Lita’s Feature Friday: The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

litas blogger friday


Hey Hey Everyone !

It’s been a while since there has been a Friday feature so yes it’s late and mostly likely will be late during December. I don’t really know where my head has been this week, just not felt up to doing much so result blogging has been lacking. Mostly I feel tired and frustrated for this week hence why I always post a image each feature to express how I have felt each week.  I feel there will be changes to my blog again as the new year creeps up slowly but I’ll leave that for now on with the main feature.

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Lita’s Unknown Anime Recommendations


Wehee Lita is back in the saddle !!!

Looking at the image above makes us pull that face when others have no clue of anime you start talking about, because they have never heard of it? makes you sad right?  It makes any anime fan sad when a anime they love a lot is never talked about or been heard of I am one of those, who love discovering unknown/old anime’s.

In this post out of pure inspiration to bring you some anime’s I feel deserve to be checked out, series I have seen and adore and give you all something new to watch let’s get into this shall will ^_^

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Lita’s Alive !!!


Hello one and all 😀

Yes I’ve been gone for at least two weeks that was not planned and  just wanted to let you all now that my insane busy period is over. I had no time to blog nothing as most of the time I was stuck to my craft table preparing for a important event for over just the last week. Ughh x.x thank god it’s all done and finally can get back to here and youtube.

Hopefully by Friday I’ll actually have time to read everyone’s posts and post something, I have a post I am writing currently for you all as there has been no reviews, or feature Fridays. But fear not there will be one this Friday as there is a ton of things I want to blog about. I just wanted to let you all know I wasn’t dead as I missed blogging greatly a lot. This week I’ll be doing a review once I have finished the series which I can’t wait to review. 😀

A post from me should be up Thursday night as until then it’s not going to happen as well as trying to do video content for my youtube but I am going to make it all work.

I’ll see you all on Thursday 😀


Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Hype


Hello everybody 😀

Hope your all well and as usual limited time for me to blog and somehow posts from me still happen during the week so that’s a bonus for you guys. I felt like doing a discussion as it’s been a while for this one I was inspired by The Anime Analyst’s discussion on the topic the Anime Hype click here to read his post.

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First Impressions: Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry

Romance, Action, Fantasy, 

Hey ho everybody 🙂

Hope your all having a great weekend and it’s first impressions time, boy I haven’t done one of these in such a long time as I usually end up doing them for all the seasonal stuff. Sadly as you know I can’t keep up with seasonal stuff anymore, maybe yes watch the first three episodes to see if the anime peaks my interests which is what I felt like doing this week and wanted to check out Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry. 

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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Marvelously Mismatched + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday

I’m putting this up here above because it’s hilarious when I was scrolling through google images lol 

Hello everyone ❤

Welcome to another Feature Friday god these ones come around real fast don’t they makes it look like I post nothing in the week but all week I have been doing some draft writing of blog pieces so doesn’t mean Lita hasn’t not been on here. My energy though this week is a bit swamped so I am glad for the weekend as much of it will involve crafting. but onto the Friday you guys always love where every Friday I feature a blogger and a post that I have read that peaked my interest so let’s take a look at who are my two feature’s this week. 🙂

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LitaKinoLife: New Anime + Rest Of Year Plans

Lita kino life

It’s November…….. WHAT !!!!!


Hello readers, followers
It’s as exactly as the reaction above already November o.o that means 8 weeks to Christmas thy I am not prepared *hides in a coffin*. I love Christmas just every year I am always late getting presents but I have already done a quarter of my Christmas shopping muahhh I shall not be late this year. Time has really flied this year and my head is trying to get a grip on that so I thought this would be a good time to do a blog and life update things because I know some of you enjoy this sort of thing by me.

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SundayWithLita: Kitchen Princess Manga Review

Genre: Romance, Cooking, Shojo
September 2004October 2008 (Completed) 
Volumes: 10

“Food makes people smile”


My readers and blogger friends welcome back to “Sunday’sWithLita” where every second week or every week if I have time I review a manga or anime but you never know what I’m going to be reviewing, it feels like forever since I did  a sunday even though it’s only been a month. This time around I felt like talking about a manga that I recently reread and was one of the first manga’s I ever read as Lita reviews the delicious, cute Kitchen Princess. 

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