First Impressions: Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry

Romance, Action, Fantasy, 

Hey ho everybody 🙂

Hope your all having a great weekend and it’s first impressions time, boy I haven’t done one of these in such a long time as I usually end up doing them for all the seasonal stuff. Sadly as you know I can’t keep up with seasonal stuff anymore, maybe yes watch the first three episodes to see if the anime peaks my interests which is what I felt like doing this week and wanted to check out Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry. 

The series follows Ikki who is known as the worst fighter/knight in all of his academy, At the Seven Mage Knights academy students are known as blazers with the ability to form a weapon from their souls. Ikki’s goal is to become a real knight and he encounters Stella Vermillion a forgein princess (where Ikki meets her half naked in his room). Through their encounter they become room mates and gets ready to compete in the Seven Star Sword Art Festival, an annual event held every year to find who is the strongest knight among the Seven Mage Knights Acadamies. 

Now I believe there is another show like Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry exactly along the same lines of genre and plot which is in this fall season line up and I went heh? really?. But oh well, since not seeing anything from the fall season yet which I had been disappointed about for so long and was in the mood to watch something from it. Which means (Lita was naughty and broke the rules on watching anime online) didn’t care really and decided to check out Chivalry of a Failed Knight. This series through a few posts I read was dropped instantly due to the genre it fell into which I can understand if it was just all about butts and boobs, I never get off put with that unless it’s bikini warriors (that’s obvious itself).

I only watched the first three episodes and can tell you I will finish this series once all the episodes are out. I enjoy shows like this a lot because for me their fun and just good to have a laugh with which is exactly what I got from it, the male protagonist Ikki actually didn’t turn out to be this bland board, he had some personality. When his character was introduced and was really in love with his character from first episode, he may be a failed knight but when he did that mock battle with Stella I thought he was a stellar mover with his sword. Ikki of course has the traits of clueless with girls but it’s cute to watch when it happens, he is at least a male protagonist within the genre of this anime with personality and a goal. |

I enjoyed the first episode of this anime a lot, was right in there with the plot and fun. Stella’s character is not whom people are fond of because she has that cliche personality in this type of genre, selfish, tries to hard, bit rude and looks down on others easily. Well that is my take on it but I like Stella she is all those things I described but breaking down those traits typically cliche again shows she is very sweet and bit shy. Never the less I like her fiery character and she somehow made it on my list of cosplays I want to do >.<. Her and Ikki are a funny pair together but I can see why with their similar backgrounds of having to work really hard towards their goals and doing these things alone, so for the romance element for this show Ikki and Stella will fit the bill.

This scene was Hilarious with Ikki and his sister Shizuku, it can be woah in your face “Hey overload on the word affection” but you find behind it Shizuku did it as Ikki’s family pretended he never existed and never received any love from his family members. Shizuku is your typical jealous-sister-type if anyone gets close to her brother especially with Stella but those scenes are funny with Stella and Shizuku. This show has been casted as ecchi but from what I’ve seen just the typical fanservice, the fanservice I feel has blended well in the series so far, especially one scene with Stella and Ikki in the bath. How can I describe it? It was done in a way that funny and fanservice don’t overlap each other in other words it’s not over the top fanservice. The scene was funny with some fanservice but slipped in a joke so I just felt all were blended well together including still of where the plot was going.

Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry for me has done well for first impressions it was quite refreshing to watch this genre again and can’t wait to finish the series when all the episodes are out. The show did what I wanted to for me made me laugh what more can you ask for from a genre like this. I always say this is not everyone’s cup of tea, people like what they like and I like this genre so this series is a fun watch but if your someone that just gets uptight with fanservice and stuff then this may not be for you.

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Hope you enjoyed this first impression!!
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