is otherwise she will turn into bubbles. Evil is lurking among all this who have invaded the sea world and now Lucia must find the other six mermaid princess and their pearls to summon the Goddess Aqua Regina to put a stop to it all.

I have no clue if anyone has heard of that but hardly I know known have heard of this. MERMAIDS !!! Muah yes there is a anime involving mermaids. I watched this oh god 6 years ago now and my god it was so adorable. We all know Cardcaptor Sakura as the most famous magical girl show but this is nearly close to magical girl to that as all the mermaids turn into singing idols to fight their foes. This is a show I need to rewatch as it’s just a great girly binge watch and the songs, music it becomes infectious, a very different kind of singing anime. I love this show so much and don’t care what anyone thinks it’s just adorableness all round and deserved to be recognized in my opinion. Best thing is there is a second season as well which at the time finding out I was fangirling bad. If you like mermaids, romance and singing I think you will enjoy this unknown series suggestion of mine 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed my random post and unknown anime suggestions 🙂 
Gave you all something new to go check out I am hoping, I enjoyed all of these shows otherwise I wouldn’t have put them up here if I didn’t. 🙂 

Please comment if any have peaked your interest? Have you ever heard of any of them? 

Lita is back now and you guys got a post a day earlier which is a bonus for me weheee !!! 

I’ll see you all in the next post 😀 


  1. Ahhh Mayo Chiki… but will check out those romance scifi…
    I would recommend:
    Nyan Koi
    Fortune Arterial

    I got a lot of titles that most of the people around me had never heard of.


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