Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Hype


Hello everybody 😀

Hope your all well and as usual limited time for me to blog and somehow posts from me still happen during the week so that’s a bonus for you guys. I felt like doing a discussion as it’s been a while for this one I was inspired by The Anime Analyst’s discussion on the topic the Anime Hype click here to read his post.

NOW !! I am sure all of this in the following image up top we have all looked like that including me, where we have been so hyped over anything but feeling these days when it comes to anime is blown out of proportion. I felt like expressing and discussing my thoughts on this particular topic as in some cases it can be a crying shame.

Attack on Titan who doesn’t know this show by now? This anime that aired in 2013 is a clear example as one of the most hyped anime’s I’ve ever seen get the attention. I myself just recently seen the first half of this series because I was influenced by fellow friends and youtubers to finally check it out so… did it live up to the hype they scream at me about so far? well in my opinion so far yes I am thoroughly enjoying this show and are glad finally I watched it. People forget that the hype doesn’t come from the show it’s the community, the people they define the hype a certain anime will get like Attack On Titan, Sword art online, Naruto etc. It’s like the show Kill la la when first aired wasn’t asking for a massive hype somehow it got it from people, a lot of people would have enjoyed the show a lot from the view of comedy and silliness it brings, though I still have yet to see it.

Don’t ask me how these shows get the hype they do? because I have no clue all comes to down to people. It’s not just anime’s it’s also manga, heck it’s anything but souly I am discussing to do with hype within the anime community. Anime hype I find is most contagious to new anime watchers who just get warped into watching tokyo ghoul, sword art online, attack on titan then they sometimes don’t want to bother with other shows…. that’s sad really. I don’t think there is anything wrong with hype-ness heck get excited !!!! but it can really backlash at times and becomes this huge influence on anime fans and anime shows itself. I’ve seen it that new anime watchers don’t want to bother with older shows and not saying all people are like that, I’ve seen it all over the web.

Ha what am I saying Over hype over certain anime shows or manga’s are worst than normal hype people spread about saying “it’s the most amazing anime ever just go watch it you’ll see” I’ve been fed that line many times but not on many of those occasions have I listened because it just irritates me sometimes. How about? you let me watch it first and I’ll tell you if I think it’s the most amazing thing, seems a logic thing to do. This is obvious to say but don’t let the influence of anime hype put you off checking out a series, you be the judge.

Yep not going to escape but be your own judge of a show or manga my advice, it’s simple yes. But with so many influences everywhere it is hard to do this. If anyone knows like any of the shows I review like Please Twins for example is an old series to new anime watchers it’s a series that can just be overlooked so easily. I feel the saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover” comes into play here if you agree, because I do. I’ll be honest at times I have been off put by over hype people just become absorbed and want to start an argument of “why someone didn’t like the show”, there the one’s who become influences it’s like a disease that spreads. Of what I have been saying none of this is uncommon but when it comes to anime for me and the how over hype gets I can’t hold back my opinion, older series need just as much recognition as newer anime series.

After talking about this it makes me completely agree for anime reviewers or youtubers to exist with this kind of influence going on in our anime community. Thumbs up to that !!

Comment below your thoughts on the issue Anime Hype ^^
Do you feel certain shows get overlooked?
Are new anime watchers so easily influenced?

Thanks for tuning in to another discussion, this could have turned into a long essay but boredom would have sunk in after the first 500 words. Hope you enjoyed this read though !!

I’ll see you in the next post !! 😀 


  1. Hype’s a strange beast. I’ve found that the shows that get the most hype tend to be easier entries into anime in general or genres within anime. Overall, I think it’s a good thing… even if I don’t really pay attention to it anymore. It’s nice to see fans get excited about anime and want to watch more. In some ways, it makes it easier to recommend other titles in those genres to newer fans.

    So to answer the questions you posed, yes, lots of shows get overlooked. Yes, it feels like new anime watchers are easily influenced. But I feel like hyped shows serve their role at attracting and exciting newer fans who then, eventually, may enjoy the ones off the beaten path.


  2. So it plagues us all. I think hype is a good thing. Sometimes negative and disappointing? Oh yes. But I think it’s necessary. It gets the word of anime out there. From firsthand experience, several friends of mine, without knowing that I loved anime, started watching SAO and AoT and LOVED them both! It’s incredible, as now I have more things to talk about with them! What gets me in the butt later is what you mentioned: People only narrowly see and hear about these hyped shows that they fail to notice and DO NOT WANT TO NOTICE other less-popular yet (sometimes better >.<) anime. What in the blazes — why?? Half of the anime experience is finding an obscure little title that you can call "your own" and recommend to other people. That creates a network, and other people will forward that obscure title on. It's like entering a giveaway with a million entrees compared to 5 or 10 — what's to lose?? Nothing. They've got no excuse and their argument is sh*t.
    Sorry I got a bit fired up at the end. I guess I can say that hype is good, but you must look beyond hype in order to endorse the genre like it was meant to be. 🙂

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  3. I agree. There are too many anime lately that are over-hyped. That’s why I don’t like watching airing series because I don’t trust these hypes that much. Although I agree that they got the jackpot with AoT.


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